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Keating and the staff of the brigade. The September 21.--Arrived the Country Jessie parted company from the Hoogly, ship Castlereagh, Captain Laing, from Royal Edward, Shaw, Allum, Mauritius, England, which she left on the 16th of Harriet, Ceylon, and Gende transports, June.- Passengers:-Rev. Mr. Carr and iu lat. 7. 33. S. long. 60. E.

lady, Mr. Evans, Free Merchant, Mr. Futteh Hyder, eldest son of the late De Vitre, ditto, Mr.Baillie, surgeon, going Tippoo Sultan, died at Russapugla on the to Lucknow, Mr. Marshal, cadet, and 30th of August.

Captain Basden.

The following official letter, containOn the 25th August, the lady of Major Vans An ing an account of the capture and restodrew of a daughter.

ration of the Nautilus. has been publishAt Yanam, on ihe 21st August, the lady of Au

ed at this presidency gustus Rayneaud, Esq. of a danghter. At Verdachellum, on the 6th August, the lady of Brook Cunliffe, Esq. of a son.

To Henry Meriton, Superintendent of the At Pondicherry, on the same dav, the lady of A.

Hon. Company's Marine. de Lasselle, Esq. of a daughter.

SIR,—I avail myself of the earliest opMarriages.

portunity to inform you of the capture of At Nagapatam, 17th August, Mr. E. W. Penman, to Miss M.C. Suber.

the Honourable Company's cruizer NauOn the 11th September, Mr. William Hunter, to tilus, by the American sluop of war PeaMiss Adelaide Desjardins.

cock, captain Warringtou, mounting 22 On the 13th, at St. George's church. Lieut Cleveland, of the 19th Native Infantry, to Louisa, guns, and 230 men, on the 30th June, off daughter of the late G. Thomson, Esq.

Anjeir, in the Streights of Sunda, after a Sept. 8, Capt. Hugh Scott, Miiitary Secretary to his Excellency the Commander-in Chief, to

gallant and spirited defence of a quarter of Emma Jane, eldest daughter of Henry Harris, an hour against so superior a force. I *Esq. M.D. Aag. 22, Lieut-Col. Richard Podmore, 2d batt.

regret to report that the Nautilus had 10th reg. to Miss Denton.

seven men killed and seven severely Sept. 2, Sir John Gordon, Bart. 22d Dragoons, wounded, amongst the latter, Lieutenant. to Miss Margaret Erskine Campbell.

Boyce, the Commander, and Mr. Mayston, Mr. John Kickwick, Farrier-major, 6th Lt. Cav. to Miss Jane Morris.

first lieutenant.

As Lieut. Boyce and Mr. Mayston (from Deaths.

the dangerous state they have been in) Sept. 18, at Trichinipoly, Mrs. Catherine Frieze. On the gih instant, Alexander Tait, Esq Assis

have not been able to send any official retant-Surgeon.

port to government, the following partiOn the oth of August, at the Presidency, Lient. culars of the action have been received

A. G. Grirson, 90th Nat. Inf.
On the 1eth, at Bangalore, Lieut. and Adj. Reid,

from the Resident and Commandant at of the 12th Light Infantry.

Anjeir, in wh ch place the wounded were

landed, the morning after the action, BOMBAY.

when the Nautilus was given up by the September 30.-Extract of a Letter from American to the master, Mr. Bradley. an officer :

The Nautilus sailed from Batavia on A party under my command, of one Je the 29th June, with dispatches for Calmedaur and eight Sepoys of the 2d batt. cutta, and the next day, towards evening of the 3d. regt. shot five royal tigers on fell in with the Peacock off Anjeir. Prethe 21st September in the jungle about vious to the departure of the Nautilus, Vameira. The largest measured, from intelligence of the ratification of peace bethe tip of the nose to the extremity of tween England and America had been the tail, ten feet three inches and a half, received at Batavia, and a copy of the and was three feet ten inches three quar treaty was on board the Nautilus. Lieut. ters in height. The smallest measured Boyce suspecting that the Peacock was an five feet four inches and a half in length, American ship, although under English and was two feet two inches and a quar colours, sent his boat on board with the ter in height.


and Cornet White (an officer goSeptember 20.---The Government of ing as passenger to Bengal). The comBombay, with the sanction of the Bishop mander of the American, disregarding of Calcutta, has authorised the imme- intelligence they gave him of peace havdiate construction of a chapel at Surat, ing taken place, confined them and the near the Castle. The building is intend boats crew below, and ranged up alonged to hold about a thousand persons, and side the Nautilus under English colours, is estimated to cost about thirty thou- when Lieut. Boyce hailed, and demanded „sand rupees.

to know whether he was coming as a September 3.--Arrived the country-ship friend or an enemy; the answer, Cambrian, Captain Cooper, having left enemy,” and the English colours were England on the 1st of May, and touched sbifted for the American; Lieut. Boyce at Madeira. The following is a list of then told him that peace had been conthe Passengers.-Dr. S. Meek, Lieuten- cluded between the United States and ant Watkins, H.C. Marine, Capt. Hickes, England, and that he had the Proclama M. $. Captain Mc. Quaker, late of the tion on board. --The American answered, Hannah, and Mr. Bond.

“ if peace has taken place, haul down

as an


your colours instantly,” which on Lieut. out of all danger, the rest of the wounded Boyce's refusing to do, a gun was fired were doing well. into the Nautilus, which wounded Lieut. As soon as any official report is reBoyce in the hip; the Nautilus returned ceived from Lieutenant Boyce, or the a broadside, and the action commenced, first Lieutenant, I shall do myself the and continued about a quarter of an hour, honour of forwarding it by the first opwhen Lieutenant Boyce having received portunity. a second wound from a 321b. shot, shat

(Signed) WM. EATWELL, Capt. tered his knee, the first Lieutenant being H.C.'s S. Benares, Batavia Roads, severely wounded, and no officer left to

22d July, 1715. fight the vessel, (the master and a boat's

By order of the Right Hon. the Govercrew being prisoners on board the Ame

nor in Council. rican) the Nautilus was compelled to surrender. The conduct of the American

F. WARDEN, Chief Sec. to Government. commanders appears to have been most Bombay Castle, 15th Sept. 1815. unwarrantable, as there is no doubt but

Promotions. he was in possession of the accounts of Lieutenant-Fireworker Frederick P. Lester, to be peace having taken place, before he fell Lieutenant and Acting Lieutenant-Fireworker,

vice Hutchinson deceased; date of rank, 3d in with the Nautilus, which he got from

September 1815. a merchant ship he took at the straits of Sunda, besides the master-attendant at


Mr. Edward Grant to be second assistant to the Anjeir had boarded him half an hour be collector at Broach. fore he came alongside of the Nautilus,

Births. and informed him of the peace ; which

At Surat, 12th September, the lady of G. L. Prenhe equally disregarded, and detained him

dergast, of a son. as a prisoner of war; although the next On the 17th September, Mrs. Lugin, of a daughmorning (upon the same information) he

At Jaulna, 12th July, the lady of Major Fallon allowed the master-attendant to go on 2 batt. 4th regt. of a danghter. shore at Anjeir for the purpose of pro

Marriages. ducing to him American

papers, contain

Sep'ember 6, William Aitken, Esq. assist-surg. ing the proclamation of peace. On seeing

io Miss Ann Kitson, only daughter of the late

Robert Kitson, Esq. of the Civil Service. the papers, he professed himself satisfied,

July 23, Mr. Marcus Joseph, to the relict of the and wrote an official letter to the master late Mr. C. Satoor. attendant, saying, “ that from the do September 3, Lieut. J. Brackenbury, H. M. 17th

Light Drag. to Mrs. Urixon, widow of Liert. cuments produced, he had not a doubt

Urixon, H.M. Dragoons, and daughter of the but peace had taken place, he felt him late John Sandwith, Esq. formerly president of self bound to desist from further hostili

the Medical Board at this Presidency, and niece

of Maj. Gen. Boyé, commanding the forces on ties, and regretted that the commander this establishment. of the brig Nautilus did not comply with

Deaths. his reasonable request.”

September 11, with Colonel East's detachment, The Nautilus was delivered to the

near Dhurol in Kattywar, George Skene Keith,

Esq. Assist. Surg: master, on the 1st of July, and anchored Iu Kattywar, Captain Edward Jones, 1st batt. Sth at Anjeir, where the wounded were land


Brevet Major Hutchins, H. M. 65th regt. ed with the Surgeon, and the vessel re

Ensign Jopp, Engineers. turned to the Batavia roads on the 4th. Lieui. Hutchinson, Artillery. On her arrival Government ordered a

At Cambay, Edward Cole:nan, Esq. Veterinary

Surgeon, H. M. 17th Dragoons. commission from the Bench of Magis Lieut. Col. Bland, H.M. 47th regt. aged 45 years, trates to proceed on board and take the September 14, in the 78th year of his age, Charles

Northcote, Esq. H. M. Naval Storekeeper at depositions of the crew respecting the

Bombay. Mr. N. was first cousin of Sir Stafford transaction, copies of which I have the Northcote, Bart. of Pynes, in the County of

Devoll. honour to enclose.

September 15, in the 13th year of her age, Miss As Lieutenant Hepburn, commander E. M. Steuart, eldest daughter of Dr. Stenart. of the Malabar, was the senior officer at Mrs. Bryerly, wife of Mr. W. Bryerly, of the

Accountant-general's Office. Batavia, when the Nautilus returned, I

On the 22d of August, W.C. A. the infant son of understand he has ordered one of the Major Haynes, H. M. 47th regt. officers of the Malabar to take temporary

On the 230 July. Maria, the infant daughter of

Jonn Leckie, Esq. aged 11 months and 3 days, charge of her, and she was sent in company with the Malabar to Samarang, for

CEYLON. the purpose of getting repaired, being Columbo, Aug. 8.-An express reached much shattered in her hull.

Columbo yesterday, from Calpentyn, the I am happy to say that the latest ac 29th instant, with a letter from Lieut. counts from Anjeir, give great hopes of Fenton, of the 17th regiment, dated on Lieutenant Boyce's recovery; his leg has that day, notifying his having the precedbeen amputated above the knee, and he ing day landed from the Arab ship Shaw was as well as could be expected. The Allum, at anchor off Caridivoe island, first Lieutenant, whose wound was at first and forwarding a dispatch from Major thought to be mortal, had been declared Fluker, of the Bourbon regiment, com

manding detachments of the 22d and 87th embarked at Calpentyn, and are now ou regiments, embarked on board that ves their march to Columbo. sel. The Major reports the Shaw Allum, The cutter of the Kangaroo brig, in to be one of eight transports which sailed crossing the bar, upset from the violence from the Isle of France, on the 21st of of the surf ; fortunately all in it but the June last, bound to Calcutta, that by the Captain's clerk were good swimmers, and ignorance and mismanagement of the reached the shore in safety. The latter Captain (an Arab), they made the western buffetted with the waves for some time, side of Ceylon, iu lat 8.2. N, when they but at last, overpowered by their force, expected they were on the eastern side: twice sunk, and was in imminent danthat when they found themselves in the ger of drowning, when some lascars of Gulph of Manar, every exertion was a brig in the inner harbour, and two gremade to remedy the mistake, but from nadiers of the 734 regiment, swam off to the vessel being very badly found, and his assistance, and succeeded in bringing sailing ill, they were driven towards the him on shore, though totally insensible, shore, and had been obliged to come to and apparently lifeless. The skill, howanchor in ten fathoms water, surrounded ever of Dr. Carter, of the 73d regiment, by breakers and rocks off the island of was successfully exerted, and respiration Caridovie, with a heavy sea rolling in upon shortly restored to the young man. them, which rendered it doubtful whe

CHINA. ther, if the wind increased, the cable would uot part, and the vessel be wreck The following is a list of ships at China ed. Major Fluker's dispatch is dated in September last :-Cuffnells, Royal the 27th, and says, that he has permit George, Charles Grant, David Scott, ted Lieutenant Fenton to attempt reach- Inglis, Essex, Marquis Camden, Vansiting the shore through a dangerous sea

tart, Princess Amelia, Alnwick Castle, and heavy surf, in the only small boat Hope, Warley, Warren Hastings.-Four which they had with them. In addition Madras ships were daily expected. to this distressing intelligence, Lieut.

JAVA. Fenton reports, that while ashore ať Calpentyn, two vessels under jury-masts On the 11th of April, the atmosphere were seen proceeding up the Gulph, was so obscured by smoke and ashes, that which he feared were two other of the at eight o'clock, there was little or no eight transports. On this news reaching day-light, and at four o'clock in the af. Chilaw, Mr. Walbeoff, the Collector of ternoon, it was perfectiy dark. Many of the district, immediately set soff to render the accounts we have seen may possibly every assistance in his power, that we have been exaggerated, but that there has trust the troops, about 250 in number, been some tremendous convulsion to the are now safe on shore, and have every ac eastward, there can be no doubt. Let. commodation the thinly populated part ters from Solo and Djocjocarta state, that of the island on which they have been the ashes have fallen very thick in those thrown will afford. His Majesty's armed districts, and at the latter place the light brig Kangaroo, belonging to New South battalion was in motion to ascertain the Wales, now here, with one of the ves cause of the heavy cannonade so near the sels of this government, has been dis Sultan's court. On the 15th, 16th, and patched from Columbo, with provisions 17th, the smoke was exceedingly thick at for the troops, and for the purpose of Buitenzorg and in the Preanger Regenaiding the Shaw Allum, and bringing the cies.-It extended to Batavia, and the atdetachments on board her to Coluinbo; mosphere has been more or less obscured and another government vessel immedi ever since. Several parties have gone ately follows, as, from the reported state out to ascertain if possible the exact of the other transports, it is supposed situation of the volcano, which is said they will have been obliged to come to an to be in the Soosoohoohnan's dominions. anchor off Condatchy.

Letters received yesterday from the eastAug. 9.–The vessels which were sent ward, mention that another mountain to the aid of the Arab transport, Shaw in the neighbourhood of Besookie had Allum, were, owing to the weather, burst out.

As Lieutenant Cruikshanks, obliged to return without effecting the however, is at the head of one exploring object for which they were dispatched, it party from Sourabaya, and Lieut. Pempot being safe to approach the coast suffi berton, at the head of the other from ciently near to reach the Shaw Allum. Solo, we look confidently forward to We are happy, however, to announce the these gentlemen for a satisfactory acsafe arrival of all the troops. Mr. Wal count of this phenomenon. Subjoined are beoff, with several large boats from Cal extracts from two letters, dated Solo the pentyn, have succeeded in reaching the 14th April, and Sourabaya the 12th. Shaw Allum on the evening of the 2d, “We have been involved in a cloud of and, by the 5th, the detachments of the ashes for the last four days, occasioned 22d and 87th on board, were safely dis. by the eruption of a mountain in our

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neighbourhood.—Major Johnson and the native Bengal infantry, and assistant reEmperor have sent to ascertain where it sident of Macassar, during an attack on a is. Some suppose it i, a mountain called fortified village, dependant on the deDukatoonga-others suppose Clute. The throned Rajah of Boni. The following former is three days journey from hence, are the particulary. The inhabitants of and the latter six. The explosions were two villages, named Soopa and Langa, siextremely violent and very frequent, and tuated on the coast of Celebes, about 70 resembled the discharge of mortars. It or 80 miles north of Macassar, having commenced on Wednesday the 5th in the been instigated by the emissaries of evening with repeated explosions, and the expelled Rajah, had commenced a ceased about eight o'clock. It again system of piracy, seized several trading commenced on Monday night or Tuesday vessels belonging to subjects of the Commorning, and continued extremely vio pany, and sold their crews as slaves to lent until a late hour the next night. the neighbouring Rajahs. Capt. Wood, Yesterday the ashes fell so thick that it the resident, deeming it necessary to was quite uncomfortable walking out, as take some measures, to put a stop' to it filled our eyes and covered our clothes. these unwarrantable depredations, de

• Dhukatoonga is situated in the dis tached Lieutenant Jackson, with Ensigu tricts of Wadeon and Sukatwis. Clute Davison, and a party of sixty Europeans is to the eastward of Kaderee-as soon as and thirty Sepoys to root out the mait is positi ely ascertained, our hospita- rauders.' On the 7th of May, they emble Resident intends to make an excur barked on board the Honourable Comsion in that direction, with a large party, pany's cruizer Teignmouth, and on the composed of the principal cognoscenti of 9th arrived at Sooppa. Next day Lieuthe centre division.'

tenant Jackson wrote to the resident that Sourabaya, the 12th.-A violent the strength of the village rendered it eruption of some vulcano in the neigh- impregnable, except to a larger force furbourhood has lately taken place. There nished with guns. A reinforcement, was hardly day-light yesterday at eight with some pieces of field artillery, was o'clock, and we dined by candle-light at instantly sent to their assistance but three.-A party have left Sourabaya to before their arrival, the original party ascertain the exact situation of the moun sailed for Langa, which, being within the tain; þut, from the tremendous explosions reach of the ships guns, would, it was and clouds of ashes in this neighbour- supposed, surrender immediately upon hood, I should imagine they will not be being summoned. The Teignmouth able to get very near the crater.'

anchored before Langa about ten of the So many different reports and specu- morning of the 12th. The detachment lations have been passed during the last immediately landed ; and, having driven week, regarding the late volcanic erup the enemy from behind a high sand-bank tion to the eastward, that we request our near the beach, closely pursued hini to readers will suspend all curiosity until the village. This was surrounded by some satisfactory accounts can be re „strong stockades, the only inlet to which ceived. It is now positively affirmed, was a closely barricadoed gateway, which that the eruption has taken place on the could not be forced. Lieutenant Jackisland of Sumbawa, which, if it be the son finding he could not gain entrance by case, must have severely suffered during this passage, attempted to make his way this awful convulsion of nature. By the by cutting a road with his sword through arrival of the Antelope, Capt. Hall, we the brushwood which intersected the understand, that a vessel from one of paling. He had made considerable prothose islands had arrived at Sourabaya, gress, and was in the act of pulling up one and reported that it had been forty-three of the stakes, when he received a fatal hours pitch dark in the straits of Lom wound from a spear, pushed by an unbock. It is difficult to say what may known hand through the bushes. He have been the consequence in the im fell into fhe arms of two sailors, and exmediate vicinity of the volcano, when it pired immediately after being conveyed is beyond all doubt that the explosions on board the Teignmouth.-Ensign Daviwere distinctly heard such an immense son having been likewise wounded in the distance to the westward. One account head by, a spear, the attacking party was mentions that the rise of the sea was left without a leading officer, and forced considerable at Sumanap, but letters of to retire without the accomplishment of a late date from that place mention no its object. , thing of the circumstance.'


Létters from the Isle of France, receive Letters from Macassar, of the 20th and ed at Calcutta in August last, state that 27th of June communicate the melancho an epidemic disorder raged throughout ly, intelligence of the death of Lieutenant that colony in the month of June, and T. C. Jackson, of the 1st regiment of carried off nearly three hundred persons, Asiatic Journ. No. III.

Vol. I.

2 Q

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The disease was a dysentery, supposed quence of the death of many of the most to proceed from noxious metalic particles respectable French and English inhabiwashed down from the mountains, and tants, and the continued indisposition of spread through all the rivers on the is- others, his Excellency the Governor has land. The surgeon of His Majesty's 22d been pleased to postpone the ball in bofoot, and Major Cullen, are dead of this nour of the birth-day of his Royal Highmalady,

ness the Prince Regent, until Friday, the Port Louis, Nov. 4, 1815.-The Ga 1st of September next. zette of this day contains a Proclamation By command of his Excellency the by Governor Farquhar, directing a re Governor. newal of friendly intercourse with the

“A. W. FORBES, Aide-de-Camp. island of Bourbon, in consequence of the

Port Louis, 30 Aug. 1815.” intelligence of the return of Louis XVIII. to his capital, and the defeat and surren

Marriage. der of Buonaparte. Also a general me

On the 2d of August, Mr. Sebastian Lopes Ramos

to Miss Horminte Monnoren. morandum (in the absence of official in

Dirorce. structions) by Captain Farquhar, com

On the 22d July, Mr. Balsharard Etienne Joseph manding H. M. S. Liverpool, and senior Barry and Mrs. Felicité Virginie Mariegard. officer of the squadron, to the same effect: “ His Most Christian Majesty,” says our

ISLAND OF BOURBON. tar, “ being placed on the throne of The following Proclamation was issued France, and Buonaparte on board a Bri- in July last, by the Governor of the Island tish man of war."

of Bourbon :The same Gazette contains a notifica

St. Denis, July 13, 1815.-Inhabition that hydrophobia is raging “ in a

tants of the Island of Bourbon ! Europe dreadful manner” among the dogs of the town and country, and an order to kill all exile which he had solicited ; Europe re

was at peace ; Buonaparte quitted the dogs found at large.

assumes a warlike attitude. If we could An advertisement of the Théâtre du

consider, nothing but our own interests, Port Louis announces that “les Artistes

I'would say-retire ; let us remain quiet en Société” will represent Eléonore de Role Confessional des Pénitents efforts would be unavailing. But hesi

spectators of a struggle wherein all our Noirs, a drama in four acts; with a

tation a crime. Long live the King !ballet. The same 66 Artistes" are also playing the Dog of Montargis; and on the Long live the Bourbons ! May this cry of

honour and of justice be ever in our 16th of November they gave Paul et Vir

hearts and in our mouths. ginie. The inhabitants, of course, can

The Governor Commander in Chief, not but be proud of this opera, as well

St. Denis,

DE BOUVET." as of the original tale, both of which con

July 15, 1813 fer a classical renown upon their island, and their town of Pamplemousses.

On the 25th August, a grand ceremony Mauritius Gazette Extra, Aug.14,1815. took place on the presentation of colours -“ His Excellency the Governor, hav to the regiment of Angoulême. ing learnt that there are, in this colony,

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. more well-wishers of Buonaparte than he conceived, gives notice, that he will A Cape Town Gazette notifies the apwith pleasure afford them a passage to pointment of Mr. Thomas Sheridan to Europe the very first opportunity. the Colonial Paymastership of that settle

" Mauritius, Aug. 5.-In conse ment.

galba ; ou,


Feb. 4.-This day, (Sunday) Lord St. His Majesty is, at times, tolerably Helens and Lieutenant-General Sir Hen composed; the number of persous spery Campbell, the King's lord and groom cially appointed by the physicians to atin waiting, attended in the state rooms tend him are reduced from six to two, St. James's Palace, and exhibited the and his principal pages are admitted to following bulletin :

attend him as when he enjoyed good Windsor Castle, Feb, 3.

health. His Majesty dines at half past " His Majesty has passed the last month in a

one, and in general orders the dinner general state of tranquillity, and in the enjoy. himself; he invariably has roast beef upment of good bodily health. His Majesty's disorder remains unaltered.

on the table on Sundays. He dresses for H. HALFORD. M. BAILLIE. dinner, wears his orders, &c. His MaW.HEBERDEEN. R. WILLIS."

jesty and his attendants occupy a suite of

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