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Reclass 1-8-34 n. T.T,


THIS book originated in the class-room, where the author was teaching Dr. Fowler's Elements of Inductive Logic. Its ambition is to reproduce some of the excellences of that bright and interesting book, while substituting a sounder analysis of fundamental principles.

The numerous extracts, introduced in the manner of Dr. Fowler, are designed both to elucidate the subject and to acquaint the student with the views and literary styles of a large variety of philosophical and >scientific writers. Wherever anything has been found already well expressed, quotation has been preferred to restatement. The familiar manuals of inductive logic have been freely drawn upon, and their rich store of illustrations has been used without hesitation. Credit has generally been given; but sometimes it was impossible to make specific acknowledgment.

& Company 17-6-159.

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Mr. Mill is the greatest of all modern writers upon inductive logic, and upon his famous work all later authors have largely built. The school manuals are, for the most part, but outlines of his doctrine. Mr. Mill's mind was a very peculiar one. It was impossible for one so acute not to see the truth, or for one so



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