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conquest of that delightful country ; but gapatam, South-sea whaler, in March the latter appears at present to be entirely 1812, when that vessel was taken in the bent on reducing to subjection the Nuwab South Seas by the Essex frigate, Capt. of Buhawulpoor; and to have laid aside Porter, when the prisoner, contrary to all thoughts of undertaking so hazardous the admonitions of his captain, was enan enterprize during the present season. rolled among the crew of the Essex. It

A tragical incident happened on board being represented that the prisoner was one of the Company's row-boats, employ- deficient in understanding, the jury reed with Capt. Maxfield, in surveying the commended him to mercy. Guilty: death. eastern passage. A tiger swam from the 25. By the Duke of Wellington packshore, sprung into the boat, and seized et, which arrived yesterday at Brighton an aged man, a native, on board. An from Dieppe, a report was received that European presented his gun at the animal, M. Lavalette made his escape on Wedbut it flashed in the pan. A serang seized nesday night last, in his wife's clothes. the animal by the tail, while another native Dec. 25. On Saturday the dispatches struck him on the head with a hatchet. The were finally closed at the India House, blow laid his skull open, notwithstanding and delivered to the pursers of the followwhich he succeeded in retiring with his ing ships, viz : prey.

Lady Melville, Capt. J. C. Lockner, 23. The Moira, a country ship from Marquis of Ely, Capt. J. Dalrymple; CaBengal, arrived yesterday off the Isle of balva, Capt. J. Hine; and Cumberland, Wight.

Capt. T. H. Wilkinson. The sloop Bombay, just arrived Passengers per Cabalva-For Bombay; from the presidency of that name, spoke, Mess.G. E. Reade and W. Stubbs, writers. on the passage the Rurich (a Russian ves Per Cumberland–For Bombay; Lieut. sel on discovery), Capt. Kotzebue, on J.B. Byers, Mr. J. Whiteside, free mariner. the 23d Nov. in lat. 6 N. long. 22 W. Per Lady Melville-For Bombay ; Miss bound to St. Catherine's. - Spoke the C. Baynes, Messrs J. Morris, and J. Reid, Philippa early in Dec, in lat. 24 N. long. free mariners-For Surat: Miss M. Stuart. 33 W.

Per Marquis of Ely-For Bombay; Mr. -. Yesterday J. Abdallah and Mumma W. Fraser, Assistant Surgeon, Mr. B. Serang, two Lascars, were brought be- Shelley, free mariner. fore the Lord Mayor, charged with being Per Castle Huntly-For Bombay ; Capt. concerned, in a gang of their country- and Mrs. Meale, Mrs. Lewis. men, in plundering various jewellers and Per Marquis Huntly-For Bombay; other shops in the city. A number of Messrs. A. Crawford and A. Bell, writers ; persons attended yesterday, and identi. Major J. P. Dunbar; Lieut. A. Manson. fied the two prisoners, particularly Ab The Company's ships Lord Melville, dallah, as being most active in the prac- Metcalfe, Rose, Atlas, Bridgewater, and tice of certain tricks, by which he and Princess Charlotte of Wales were at Mahis companions effected their robberies. dras the 24th July. Not an article, however, of their plun The country ship Moira arrived off der, has yet been traced, although the Portsmouth the 22d instant; she left parties are well known to the pawubro. Bengal 7th July; the Cape, 19th Oct. kers about Shadwell, Ratcliff, and that and St. Helena the 3d November. quarter. The prisoner Abdallah, it ap The sloop Bombay, just arrived from peared, had dealt very extensively in the Presidency of that name, spoke on those marts, no less than fifty pawn the passage the Rurich (a Russian vessel brokers' duplicates being traced to him. on discovery), Capt. · Kotzebue, on the The Lord Mayor said, that notwith- 230 Nov, in lat. 6 N. long. 22 W. bound standing the failure of such proof as to St. Catherine's Spoke ; the Philippa would enable him to commit the prison- early in Dec. lat. 24 N. long 33 W. ers, he thought the depredations of too 26. A private letter from Paris, of the serious a nature to discharge them, and 20th, states that the barriers were shut trusted, that by the activity of the offi at eight o'clock on the preceding evening, cers, and the appearance of some indivi- in consequence of the escape of Lavalette. duals who could bring home a charge of It is said that Madame Lavalette, felony effectually, upon the next exami- after repeated attempts, obtained access nation, the difficulty would be removed. to his Majesty to pray for a pardon to If, however, they failed in this also, he her husband. This his Majesty said he would take such steps as would secure could not grant. She then prayed for an the public from further depredations ou order of admission to her husband. This the part of this formidable gang of Las she obtained ; and she went in and out cars, by removing them out of the coun- frequently, in different dresses, and at diftry. Unfortunately, we had too many ferent hours. At length her husband made thieves of our own.

use of one of these dresses, and escaped ; At the Admiralty Sessions, on nor was his flight discovered for an hour Tuesday, John Swaine, "alias Swinney, after he had gone out, and left Madame was tried for having entered the American Lavalette in his place. Madame Lavalette service. He served on board the Serin- remains in prison,


INDIA KNIGHTS OF THE BATH. The London Gazette of the 8th ult. announces, that H.R.H. the Prince Regent

Schlegel's Lectures on the Drama, transhas been pleased, in the name and on the

lated by Black, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. behalf of his Majesty, to nominate and

What's a Man of Fashion ? a Farce by appoint the following Officers, belonging

Reynolds. 28. to the service of the East-India Compa- tagem, a Comedy by Mrs. C. Kemble. 28 6d.

Smiles and Tears, or 1he Widow's Strany, to be companions of the Most Hon.

Who's Who? or the Double Imposture, Military Order of the Bath :Lieut. Col. James Colebrooke- omitted

a Farce by Poolé. 2s. in the list which appeared in the Gazette

HISTORY, &c. of the 16th of September last.) Lieut. Col. Wm. A. Thompson, 3d nat.

An account of the Kingdom of Caubul, inf. Bengal.

by the Hon. Mounstuart Elphinstone, 4to.

31. 138. 6d. Maj. J. Ludlow, 6th nat. inf. Bengal. Maj. Robert Paton, 5th nat. inf. Bengal.

History of Persia from the most early

Period, to the present time by Colonel Sir Maj. Wm. Innis, 19th nat. inf. Bengal.

John Malcolm, 2 vols. Royal 4to. 81. 8s. Maj. Tho. Lowrey, 7th nat. inf. Bengal. The fees on the admission of Offi

Imperial 4to. 121. 12s.

Visit to Flanders in July 1815, being cers as Companions of the Bath are stated in a circular letter from the Herald's Col

chiefly an account of the Field of Waterlege as follows

loo, by James Simpson, Esq. 12mo. 58. For the escutcheon, or plate of

Considerations on the present Political name and style, to be affixed

State of India, embracing observations in Westminster Abbey......£3 0 0

on the character of Natives, on the civil For recording the statement of

and criminal Courts, the administration military services in the books

of Justice, the state of Land Tenure, the appropriated to the Compa

condition of the Peasantry, &c. &c. by nions

2 16 2

Alexander Fraser Tytler, late Judge in For a copy of the rules and or

the 24 Pergunnahs Bengal. 2 vols. 8vo. 188. dinances

1 1 0


Confessions of Capt. Ashe. 3 vols. 12mo. 6 17 8

11. 18. No directions are yet given for the form

Collections for the Relief of the Poor. to be observed when the investiture of

8vo. 7s. the Officers takes place, nor is any time

An Account of the Abolition of Female appointed. The medal is gold, enamel

Infanticide in Guzerat, with Consideraled in the shape of a star, similar to that worn by the Knights of the Order previ

tions on the Question of Promoting the ous to the alteration, but with only four

Gospel in India. By the Rev. John Cor

mack, Minister of Stow. 8vo. 108. 6d. points. The extremity of each point has

East-India Register, 1816. 78. 6d. a knob of gold, and between are four gold lions passant, the whole forming an ele

Edinburgh Review, No. 56. 68.

Counsels of a Father, in four Letters gant appearance. This insignia will be

of Sir Matthew Hall to his children. worn suspended by a broad crimson rib

12mo. 58. bon, with a gold buckle, from the third button-hole on the left side of the uniform

A Treatise on Domestic Poultry, by B.

Moubray, Esq. 12mo. 58. coat,

Pericles and the Arts in Greece, 8vo.6s.

Student's Journal, 12mo. half bound,

Present from a Young Mistress to her

Servant, by Mrs. Taylor, 12mo. 36. 6d. Inquiry concerning the site of ancient A Narrative of the Events which have Palibothra conjectured to lie within the taken place in France from the Landing limits of the modern district of Bhau of Buonaparte to the Restoration of Louis gulpoor according to the researches made XVIII. by Helen Maria Williams, 8vo. on the spot in 1811 and 1812, by William 98. 6d. Francklin, Major in the service of the

NAVIGATION, &c. Hon. East-India Company, author of a tonr in Persia, the history of Shah Au

Maritime Geography and Statistics, or lum, &c. &c. illustrated with three en a Description of the Ocean and its Coasts, gravings, 4to.

Maritime Commerce, Navigation, &c. &c. Antiquities of Salisbury Cathedral, by by J. H. Tuckey, a Commander in the John Britton, Esq. 4to. 31. 3s. Imperial Royal Navy, 4 vols. 8vo. 21. 168. 4to. 51. 58. Folio 81.

A Compendium of the Laws and ReguBIOGRAPHY.

lations concerning the Trade with the East Walker's Memoirs of T'assoni, 8vo. 158.

Indies, the duties of Customs and Excise

on goods imported, the drawbacks on DIVINITY.

exportation, &c. &c. by Thomas ThornLuther's Sermons, 8vo. new ed. 10s. 6d.

ton, 8vo. 78.


to the widow of Capt. Donald M'Nicol,'royal Scots.

-At St. George's Hanover-square, H. Tucker, Esq. Occasional Poems and Miscellanies on

to Isabella, fourth daughter of J. Grant, Esq. various subjects, second edition, by Capt. of Tholey Priory, Essex.-At Great Baddow, in Hall. 12mo. 68.

Essex, Mr. Auber of Gower-street, Bedford-square,

to Mary Jane, fourth daughter of J. Watson Hull, Relics of Melodino, a Poem, 8vo. 10s. Esq. of Baldow.–At Bedruth, Capt. M. Bennetts,

of North Downs Mine, to Elizabeth, third daughTRAVELS, &c.

ter of T. Teague, Esq. of Calstock.

-At Fareham, Travels in France during the years 1814

Capt. Chads,

R.N. to E. Townshend, eldest daugha

ter of J. Pooke, Esq.-The Rev. H. Plumtre, Rec15, comprising a residence at Paris during tor of Claypole, Lincolnshire, to Miss C. Puget, the stay of the Allied Armies and at Aix, of Tythegstone, Glamorganshire.-At Fulham at the period of the landing of Bonaparte.

church, the Hon. Capt. King, R. N. to Caroline,

second daughter of the Archbishop of Dublin.2 vols. 8vo. 168.

At Astley, Worcestershire, the Rev. P. Jennings,
LL.D. to Jane, daughter of the late C. Johnstone,
Esq. of Ludlow, Shropshire.-Capt. G. Dean, of

Harwich, to Elizabeth Ann, youngest daughter of BRITHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

the late R. White, Esq. of Great Coggeshall, EsBIRTHS.

sex.-At Millbrook, near Southampton, the Rev. fit Casterton-hall, the lady of the Rev. W. Carns

E. Nassau Mulesworth, grandson of the late Vis. Wilson, of a daughter.-At Blackheath, the lady

count Molesworth, to Harriet. daughter of the of Wm. Barr, Esq. of a daughter.-At Prestonfield,

late W. M'Kinnon, Esq.-John Sweetland, Esq. the lady of Sir Rt. Dick, Bart, of a son.-The lady

late Princ pal Commissary to His Majesty's forces of Philip Lake Godsal, Esq. of a daughter.-In

at Gibraltar, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the Russell-place, the lady of the Rev. Rt. Corry, of a

late J. R. Withall, Esq. of Lympstone, Devon. daughter.-The lady of B. Cole, Esq. of Bernard.

At Breechnull, Perthshire, D. Henderson, Esq. of street, Russel-square, of a daughter. -At the house

the East-India Company's medical service, to of her father, Mr. Cartwright, of Hull, Mrs. Haigh,

Miss Anne Hay, third dánghter of C. Hay, Esq. widow of the late Capt. John Haigh, (who nubly

of Breechhill. --At Houghton-le-spring church, fell at the battle of Waterloo), of a son.-At Hull,

near Sunderland, in the county of Durham, the the lady of J. Wm. Henuig, Esq. of a daughter.

Rev. Sir R. Peat, D.D. one of the Prince Regent's -At Feltham-hill, the lady of Capt. J. Macfarlane,

Chaplains, to Miss Smith, of Herrington and Flass of a son.-At Brunswick-place, City-road, Mrs.

hall, in that county:-Lieut.-General Sir Hudson Birch, of a daughter.-Mis. W. Kew of New Pa

Lowe, Governor of St. Helena, to Mrs Johnson, lace-yard, of a son.-At Naples, the lady of his

widow of the late Col. Johnson, and niecc of the Excellency Wm. A'Court, Esq. the British Minis

lady of the Right Hon. Sir David Dundas. ter, of a son.


In Park-street, Islington, Mrs. Tayler, aged 82,

relict of the late Mr. Rd. Tayler, of Lower GrosAt Brandon, Suffolk, the Rev. W. Bassett, of venor-street.-Mrs. Johanna Howland, of HaverActon and Pakenham, to Martha, youngest daugh hill, Suffolk, aged 92.-Mrs. Lindsell, wife of Mr. er of J. Brewster, Esq.-The Rev. Claude Carter, Lindsell, bookseller, of Wimpole-street.-Sophia Rector of Great Henny, Essex, to Miss Mendham, Johanna, third daughter of the Rev. T. Blyth, of daughter of the late T. Mendham, Esq. of Isling Knowle, Warwickshire, aged 14.-At Park Stile, ton.--At Allhallows, Barking, Tower-street, L. H. near Liverpool, Mrs. Collier.-At Chatham, Mr. Robinson, Esq of Thrapston, Northamptonshire, E. Barnes, lieut. in the Hon. East-India Company's to Thcophila, youngest daughter of G. Hubbard, service, aged 21.--At Brompton, Hugh Cuning. Esq. vf Bury St. Edmund's, and neice to the Lord ham, Esq. aged 21.-At Denton house, near Gran. Bishop of Lincoln.-At Long Ashton, Somerset tham, Sir W. Earle Welby, Bt. aged 82.-At Mon. shire, Lieut. J. Andrews Reeve, R.N. to Miss Mor mouth, T. Johnson, Esq. aged 84, the oldest mem. rell. -At Ellesmere, Col. H. A. Proctor, 82d reg. ber of that Corporation.-D. Parkhurst, Esq. of to Louisa, eldest daughter of E. Wilson. Esq. of Ripple, Worcestershire.-In Tavistock-place, Mr. Hackney-road. - Charles Jones, Esq. of Harrow Benj. Oakley, eldest son of B. Oakley, Esq.--At Weald, io Marv, youngest daughter of Mr. J. Dick Pinkney-house, Wilts, Mary, wife of Estcourt ins, of Jamaica wharf.-At Twickenham, Mr. A. Cresswell, Esq.-At Chigwell, Essex, Mr. J. Vic. H. Reed, of Upper Thames-street, to Elizabeth, kery.-At Brighton, Mrs. Knight, wife of Henry only daughter of Mr. W. Baker, of Cross Deep, Knight, Esq. of Ham, Surrey.-In the Wands. Twickenham.-At Balcarras, C. M, Christie, of worth-road, Gen. Colin M'Kenzie, late colonel of Durie, Esq. to Mary, eldest danghter of the Hon, the gth royal veteran batt.-Mrs. Surridge, wife R. Lindsay.--At Westbank, the Rev. G. Dickson. of G. Surridge, Esq. of Lambeth.-At Kensington minister of Pettinain, to Mary, fourth daughter of J. Mason, Esq.-In Berwick, J. Proctor, aged 90. the late A. Lockhart, Esq.-At St. Gyles, Camber ---Mary, only daughter of Thos. Christie, M.D. of well, R. Stileman, of Winchelsea, Sussex, Esq. to Sarah Curteis, nuly daughter of W. Croughton, of

Cheltenham.-At Arely, the seat of Lord Valentia,

G. Clarke, Esq. of the Park, Bewdley.-At Wal. Champion hill, E-9-At St. Martin's in the fields, tham-abbey, Sarah, the wife of W. Mason, Esq. W. A. Culpeper, Esq. of the Island of Barbadoes, to Mrs. Straker, widow of the late T. J. Straker,

--At Cardiff, W. Taitt, Esq. of Cardiff and Dowlas

iron-works, and high sheriff of the county of GlaEsq. and daughter of the Rev. Dr. Valpy.- At St. Dunstan's Stepney, Mr. Kennedy.of Snaresbrook,

morgan.-Mr. Jas. Davies, of St. Giles, Cripple

gate.-In the 81st year of his age, the Rev. John Essex, to Miss Harriett Shirlep, of Mile End - Rowland, many years one of the masters of the At Clapham, the Rev. J. Lonsdale, M. A. Fellow Free Grammar School in Shrewsbury, and 55 years of King's College, Cambridge, to Sopbia, fifth rector of Llangetho, in the county of Cardigan. daughter of J. Bolland, Esq. M. P.-Ai the Cape At Shrewsbury, W. H. Thornby, Esq.-At St. of Good Hope, on the 16th of August last, Henry Mauritius, Major Clason, commanding the Royal Home, Esq. of Edinburgh, to Miss Margaret An. Artillery in that Islan 1.-At Mount-street, Grosdrews of London.-At St. Michael le Belfrey's, venor-square, T. Denman, M.D.-At Sutton, Sur. York, J. Priestly, Esq. of Halifax, to Miss Lloyd, rey, H. Smale, Esq.–At Brighton, Packington, only daughter of Col. Lloy, of Bootham.-At youngest son of the Rev. Dr. Tomkyns, of that Hereford, Capt. T. Bennett, R.N. to Sarah, eldest place.-Mr. G. Hampton, of the Strand. --At Ross, daughter of Mr. W. Watkins, of that city.--At Arthur, infant son of the Rev. Canon Underwood. Carmarthen, W. R. Howell, Esq. 10 Mrs. Lloyd, -At Stockwell, Mrs. Rowcroft.--Hugh Hughes, relict of H. Lloyd, Esq.-At Manerdivi Church, Esq. solicitor, of Aberystwith, Cardiganshire.near Cardigan, 7. Bowen. Esq. to Mary Anne, se At Hereford, Mrs. Ann Foley, relict of J. Foley, cond daughter of the late W, Williams, Esq. of Esq. late of Calcutta.- At Cardiff, Florentia Mary Trevach.-Mr. P. James, of Lanthewy farm, Mon. mouthshire, to Miss Coles, of Pencoed farm.

Ann, only daughter of J. Wood, jun. Esq.-At

Brighton, C. Hippuff, Esq. of New Ormond-street, At St. George's Hanover-square, Mr. W. Francis, and Birchanger, Essex.-Maj-Gen. Jones, brother of Colchester, to Frances, tldes daughter of R. of Robt. Jones, Esq. of Fonmon-castle, GlamorCarrington, Esq.of Chelsea.-At Stonehouse, near Plymonth., Mr. Halliday, R.N. to Ann Sarah,

ganshire. --At Sanbury, Gen. T. Sloughter Stan

wix, Groom of the Bed-chamber to his Majesty. younger daughterof the late Capt. G. Bayne, R.N. *At St. Clement's Danes, A. M'Milage, Esq., of

-Mrs. Ann Jacobs, of Addington-place, CamberCommercial-road, to the widow of the late P. In:

well. -At Glasgow, Anne, second

daughter of the

Rev. J. Addie, late minister of Kilmarnock. At 3098, Esq. of Trecefield, Scotland,

Dr. W. Bowie Lanark, J. Simpson, Esq. late Provost of that

burgh.-At Falside, near Musselburgh, Mrs. Mary tween 5 and 600 bales, Orleans at 19d; (exclusive Rennie,relict of the late W.Hog, Esq.-In Charles.

of duty,) Bengals 14d a 160; 10 Surats at 15d; street, Edinburgh, Mrs. H. Riddell.-At Malta, T. Fyers, Esq. Deputy Paymaster General to the

and 40 Bourbon at 2s 6d a 3s 30.-The descriptions British forces, and Treasurer to the Government taken for export are Bengals and Orleans. Letters of that island.-At Bristol, J. Peters, Esq. of the received from New Orleans state, that the crops Custom-house.-At Clapham, Henry, sixth son of Mr. T. Howell, of Mark lane.-At Edinburgh,

of Cotton had greatly failed. Mrs. Eliz. Low Jamieson, wife of Mr. Dav. Low.

Sugar.-The market continued without interest -At Kingston, Jamaica, Mr. J. M'Gregor, late of the Sir William Pultnev, East-Indiaman.--At

till Thursday, when some Muscovades from the Walworth, Mary, wite of Mr. T. Shackleton, late novelty attracted attention; they might be termed of Bush-hill, Enfield.-At Liverpool, Anne Currie fair quality St. Lucia; the general price 785 a 898 ; Cairncross, third daughter of the late A. Cairn.

and, if the sale might be taken as a criterion, the cross, Esq. of Montague-street, Russell-square.Eleanor, the wife of J. K. Ludwick, Esq. of North

prices may be stated at an increase of is a 2s; the Shoebury, Essex.-Mr. Jas. O'Reilly, of Nassau sales towards the close of the week could however street, Middlesex-hospital.-Charlotte, the infant be made at the former currency. It was calculadaughter of the Rev. Rd. Yates, of Chelsea-col

ted the accounts of a hurricane at Jamaica would lege. -At Brompton-row, Knightsbridge, Mrs. C. Allan.-At Penblaith, Herefordshire, Mrs. Pren.

affect the market; if the destruction to the dergast, mother to Capt. Prendergast, of the estates bear any proportion to the damage done at East-India Company's service. - Ai Bath, W. sea, it will, no doubt, occasion much alteration. Gumbleton, Esq.-At Bristol, T. Oliver, Esq. for

The Cane was in the situation to receive most merly Lieut. Governor of Massachuscis, North America.-At Witney, Mr. Elijah Waring, one of

injury, being a short time previous to the cutting ; the Society of Friends.-At Brixton, Mr. John and should it have extended to the southward of Faulkner.-J. Dan. Hose, Exy. of Kentish-town. the island, may be of the most serious descrip-In Hart-street, Bloomsbury, Miles Booty, Esq.

tion.-The deliveries from the Warehouse last of St. Sidwell's, Exeter.-In Bury-street, St. James's, T. Foster, Esq.

week, 2975 casks for home-consumption, 341 exported. There have been few purchases of Fo

reign Sugars. Probably for some time the Sugars SHIP-LETTER MAILS FOR INDIA.

of Martinique and Guadaloupe will be brought to

this market, the late Treaty with France allowing EAST-INDIA COMPANY'S SHIPS.

these islands to be retained till the adjustment of

the claims against the French Government are For Bombay.

settled; a proportion of these Sugars may thereShip's Names.

Probable Time of Sailing. fore be expected; but there is such a facility in Cabalva. ... About 23 Dec, .

exporting to other Islands, and such a flattering Lady Melville.... Do.

prospect in shipping to the American markets, Marquis of Huntly Do,

that the greater proportion may be sent to the Castle Huntly Do.

United States. Cumberland

D.). Marquis of Ely..... Do.

Coffee.-The sale of Coffee at the India House

to-morrow, though limited to about 11,000 bags, PRIVATE SHIPS,

yet, in the present depressed state of the market, For Madras and Bengal.

has the effect of adding to the previous heaviness. Lord Hungerford ........ From Gravesend 22 Dec.

Sale of Drugs at the India House.--(Privilege)For Bengal.

3 casks Aloes Succotrina 10s a 39s, 20 bags Castor City of Edinburgh.. .Waiting a Wind at Deal.

Sced 10s 6d. (Private-Trade) --5 casks Aloes Suc. Thalia From Gravesend 18 Dec.

cotrina 308 a 1015, 6 can. Aniseed Oil 14d a 15d, British Army .............. Waiting a Wind at Dcal.

89 Bags Cardemoms 3s 2d a 3s 50, 428 bags China Egfrid .....27 Dec,

Root 335 a 41s 6d, 1 chest Rough Camphur £ 12 105, Indus ... 5 Jan.

2 boxes Dragon's Blood E12 a £18 155, 8 chests Bengal Merchant .......26 Dec.

Lac Lake, 120 a 14d, and 16 chests Lac Dye is sd

a 25, 2845 bags Turmeric 34s a 35s 6d, 128 EleFor Bombay.

phant's Teeth, weight 78 cwt. f 11 10s a £ 20 155. Ellergill ......... Waiting a Wind at Deal.

(Licensed)--36 chests 90 bags Cardemoms 38 a For St. Helena.

4s 6d, 57 flasks Castor Oil 3s 2d a 3s 60, 16 bo. Berwick (Transport)... ......26 Dec.

Musk 125 a 155 60, 71 chests Gum Arabic 70s a

96s, a few lots 368 60 a 575, 33 chests Olibanum For the Isle of France.

858 a 105s, 75 ch ests Aniseed 1138 a 1175, 963 Surrey .................. ... 16 Jan.

chests Shellac 41s a 85s, 10 chests Myrrh {8 158 a Cadmus .From Gravesend, 22 Dec.

£95, 96 bales Senna 13d a 160 per lb., a few lots For the Cape of Good Hope.

sd a 40, 162 chests Rough Camphire £12 155 a Mary ...28 Dec.

E13 108, 10 chests Benjamin E 16 a {24 103, 20 Susannah ..................26 do.

chests £4 18 a £8 78, and 9 refused ; 46 chests Maria........................ 1 Jan.

Rough Borax £ 5 128 a £6, and 12, refined 1108 a 115, For the Isle of France, Madras, and Bengal.

21 bales Safflower ioos a 1378, 67 chests Lac Dye Emma .... 26 Dec,

389d a 5s 90, 1 chest Honey 1195, 1730 bags Tur

meric 27s 6d a 48s per cwt., 5 tubs Soy 10s 2d a For the Cape and Isle of France.

12s per gallon. Prince of Orange......... 26 Dec.

Tea.-The sale at the India House has closed : Bohea sold is 100 a 1s 11d, Cungou in Bohea chests

28 sd a 28 4d, Congous 2s 8d a 3s 8d, about 1500 reLONDON MARKETS.

fused; Campoi 48 a 48 6d; Souchong in Private. Gotton.-The export houses purchase small Trade 35 a 45, Twankay ss ed a 9s 7d, Hyson-Skin parcels of Cotton, but continue to watch the 35 2d a 58 4d; Hyson 6s 9d a 6s; Gunpowder $s market earnestly. The sales of last week are be 100 a 6s ed.


TIMES appointed for the EAST-INDIA COMPANY'S SHIPS of the SEASON 1815.

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