Sessional Papers - Legislature of the Province of Ontario, Part 6

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Page 147 - ... and his Catholic Majesty has likewise agreed that the navigation of the said River in its whole breadth from its source to the Ocean shall be free only to his Subjects, and the Citizens of the United States, unless he should extend this privilege to the Subjects of other Powers by special convention.
Page 133 - Lieutenant-Governor, or person administering the government of each of the said provinces respectively, together with such executive Council as shall be appointed by His Majesty for the affairs of such province, shall be a court of civil jurisdiction, within each of the said provinces respectively...
Page 54 - ... payment. Doubtless, such remarks have their value in an economical discussion. Probably it is true of every indirect tax that some persons are both the first and the final payers of it; and of every direct tax that it affects persons other than the first payers; and the excellence of an economist's definition will be measured by the accuracy with which MOBBISON, it contemplates und embraces every incident of the tiling defined.
Page 35 - The whole retinue of the Governor consisted in a guard of fifty men of the garrison of the fort. Dressed in silk, he entered the hall with his hat on his head, attended by his adjutant and two secretaries. The two members of the Legislative Council gave, by their Speaker, notice of it to the Assembly. Five members of the latter having appeared at the bar, the Governor delivered a speech modelled after that of the King...
Page 160 - ... you are to be drawn on hurdles to the place of execution, where you are to be hanged by the neck, but not until you are dead...
Page 169 - The remarks of a foreign Count are such as do no credit to his judgment, and as little to his heart. They are the superficial observations of a few months...
Page 288 - Additional land necesary for operation of railway ... New electric power stations, including machinery, etc. Additional equipment of power stations Other new buildings necessary for operation of railway...
Page 157 - SIMCOE'S MILITARY JOURNAL. A History of the Operations of a Partisan Corps, called the Queen's Rangers, Commanded by Lieut. Col.
Page 24 - He is acquainted with the military history of all countries ; no hillock catches his eye without exciting in his mind the idea of a fort, which might be constructed on the spot; and with the construction of this fort he associates the plan of operations for a campaign, especially of that which is to lead him to Philadelphia.
Page 166 - On Sunday last, the 15th inst., died the Reverend Father Jean Joseph Casot, Priest, of the Company of Jesus, procureur of the missions and colleges of the Jesuits in Canada, the last of the Jesuits of this province. The immense charities which he bestowed assure him for a long time, the blessings of the poor. He was one of those men whose life was a hidden treasure, and his death is a public calamity.

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