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the venerable House of God is better than to return to Al Káhira; And in the beginning of the year 849 from the prophetical Hijra, took place my journey and my expedition to the Glorious and Elect Medina, for the purpose of visiting our prophet Muhammad, lord of the first and the last prophets. Upon him may the peace and blessing of God remain! Upon his father Adam also, and upon all the prophets and apostles who lived between the two, Peace, grandeur, generosity, and glory be upon them all! Now this blessed journey (I mean my second journey) was undertaken on account of the advantages I hoped to obtain therein (in obtaining information) from those who knew wonderful things, and were subtle expounders of significations (meanings); as also on account of (the advantage of) his (Muhammad's) intercession, absolutely ratified to whosoever shall perform a pilgrimage to his tomb; On account also (of the promise made to such a person that) he shall be enrolled under the banner set up on the day of judgment as a direction-point upon Muhammad's abiding-place; On account too of the blessedness of him to whom God shall grant an entrance among this assemblage, and allow to perform the salutation of the Glorious, and Elect, and Prophetical beings, lip to lip: These things therefore urged on his mind, (i. e. the author's mind,) Also (he was induced by the merits of) the sacred procession between his tomb and his glorious pulpit; For the pilgrim thereby gathers for the second time the fruits of adoration in the garden of friendship, thus systematically arranged by the glorious God (The Garden), situated in those clouded lights, which appear amongst those (brighter) lights where his Holiness is (more especially) present; This distinguishing mark of God's favourable satisfaction is granted however to him alone who consents (to all His commands), to none other ; This blessed journey therefore was accomplished in this year by the aid of God, by his prospering and forwarding mercy. I then returned to the glorious Mecca, going for the second time over the Pilgrim's route,-a route which no one of a zealous soul would consent to change for any other. Thus, then, I concluded the pilgrimage, and designed to return to the place whence I came; Yet refused her consent to that which I desired : and when I saw that the matter could not be avoided or evaded, I entreated the propitious aid of God, who hath never ruined those who beg for his good help, nor caused any to repent who invoke his protection. I took up my abode therefore in a fixed place of residence near Mecca, together with my household and my children; In the country of the faithful God, in perfect confidence,

my soul

mercy He will

earnestly entreating necessary support from Him who doth support us from the time He creates us until we die. He is the Almighty Guardian. It is the Word of the mighty and glorious God which hath unfolded

mercy for man; which not withhold. He is the truest of speakers; and whatever you spend, he shall supply to you ; He is the best of providers; He is the end of all good; the Pearl (spring, or primum mobile) of all sustenance. He, remaining hidden in the depository of all subtle secrets, unfolds to us some of the obscure mysteries. That which is with you shall perish; that with God, shall be exalted.--Now sufficient support was obtained for us, and for our household, and for all with us,--a support continually augmenting, and the clothing of abundance, and an abode in peace, and prayer every day in the Ancient Temple. I thus obtained from the venerable and noble chiefs of Mecca and Medina (upon which two glorious cities may the su

prayer and peace be ever invoked !) numerous benefits; and from those who are devoted to the pursuit of adoration, I obtained many advantages, which this is not the place to recount. But this was the beginning of those events, which at length drove my mind to resolve absolutely upon a narration of the Good Journey along the Path of Adoration.- When then nine years had

premacy of

elapsed, in the beginning of the year 857, I returned to Al Káhira the Begirt. (May God render it an abode for Islám unto the day of judgment !) Thus, therefore, when I had returned from the glorious Hejáz, and when my late journey, thus concluded, had obtained for me those advantages which the blessed land affords, then my heart dwelt upon the accounts of the Baitu-l-Mukaddas, and longed to accomplish all my wish by visiting it; Yet when I arrived in Egypt, certain impediments (of business) which I met with in that part (of the world) impeded this design, and several accidental circumstances threw obstacles in my way, and some events caused by Divine Providence erected barriers between me and my object. It happened (however) that the person in whose service I was, drew near to the stage (or post, or restingplace) of Aleppo. Then I said, Praise be to God ! the Route of Pilgrims will be undertaken, and we shall enter upon the desired Pilgrimage, and (if God will) thou shalt accomplish the visitation of the Masjidu-l-Aksá, and the Rock of the Holy One, and all the abodes of Martyrs and Confessors within their precincts, which the Supremacy of Intelligence hath founded for the pious with whom he is satisfied. Yet, on the road, certain occurrences hindered him; and he who was going to this consecrated station began to make excuses, under pretence that his suite would not be (sufficiently) becoming to him. Then I, for my part, reverted to my Asylum, my Fortress, and seized a firm hold of this last (verse) by the rope of the first (verse), (i. e. resolved to accomplish this visit, as I had accomplished the other two, by trusting in God.) And I said, Surely the Lord of that house to which God hath given a consenting ear, that therein his name may be loudly adored, surely he will give me a favouring ear, and prosper his long-desired performance of the heavenly precept. Nevertheless, the commander shall ordain it; the Disposer shall end it. Then I seized for the second time the bridle of determination, to journey on the Pilgrimage, and stirred up hope, and firmly attached myself to (my resolution respecting) prayer in the shrine of favourable audience, and, fully resolving to say that the matter is now absolutely pledged, I determined to put myself under that Guardianship (i. e. the guardianship of prayer), and to leave all the accidents of destiny and providence to Him who can protect (us) from them. Now the extended space of this journey, and the great distance between the kingdom of Syria and the Egyptian country, greatly afflicted me; and design

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