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BALLAD SOCIETY.-A List of Publications can be had on application.
BOKE OF NURTURE (THE); or, Schoole of Good Maners, for Men-Servants and

Children, with stans puer ad mensam. Newly Corrected. Very necessary for
all youth and children. Compyled by Hugh Rhodes of the Kinges Chappell,
born and bred in Deuonshyre. Pp. 13 and ii. Imprinted at London in Fleet-
streete, beneath the Conduite, at the Sign of S. John Euaungelist. By H. Jack-

1577. 4to, pp. xxx. and 56, cloth. 10s. 6d. BOKE OF NURTURE (THE). By John Russell, about 1460—1470 Anno Domini.

The Boke of Kernynge. By Wynkyn de Worde, Anno Domini 1513. The Boke of Nurture. By Hugh Rhodes, Anno Domini 1577. Edited from the Originals in the British Museum Library, by Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 4to, pp. xix. and 146, 28, xxviii. and 56, half morocco, gilt top.

31s. 6d. BOWDITCH.-SUFFOLK SURNAMES. By N. I. Bowditch. Third Edition. 8vo, pp.

xxvi. and 758, cloth. 78. 6d. BURNE.-SHROPSHIRE FOLK-LORE. A Sheaf of Gleanings. Edited by Charlotte

8. Burne, from the Collections of Georgina F. Jackson. Part I. Demy 8vo,

pp. xvi.-176, wrapper. 78. 6d. CAXTON.- THE GAME OF CHESS. A reproduction of William Caxton's Game of

Chess, the first work printed in England. 4to, in cloth. 218. Ditto, full morocco

antique. 42s. CHARNOCK.-A GLOSSARY OF THE ESSEX DIALECT. By R. S. Charnock. 8vo,

pp. x. and 64, cloth. 3s. 6d. CHARNOCK.-LUDUS PATRONYMICUS; or, The Etymology of Curious Surnames. By

R. S. Charnock, Ph. D. &c. Crown 8vo, pp. 182, cloth. 7s. d. CHARNOCK.-VERBA NOMINALIA; or Words Derived from Proper Names. By

R. S. Charnock, Ph. D., F.S.A., &c. 8vo, pp. 326, cloth. 14s. CHAUCER SOCIETY.- A List of Publications can be had on application. DOUSE.-Grimm's Law. A Study; or, Hints towards an Explanation of the so

called “Lautverschiebung”, to which are added some Remarks on the Primitive Indo-European K, and several Appendices. By T. Le Marchant Douse. 8vo,

pp. xvi. and 232, cloth. 10s. 6d. EARLY ENGLISH TEXT SOCIETY.-A List of Publications can be had on application. EDDA SAEMUNDAR HINNS FRODA.—THE EDDA OF SAEMUND THE LEARNED.

From the Old Norse or Icelandic. By Benjamin Thorpe. Part I., with a Mythological Index. 12mo, pp. 152, cloth. 3s. 6d. Part II., with Index of Persons

and Places. 12mo, pp. viii. and 172, cloth. 48.; or in 1 Vol. complete, 7s. 6d. EGER AND GRIME: AN EARLY ENGLISH ROMANCE. Edited from Bishop Percy's

Folio Manuscript, about 1650 A. D. By John W. Hales, M.A., Fellow and late Assistant Tutor of Christ's College, Cambridge, and Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A., of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 4to, pp. 64 (only 100 Copies printed), bound

in the Roxburghe style. 10s. 6d. ENGLISH DIALECT SOCIETY.-A List of Publications can be had on application.

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FURNIVALL,-EDUCATION IN EARLY ENGLAND. Some Notes used as forewords to

a Collection of Treatises on “Manners and Meals in Olden Times," for the Early English Text Society. By. Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A. 8vo, pp. 4 and

lxxiv., sewed. 1s. HALDEMAN.-PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH: A Dialect of South Germany with an In

fusion of English. By 8. S. Haldeman, A.M., Professor of Comparative Philology in the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 8vo, pp. viii. and 70,

cloth. 3s. 6d. HALL.-MODERN ENGLISH. By Fitzedward Hall, M. A., Hon. D. C.L., Oxon. Crown


By FitzEdward Hall, C.E., M.A., Hon. D.C.L. Oxon; formerly Professor of Sanskrit Language and Literature, and of Indian Jurisprudence in King's College,

London. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 238, cloth. 7s.6d. ICELANDIC LITERAURE SOCIETY.-A List of Works can be had on application. JACKSON.-SHROPSHIRE WORD-Book; A Glossary of Archaic and Provincial

Words, &c., used in the County. By Georgina F. Jackson. 8vo. pp. xcvi. and

524, cloth. 315. 6d. KROEGER.—THE MINNESINGER OF GERMANY. By E. A. Kroeger. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 290, cloth.

7s. MANIPULUS VOCABULORUM. A Rhyming Dictionary of the English Language.

By Peter Levins (1570). Edited, with an Alphabetical Index, by Henry B.

Wheatley. 8vo, pp. xvi. and 370, cloth. 148. METCALFE.—THE ENGLISHMAN AND THE SCANDINAVIAN; or, a Comparison of Anglo

Saxon and Old Norse Literature. By Frederick Metcalfe, M.A., Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford; Translator of “Gallus” and “Charicles”; and Author

of "The Oxonian in Iceland”. Post 8vo, pp. 512, cloth. 18s. NORRIS.-CORNISH DRAMA (The Ancient). Edited and Translated by E. Norris,

Esq., with a Sketch of Cornish Grammar, an Ancient Cornish Vocabulary, &c. 1859. In Two vols. 8vo, cloth. 21s. The Sketch of Cornish Grammar, sepa

rately, stitched, 2s. 6d. RASK.-A GRAMMAR OF THE ANGLO-Saxon TONGUE. From the Danish of Erasmus

Rask, Professor of Literary History in, and Librarian to, the University of Copenhagen, &c. By Benjamin Thorpe, Member of the Munich Royal Academy of Sciences, and of the Society of Netherlandish Literature, Leyden. Second

edition, corrected and improved. 18mo, pp. 200, cloth. 5s. 6d. RHYS.—LECTURES ON WELSH PHILOLOGY. By John Rhys, M. A., Professor of Celtic

at Oxford, Honorary Fellow of Jesus College, &c., &c. Second Edition, Revised

and Enlarged. Crown 8vo, pp. xiv. and 467, cloth. 155. RILEY.—MEDIAEVAL CHRONICLES OF THE CITY OF LONDON. Chronicles of the Mayors

and Sheriffs of London, and the Events which happened in their Days, from the year A. D. 1188 to A. D. 1274. Translated from the Original Latin of the “Liber de Antiquis Legibus” (published by the Camden Society), in the possession of the Corporation of the City of London; attributed to Arnold Fitz-Thedmar, Alderman of London in the Reign of Henry III. Chronicles of London, and of the Marvels therein, between the Years 44 Henry III., A. D. 1260, and 17 Edward III., A. D. 1343. Translated from the original Anglo-Norman of the “Croniques de London," preserved in the Cottonian Collection (Cleopatra A. iv.) in the British Museum. Translated, with copious Notes and Appendices, by Henry Thomas Riley, M.A., Clare Hall, Cambridge, Barrister-at-Law. 4to,

pp. xii. and 319, cloth. 12s. SKEAT.-A MOESO-Gothic GLOSSARY, with an Introduction, an Outline of Moeso

Gothic Grammar, and a List of Anglo-Saxon and Modern English Words etymologically connected with Moeso-Gothic. By the Rev. W. W. Skeat. Small 4to, pp. xxiv. and 342, cloth. 9s.

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SOLLING.--DIUTISKA: An Historical and Critical Survey of the Literature of Ger

many, from the Earliest Period to the Death of Goethe. By Gustav Solling.

8vo, pp. xviii. and 368, cloth. 10s. 6d. STOKES.-BEUNANS MERIASEK. The Life of Saint Meriasek, Bishop and Confessor.

A Cornish Drama. Edited, with a Translation and Notes, by Whitley Stokes.

Medium 8vo, pp. xvi., 280, cloth, and Facsimile. 15s. STOKES.—GOIDELICA-Old an Early-Middle Irish Glosses: Prose and Verse. Edited

by Whitely Stokes. Second edition. Medium 8vo, pp. 192, cloth. 18s. TERRIEN AND SAXTON.—LIBERIEN HAG AVIELEN; or, The Catholic Epistles and

Gospels for the Day up to Ascension. Translated for the first time into the Brehonec of Brittany. By Christoll Terrien, and Charles Waring Saxton, D.D.

Ob. folio, pp. 156, sewed. 58. THORPE.—DIPLOMATARIUM ANGLICUM Ævi SAXONICI. A Collection of English

Charters, from the reign of King Æthelberth of Kent. A.D., DCV., to that of William the Conqueror. Containing: I. Miscellaneous Charters. II. Wills. III. Guilds. IV. Manumissions and Acquittances. With a Translation of the AngloSaxon. By the late Benjamin Thorpe, Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Munich, and of the Society of Netherlandish Literature at Leyden. 8vo, pp.

xliii. and 682, cloth. £1, 1s. WEDGWOOD.-A DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH ETYMOLOGY. By H. Wedgwood. Second

edition, revised and enlarged. With Introduction on the Origin of Language.

8vo, pp. lxii. and 744, cloth. £1, 6s. WEDGWOOD.-ON THE ORIGIN OF LANGUAGE. By Hensleigh Wedgwood, late

Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 172, cloth. 38. 6d. WEDGWOOD.-CONTESTED ETYMOLOGIES IN THE DICTIONARY OF THE REV. W. W.

SKEAT. By H. Wedgwood. Crown 8vo, pp. viii-194, cloth. 5s. WHITNEY.-LANGUAGE AND THE STUDY OF LANGUAGE: Twelve Lectures on the

Principles of Linguistic Science. By W. D. Whitney. Third edition. Crown

8vo, pp. xii. and 504, cloth. 10s. 6d. WHITNEY.-LANGUAGE AND ITS STUDY, with especial reference to the Indo-European

Family of Languages. Seven Lectures by W. D. Whitney, Professor of Sanskrit. and Instructor in Modern Languages in Yale College. Edited with Introduction, Notes, Tables of Declension and Conjugation, Grimm's Law with Illustration, and an Index, by the Rev. R. Morris, M.A., LL.D. Crown 8vo, pp. xxii, and

318, cloth. 58. WRIGHT.—THE CELT, THE ROMAN, AND THE SAXON; a History of the Early In

habitants of Britain down to the Conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity. Illustrated by the Ancient Remains brought to Light by Recent Research. By Thomas Wright, Esq., M. A., F. 8. A., &c., &c. Third Corrected and Enlarged

Edition. Numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo, pp. xiv. and 562, cloth. 14s. WRIGHT.-FEUDAL MANUALS OF ENGLISH HISTORY. A Series of Popular Sketches

of our National History, compiled at different periods, from the Thirteenth Century to the Fifteenth, for the use of the Feudal Gentry and Nobility. Now first edited from the Original Manuscripts. By Thomas Wright, Esq., M. A. Small

4to, pp. xxiv. and 184, cloth. 158. WRIGHT. -THE HOMES OF OTHER Days. A History of Domestic Manners and

Sentiments during the Middle Ages. By Thomas Wright, Esq., M. A., F. S. A. With Illustrations from the Illuminations in contemporary Manuscripts and other Sources, drawn and engraved by F. W. Fairholt, Esq., F.S.A. Medium 8yo, pp. xv. and 512, handsomely bound in cloth. 350 Woodcuts. £1, 1s.


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