The American Antiquarian, Volume 2

Front Cover
Brooks, Schinkel & Company, 1880

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Page 3 - The hottest day that ever I felt in my life. This day, much against my will, I did - in Drury Lane see two or three houses marked with a red cross upon the doors, and " Lord have mercy upon us!" writ there; which was a sad sight to me, being the first of the kind that, to my remembrance, I ever saw.
Page 262 - The ermine is of the genus mustela, (weasel,) and resembles the common weasel in its form ; is from fourteen to sixteen inches from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. The body is from ten to twelve inches long.
Page 136 - About two miles from this, on the south-east side of the river, at the place where the Ohio company intended to erect a fort, lives Shingiss, king of the Delawares.
Page 147 - The first proceeding is to divert the course of a stream and in its bed to dig an enormous pit, the bottom of which is then covered with living women. At one end a woman is placed on her hands and knees, and upon her back the dead chief, covered with his beads and other treasures, is seated, being supported on either side by one of his wives, while his second wife sits at his feet. " The earth is then shoveled in on them, and all the women are buried alive with the exception of the second wife.
Page 321 - ... and finished interior formed the king's eternal dwelling, with his stone sarcophagus lying on the rocky floor. Let us suppose that this first building was finished while the Pharaoh still lived in the bright sunlight. A second covering was added, stone by stone, on the outside of the kernel ; a third to this second ; and to this even a fourth ; and the mass of the giant building grew greater the longer the king enjoyed existence. And then, at last, when it became almost impossible to extend the...
Page 7 - A Briefe and accurate Treatise, concerning, The taking of the fume of Tobacco, which very many in these dayes doe too licentiously vse.
Page 186 - States are washed by three seas : the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Gulf of Mexico on the south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The...
Page 116 - ... house had taken to their canoes to escape being torn to pieces. It is the custom among these Indians to burn their dead ; but I suppose for these occasions they take care to deposit a corpse somewhere, in order to satisfy these inhuman wretches. "These, then, are some of the things and scenes which occur in the day during the winter months, while the nights are taken up with amusements — singing and dancing. Occasionally the medicine parties invite people to their several houses, and exhibit...
Page 115 - Before the prodigy finally retires, he takes a run into every house belonging to his tribe, and is followed by his train. When this is done, in some cases he has a ramble on the tops of the same houses, during which he is anxiously watched by his attendants, as if they expected his flight. By and by he condescends to come down ; and they then follow him to his den, which is marked by a...
Page 53 - ... by doctors and herbalists. The manner in which they use it is as follows: The Caciques and principal men have small hollowed sticks, about a span long, and as thick as the little finger. They are forked in the manner here shown, y V but both forks and the stock are of the same piece.

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