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6. A Bee is a honey producing insect, armed with a sting; — A Butterfly does not produce honey, and has no sting

LESSON 5. - p. 12.

Exercises on Definitions.

1. Definition of Words. 25. 1. Temperance is the due restraint of our appetites and passions.

2. Industry is a diligent application to any object.

3. Perseverance, continued application till we have accomplished our object.

4. Frugality is the careful husbanding of our property and resources.

5. Conscience is the innate principle which approves or disapproves our actions.

6. Truth, an exact adherence to facts.

7. Justice, the principle which regulates what is fair and equitable both to ourselves and others.

8. Compassion, Sympathy for others in affliction. 9. Pride, an inordinate self-esteem.

10. Avarice, an insatiable covetous desire of increasing one's property.

11. Lying, asserting fiction as truth. 12. Envy, a feeling of malignity at another's prosperity.


2. Definition of Things. Ohject. Proximate Genus. Specific Difference. 1. A Sheep is a quadruped covered with wool. 2. A Horse is a quadruped with a flowing mane and

hide covered with hair. 3. An Eagle is a bird of prey soaring high in the sky. 4. A Shark is a large vora- with a large mouth and cious fish

sharp teeth. 5. A Lemon is a fruit of a very acid taste.

is the germ

Object. Proximate Genus. Specific Difference. 6. A Watch is a piece of me- suited for the pocket.

chanism indi

cating the time 7. An Egg

which contains the em

bryo of the same spe

cies. 8. Silver is a metal

of a white shining colour. 9. A Forest is a large unculti- covered with trees.

vated tract of

land 10. A Cottage is an humble habi- containing only one or tation

two rooms. 11. A Park is a large extent artificially laid out and

enclosed, 12. A Garden is a cultivated plot containing vegetables, of ground fruits, gc., for the use

of man.

of land

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LESSON 6. – p. 13.

Analysis of Words.

1. Things. 27a. 1. A Bird is a winged 1. A Quadruped is a fouranimal, with two feet, and able footed animal inhabiting the both to fly in the air and to

earth only. walk on the ground.

2. A Fish is an animal pos- 2. A Bird has wings and sessing gills and fins, the for- feet, by which it can fly in the mer enabling it to live, and air, and also walk upon land. the latter, to move in water.

3. A Reptile is a creeping 3. A Quadruped is an anianimal with several feet. mal with four feet by which

it walks. 4. A Clock is a large and 4. A Watch is a small porstationary piece of mechanism table piece of mechanism for

used to indicate the lapse of pointing out the hour. time.

5. A Bed is a four-post 5. A Sofa is a long seat, frame-work, with a stuffed with cushions, to rest on. mattress, to sleep on.

6. A Field is a piece of cul- 6. A Garden is a cultivated tivated land, either arable or piece of ground occupied with meadow, enclosed.

herbs, fruits, or flowers. 7. A Canal is an artificial 7. A River is a naturally stream of water.

formed current of water, be

tween two hills. 8. A Castle is the fortified 8. A Mansion is a manorresidence of a noble.

house, or the elegant dwelling

of some of the gentry.

2. Words. b. 1. Geometry is the science 1. Algebra is the science of which treats of the measure- calculating by means of symment of lines, surfaces, and · bols or letters. solids.

2. A Lie is a false state- 2. A Mistake is an error, acment made, with a direct in- cidentally asserted, but withtention to deceive.

out any intention of deceiving. 3. Ambiguous, anything not 3. Equivocal, having a defined with sufficient clear- double signification designedly ness to enable us to distinguish given, thereby rendering the its precise meaning.

statement doubtful except to

the speaker. 4. Prudence, knowledge 4. Wisdom, the power of applied to practice.

judging rightly, independently

of practice. 5. Pride is an inordinate 5. Vanity is a conceitedness self-esteem.

in petty things, desiring the

esteem of others. 6. Frugality, the proper 6. Avarice is a greedy demanagement of affairs, so as sire for gain, for the sake of to preserve what without care hoarding up. and system would be lost.

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7. Decision is the quality 7. Obstinacy is an unreaby which we can, after ex- sonable adherence, without amination, be firm and settled examination, to an opinion, in our opinions and conduct. purpose, or system.

8. Presumption, a blind or 8. Confidence, the steady reheadstrong determination to liance either on the veracity any course of conduct.

or integrity of another, or in

any fact.

LESSON 7.- p. 13.



28. 1. The Wings of a bird and the Legs of an animal.

The Wings of a bird enable it to move alost in the air; the Legs of an animal enable it to pursue its course upon the earth.

2. The Wheels of a carriage and the Sails of a ship.

The Wheels of a carriage are contrived to assist its motion on the road; — the Sails of a ship, to impel it through the


3. The art of Painting and the art of Writing.

The art of Painting enables us to convey to others the outward lineaments of an object; - the art of Writing enables us, by means of certain characters, to convey to others our thoughts and sentiments on an object, as well as a description of it.

4. Genius and the Sun.

Genius is that faculty of the soul which illuminates every." thing which it discusses. The Sun is the luminary which gives light and heat to the planets.

5. Intoxication and Insanity.

Both Intoxication and Insanity render a person unconscious of his actions. The one by inflaming the brain with ardent alcohol; the other by subjecting the individual to the influence of some internal disarrangement.

6. Darkness and Affliction.

Darkness prevents us attending to our affairs. Affliction renders us incapable of business. The former buries every object in obscurity, hindering us from carrying out our concerns from a want of light. The latter so absorbs the mind in deep distress as to prevent our turning it to any other object; while both completely prevent our attention to business of any kind.

7. A Tree and an Animal.

A Tree is a living vegetable production, but unable to move from its place; an Animal is a living corporeal creature, capable of locomotion.

The one is provided with roots and leaves through which it imbibes the juices, &c., suitable for its sustenance; the other with a mouth and stomach which supply it with proper nourishment for its support.

8. Food and Education,

Food is intended to nourish and strengthen the body; Education to strengthen the mind, and discipline the passions.

9. The Gills of a fish and the Lungs of a quadruped.

The Gills of a fish enable it to exist in water; the Lungs of a quadruped enable it to live and respire in the air. The one extracts from the water the air necessary for existence; the other inhales the air in which it moves.

10. Comfort and Light,

Comfort is a cheering brightness in the heart of man; Light is a brightness enlightening the outer world. The one cheers and vivifies the inner, and the other the outer existence; while both make us glad and happy.

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Definition and Judgment. 30. 1. Definition. Flattery is praise given in a greater degree than the object of it is entitled to.

Judgment. — We should be careful not to credit everything spoken in our praise, as many in offering their adulation have an interested motive, and that very often a base one.

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