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thirteen rooms, which are situated on time after the maid got possession of the the north side of Windsor Castle, under gun, and in her turn presented it at Miss the state rooms. Five of the thirteen Smith, when the contents, a full charges rooms are wholly devoted to the personal entered her side, and she survived but á use of the king. Dr. John Willis sleeps few hours. in the sixth room, adjoining the five From the statement of the British narooms, to be in readiness to attend his val force, up to the first inst. it appears Majesty. Dr. John Willis attends the that the ships in commission are. 41 of queen every morning after breakfast, and the line, 13 from 50 to 44 guns, 65 frireports to her the state of the afflicted gates, 75 sloops and yachts, 70 brigs, 4 monarch; the doctor afterwards proceeds cutters, 15 schooners, gun vessels, lugto the princesses, and other branches of the gers, &c.--Total, 288.--Grand total, inroyal family which happen to be at Wind cluding ordinary, repairing, and buildsor, and makes a similar report to them. ing, 760. Her Majesty generally returns with Dr. The Lords of the Admiralty, by an or Willis through the state rooms, and some der dated Jan. 22, 1816, have directed, times converses with his majesty. The that, from and after the 1st day of March queen is the only individual who pos next, the examination of masters' mates sesses this privilege. The suite of rooms and midshipmen, to pass for the rank of which his Majesty and his attendants oc- lieutenant, shall be established in a fulcupy, have the advantage of very pure ler and more effectual manner. It is orand excellent air, being on the north

dered—that no master's mate or midshipside of the Terrace, round the Castle, man shall be confirmed in the rank of and he might occasionally walk on the lieutenant who shall not have passed an Terrace, but which he declines. Some examination at the Royal Naval College, things fall from the lips of our amiable at Portsmouth, touching his knowledge of but affiicted sovereign, that cannot be the elements of mathematics, and the otherwise than very affecting. He said theory of navigation, in general, and lately to one of the pages,

“ I must have more particularly in the necessary parts a new suit of clothes, and they must be of arithmetic; in the mode of observing black. I must go into mourning for and calculating azimuths, amplitudes, and king George the third, who is now le the variation of the compass; and in the gally dead."

calculation of the tides, the various Feb. 3.—Although the Prince Regent modes of ascertaining the latitude, as is gradually recovering from his severe well by simple and double altitudes of fit of the gout, yet the confinement has


sun, as by the altitudes of the moon so much weakened the limbs it attacked, and stars; and the finding the longithat his Royal Highness is still confined tude by chronometer and lunar observato his apartment.

tions. He must, besides these pre-reThe private letters from Paris clear Sir quisites for the rank, have been examinRobert Wilson from all suspicion of being ed by three captains, as to his profithe fabricator of M. Pozzo di Borgo's re

ciency in seamanship; and the captains port. The petition of the three English

are strictly enjoined to be particular in prisoners to be liberated on bail has conducting the examinations, and in enbeen rejected.

quiring not merely into the candidate's. In addition to the number of suicides ability to work a ship on ordinary octhat have been committed lately, it is sta

casions, but in every point of seamanship.

The Prince Regent has lately signed a ted in a Dublin paper, that John Bagwell,

new scheme of salaries regulated by serEsq. of Kilmore, co. Tipperary, has cut his throat : a few weeks only

had elapsed vitude, for officers and clerks in the Adsince he sold his last remaining estates

miralty, Navy, and Victualling Offices

but it is not said that the out-ports are (Kilmore and Shaubally, near Clonmell),

included. for 4,0001. as a fund for liquidating his

Admiral Sir T. B. Martin, the preseut debts.

deputy comptroller of the navy board, On the 4th of August last, was drowned

succeeds to the situation of comptroller at the Isle of Bourbon, Lieut. H. Serrol, of that board, in the room of Sir Thomas of his Majesty's ship Philomel: four men

Bouldon Thompson, made treasurer of who were with him in the boat shared his

Greenwich Hospital, melancholy fate.

A post-captain, with two lieutenants, A Miss Smith, daughter of Mr. Geo. will be immediately appointed to difSmith, of Toppesfield, Essex, about 19 ferent parts of the coast, for the puryears of age, being on a visit to Mr.

pose of intercepting smugglers ; the Thompson, of Fryerniug, a gun having cruising ground of each command will be attracted her attention, she took it up pointed out, and Southampton is to form and presented it at the maid servant, not one of the stations. supposing it to be loaded, but on pulling The following is a correct list of ships the trigger it did not go off. In a short which have been re-commissioned on the

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peace establishment, and sailed on fo Governor of this Presidency, expressive reign stations :

of the high sense eutertained by His MaThe Orlande, 86 guns, Captain Clavell; jesty of the services of Captain Sadlier, Ephigenia, 36, King; Towey, 30, H. of the 27th Regiment, and the non-comStuart;' and Challenger, 18, Forbes, for missioned officers employed in Persia, the East Indies. The Salisbury, 50 guns, I have the honour to be, &c. Capt. Mackellar ; Primrose, 18, Phillott; (Signed) GEORGE LLEWELLYN, Bermuda, 10, Pakenham; and Briseis,

Acting Adj.-Gen." 10, Comett, for Jamaica. The Phaeton, “To the Officer commanding His 38, guns, Capt. Stanfell; Spey, 20, Lake; Majesty's 47th Reg. Surat." Racoon, 18, Carpenfer ; Leveret, 10,

The letter referred to is dated 23d Theed, and Julia, 16, Watling, for the March, 1815, and expressed the approval Cape of Good Hope. The Tagus, 36, of the King of Persia of the conduct of guns, Captain D. Dundas; Erne, 20, Major Sadlier and his detachment, and Spencer ; and Wasp, Wolridge, 18, for that he had been pleased to present a the Mediterranean. The Antelope, 50

sword to that officer, accompanied by a guns, Admiral Harvey and Capt. Sayer; firman, expressive of such approbation of and Brazen, 18, Stirling, for the leeward their conduct whilst in Persia. islands; and Alceste, 38, M. Maxwell; and Lyra, 10, B. Hall, for China. The

February:7: The Hyder, Hanson, ar

rived yesterday at Portsmouth, from the Bann, 20 gnns, Capt. Fisher, for the coast

Cape of Good Hope. of Africa, The number of ships on foreign sta

The Union, Apollo, Sir W. Pulteney, tions, that are yet to be paid off is 82, William Pitt, Marquess of Wellington, bearing an aggregate number of 10,000 Princess Charlotte of Wales, Lord MelThe number of seamen now

ville and Gauges Indiamen, from England,

arrived at Bengal in September last. wanting to complete the crews of those ships which are intended for foreign ser

The Lady Nugent, outward-bound, vice, is about 4000.

was at the Cape on the 15th October. The Newcastie frigate, Capt. Meynell been indisposed between two and three

The Earl of Buckinghamshire had (acting), has been completely manned at Northfleet. In the course of the next

months, in consequence of being thrown month she will sail from Portsmouth,

from his horse in St. James's-park; after for the St. Helena station, as flag-ship

which he was advised to go to Bath, there. M. de Sturmer, Austrian Com

where the physicians gave him no hopes missioner; Count Billeman, Russian

of recorery: he was afterwards removed Commissioner ; and M. de Monthenu,

at bis own desire to London, by slow and French Commissioner, will embark in

short stages, and was between three anit her.

four days on the road : he arrived at his

house a few days since in Hamilton-place, Sir George Cockburn is expected home

and on Sunday night, between ten and from St. Helena, and will be succeeded

eleven o'clock died there, in the 56th on that station by Sir Home Popham.

year of age. Feb. 7. --Four years since, the King of The great Irish sinecure held by Lord Persia applied to our Government in In- Buckinghamshire, Clerk in the Pleas in dia for a certain number of military, for the Exchequer worth 11,0001. per anthe purpose of introducing amongst the

num, is not likely to be abolished. Lord Persian troops the European system of Hardwicke, it is said, granted the reverdiscipline,

sion of it to his sons, and it is said his Captain G. F. Sadlier, then a lieuten own name also is in the patent. ant in the 47th, a young gentlemen of February 8.-In the experience of the much military promise, was selected, oldest inhabitants, the intensity of frost and sent to Persia with a detachment of in the metropolis, and its immediate vi. British troops; where obtaining the cinity, has seldom exceeded that of last nominal rank of Major according to night. In the tube of a thermometer, usage) the detachment with Mr. Sadlier

graduated according to Fahrenheit’s prinremained three years, conciliating the ciple, and exposed under the northern esteem of the inhabitants.

entrance of the Royal Exchange, the On being recalled to the British army mercury stood that morning, at nine in India, the following letter was trans o'clock, at nineteen degrees under the mitted to the officer commanding the 47th freezing point ; and, in another, upon regiment:

the same plan, and made by the same Bombay, July 27, 1815. optician, in an open exposure at HighSIR,“I am directed by the Com bury-place, the depression was, at an manding Officer of the forces to forward early hour in the morning, so low as to you the annexed extract of a letter from twenty degrees under freezing. His Majesty's Ambassador at the Court The thermometer this day at 7 A.M. of Persia, is the Right Honourable the three miles east of the Royal Exchange,



was ar 4°. That on which the above ob skated for on the river near the town, servation was made, was one by the ce which was won by Joseph Peck, of Parlebrated Prins, of Amsterdam, in 1758. son Drove, beating H. Green, of March,

By the laws of the city of London, if and six others. The novelty of seeing a debtor owes money to a creditor, the two young ladies, Miss S. Ulyat and Miss creditor on knowing of money or effects Peck, from Parson Drove, skating on the the property of the debtor in the hands slippery element, attracted universal noof another person, may attach, impound, tice. and obtain the same; this law is, we It is stated that there are sixty sail of believe, peculiar to the city of London : transports employed between St. Helena some causes have lately been tried be and the Cape of Good Hope, to supply fore the Recorder, in the Mayor's Court, the former with provisions. iu which verdicts in favour of creditors Feb 11.-On Friday week, nearly all circumstanced as above, were given. the English who remained at St. Denis

The widow of Marshal Ney has, it is quitted it, and part of the artillery, which said, received a letter from the Prince de was at the chapel, set out on Saturday.-t Metternich, announcing to her that the The staff of the English troops which Emperor his master has restored to her occupied, on the west of Paris, Marly, children the estates which the Marshal Port Marly, Bougival, Puteaux, Lucienne, possessed in the territories that are now and other neighbouring plaas, was at under the dominion of Austria. This Ruelle. This last village has been the letter also contains, it is added, expres point of union of all these troops, and sions stating that the Emperor of Austria they set out on their march at four considers, with the liveliest interest and o'clock on Sunday for St. Denis. the greatest benevolence, the situation of The English, cantoned at Neuilly, folthe widow and children of the Marshal, lowed the same route about the same to whom he offers a residence worthy of time. Waggons put in requisition, and them in his States.

laden with provisions, set out from FauThe revelations and prophecies of a bourg of Roule at break of day. person named Catherine Healy, alias an All the English troops still in Belgium Holy Woman, are the subject of an ad have received orders to break up and redress from the Rev. Dr. Touby, Catholic turn to England. Bishop of Limerick, which was read on The first division of the 51st regiment, Sunday in all the chapels throughout that recently returned from France, has ardiocese. This woman,” says the ad rived at Brighton. The first division of dress, “ has presumed to assert, on the the 55th regiment proceeded from thence authority of a pretended revelation made immediately on their march for Bristol, to her, “ that infants who die imme to embark for Ireland. diately after baptism, are condemned to The 54th regiment of foot moved from a punishment of twenty-four hours dura Hythe to Chatham ; and the 58th foot tion.” She has also presumed to utter from Canterbury to Ramsgate, to embark certain predictions, calculated, under the for Ireland. The 44th foot was embarkpresent gloomy aspect of affairs, to ter ed at Dover on Saturday week, also for rify and mislead the weak and ignorant, Ireland. and disturb the peace and good order of The 85th regiment has marched from the country.

Chatham to Winchester. A banker of Vienna lately presented The 3d Garrison Battalion, from the for payment to the Countess of Lipano Tower, has replaced the 32d regiment at (ci-devant Queen Murat) an acceptance Sheernees. of her late husband for sixty thousand Several regiments have sailed for Irefrancs, which he had given to the Mayor land. The 59th and 62d regiments from of Ajaccio, in Corsica. It was immedi Margate ; and the 16th, 35th, and 820, ately paid.

with the 2d Garrison Battalion, from Feb. 10.- Manchester is at this time Dover. The 55th is to proceed to the in a deplorable situation, searcely any same destination from Brighton. business is doing there, the American The 2d West York regiment, whose markets being completely overstocked with head-quarters are at Newcastle, in the goods, which are now selling in the county of Limerick, have received orders United States at 30 per cent. under the to embark forthwith at Cork, for Engprime cost.

land, All their detachments in the county The Hon. James Willoughby, who died of Kerry are to be relieved by equal numfately at the advanced age of 86, was bers from the 74th regiment. amongst the oldest clergymen in England, The Forfarshire and Renfrewshire reand had some valuable church preferment. giments of militia are ordered home from He was uncle to the present Lord Middle Ireland, and on their arrival in their ton, of Woolaton, in Nottinghamshire. counties, they will be disembodied.

A subscription purse (free prize) was It is understood that the103d and 104th given by the gentlemen of Wisbech, to be regiments are not to be reduced as was

formerly reported; but that it is the in The Minden man of war and the tention of Government that the 4th bat Doris frigate are arrived from the East talion, Ist foot ; 2d ditto, 11th ditto; Indies and St. Helena : the former took 2d ditto, 59th ditto; 2d ditto, 69th ditto; a cargo of provisions and live bullocks 2d ditto, 89th ditto ; and that the Ist from the Cape to St. Helena, and left and 2d West India regiments will speedily that island the 26th Dec. Buonaparte be added to the reduction. The three continued to reside at the cottage ; every battalions of the 95th foot are to be thing was perfectly quiet, and provisions formed into a rifle brigade, to which a of every description were in plentiful battalion of the 14th foot is to be added. supply.

It is reported that sixteen General offi Feb. 13.-On Tuesday, a Court of Dicers only will be employed on the British rectors was held at the East-India house, Staff (including North Britain, Jersey,

when Joseph Luson, Esq. was appointed Guernsey and Alderney) during the pre

the Company's Agent at the Cape of Good sent year: of these, four will be Lieu- Hope. tenant Generals, and the remainder, Ma

Mr. Groom, Solicitor to the Board jor Generals.

of Commissioners for the Affairs of India, To be reduced immediately. -4th batt.

atteuded by one of the officers of the royals, 2d batt. 11th, 230, 59th, 69th,

Court of King's-Bench, being introduced,

served each of the Directors present with 7th West India, 8th West India. To be reduced within the present year.

a Mandamus, ordering them to send The present 101st of the line, York light mands of Major Hart, as altered by the

forthwith a dispatch relative to the deinfantry volunteers, Greek light infautry, Board. De Rolle's, Meuron's, Corsican rangers,

Feb. 17.-Captain George Harrower Sicilian regt ; Canadian, Glengary, New

was indicted for intermarrying with Sufoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Bruns

sannah Ann Giblett, his foriner wife, wick fencibles; and all the veteran and

Mary Usher, being at that time alive. garrison battalions.

The Rev. Arnold Burrows, Chaplain to The following regiments are to retain

the Presidency of Bombay, proved a copy their second battalions for this year : of the parish register, dated Feb. 5th, 1st royals, 5th, 12th, 14th, 2. th, 34th, 1794, and which certified the marriage of 35th, 37th, 43d, 52, 53, 56th, 62d, 66th, George Harrower to Mary Usher. Wit67th, 730, 83d, 84th, and 87th.

pess did not marry them; but he had viThe present 103d and 104th to become

sited and dined with them, when Mrs. the 101st and 102, will stand as such for

Harrower presided at the head of the this year, and be reduced after.

table, and acted in all respects as his wife. The 95th regiment is to be taken out of Captain Harrower left Bombay in 1813, the line, and its three battalions, with 3d and Mrs. Harrower was left at the house batt. 14th foot, added to them as a fourth of Mr. Cook, at Bombay (a relation of battalion, will be collectively named “ the her own), in a state of insanity. He Rifle Corps."-In consequence of thus believed Mr. Owen, Chaplain at Calcutta, taking the 95th regiment out of the line, performed the marriage ceremony bethe numbers of the subsequent regiments tween Captain Harrower and Miss Usher. will be altered, so as to make the present He arrived in England in 1814, and soon 96th to be 95th, the present 97th, the after he gave information to Mr. Gjblett, 96th, and so on which will be the num the father of Captain H.'s present wife, ber of the present 102d; the present of the previous marriage to Miss Usher. 103d will be the 101st, and the present - Paul Showcraft knew Mr. and Mrs. 104th the 102d.

Harrower at Bombay, which he left in A route has been sent down from the

1810. He did not know that Mrs. HarWar Office to the officer commanding at rower was then alive. He did not know Chelmsford Barracks, directing the im- Captain Harrower personally. - Lionel mediate march of the detachments of the Thompson knew Captain Harrower per, 13th and 49th regiments for Gravesend, sonally, who called on him, and told to embark for the East Indies.

him, that there was a conspiracy against Feb. 11.-Among the costly presents him to charge him with having another which will be taken out to the Emperor wife alive, which he denied, as he hoped of China, by Lord Amherst, is a glass ever to enter the kingdom of heaven. He in frame, the plate of which admeasures also asked witness to assist him in getting sixteen feet by ten : it is the largest ever out of the kingdom, which he did. On cast in this country, and its value is the pier of Calais, he asked Captain Har12,0001. Two carvers and gilders will rower to say, whether his wife at Bomproceed with it to repair any injury which bay was alive or not ; and he then conit may receive in going out. Some supe fessed that she was alive. Witness then rior cloth, valued at 51. per yard, also advised him never to think of coming to forms part of the presents: the whole is England again ; but he came back twice, estimated at 80,0001.

and witness saw him at an inn in the

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Borough. Witness proved three letters and some men came on board from it. to be in Captain Harrower's hand-writWitness, by the desire of the boatswain, ing. They were written to Mr. Cook on went to call the gunner ; he passed Mr. the prisoner's leaving India, in 1813, and Creswell's cabin, and saw some silks related to the disposal of Mrs. Harrower. lying on the table, which were taken Miss E. Giblett was present at the mar from a box standing on the floor. The riage of her sister to the prisoner. At. box looked like one of those which witkins the Bow-street oflicer, proved, that ness took in at China. The silks conhe was employed by Giblett to apprehend sisted of shawls and handkerchiefs. Mr. the prisoner, as far back as 1812, which Creswell, Mr. Daniel, one of the mates, he did as soon as he could find him, and Mr. Ladd, were in the cabin, as were which was not till lately. Capt. Har the men who had come on board : he rower, when called on for his defence, saw these men in conversation with Mr. said, that he was the victim of a foul con Creswell, and pay some bank notes. spiracy, set on foot by his wife's father, George Lancaster, and William Eckwho had robbed his daughter of 10,0001. loffstein, seamen on board the Thames, which he had settled upon her ; that he corroborated this testimony. had lent Giblett 17,0001. which he never Mr. Lock, surveyor of the Customgot security for ; and he concluded by house, proved that the value of a box denying that he had ever fled from jus containing such things as had been destice. Baron Richards summed up the cribed might be 401. evidence at great length, and the Jury Captain Ritchie the commander of the having retired for about an hour, re Thames, recollected the ship being off turned with a verdict of Guilty, but Scilly in August ; did not see any boat strongly recommended the prisoner to come alongside; had such an event taken mercy. The learned Judge assured them place, he must have seen the boats. that their recommendation should be at Knew the first witness, Roche, and retended to.

collected his being punished three times, The Court was excessively crowded, and once for insolence to Mr. Creswell. and the greatest anxiety prevailed for the Did not hear the insolence; it was refate of Captain Harrower. Mrs. Har- ported to him. rower (the daughter of Giblett) remained Charles Paris was servant to Mr. Cresin Court during the trial, but was con well. He had no boxes when the ship veyed out previous to the delivery of the arrived off the Land's-end ; nor did witverdict. The prosecutor Giblett, and the ness see any silks in his cabin at that witness Lionel Thompson, upon leaving time, or any boats come alongside. Mr. the Court, were followed bp the popu Creswell might have smugg without lace, who indulged in indignant shouts, his knowledge, and severely handled the latter person. Mr. John Drake, Second Master of Sentence on Capt. Harrower, six months the Thames was in the habit of going imprisonment in Newgate.

into Mr. Creswell's cabin daily, but never Court of Exchequer. The King v.

saw any box there, except a small packet Creswell. - This was an information of tea for his own use. Saw no boat against Mr. Francis Creswell, First Mate come alongside at the Land's-end. The of the Thames East Indiaman, for being Lord Chief Baron having summed up concerned in the unshipment of a con the case, the Jury found a verdict for the siderable quantity of China silks from crown. on board the said ship into boats belong Madras papers to the 7th October ining to smugglers, off the coast of this clusive, have arrived. They announce country, contrary to the revenue laws ; the death of Rear-Admiral Burlton, Comand the penalties sought to be recovered mander-in-Chief in the East Indies, on amounted to three times the value of the the 22d Sept. Capt. O'Brien has in consaid goods,

sequence hoisted his flag as Commodore Edward Roche deposed, that when at of His Majesty's squadron. China, several small boxes were taken On Saturday, Feb. 17, the dispatches on board by the directions of Mr. Ladd. were finally closed at the East IndiaThere were from 17 to 20, weighing house, and delivered to the pursers of about 50lbs. cach; they looked like tea the following ships, viz.boxes. This was between two and three Elphinstone, Capt. T. Havisade; Wexa in the morning.

One half was carried ford, Captain C, Barnard--for Madraz into Mr. Creswell's cabin, and the other and China. into the gun-room. Mr. Creswell was Passengers per Elphinstone.--For Benon board at this time, but he did not gal, Mr. E. Law, writer. -For Madras, appear during the transaction. The Major-General and Mrs. Donkin; Capt. ship arrived in England in August last; and Mrs. Walker; Lieut. and Mrs. Miller; when off Scilly, a pilot boat came towards Mr. J. S. Rogers, free-merchant. the ship, a small boat was launched from Passengers per Wexford.For Bengal, her, which came alongside the Thames, Messrs. F. M‘Naughton and H. 'Taylor,

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