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good stars provided him. The waving (tapestry) of the pulpit bent towards him in eager delight, and the passage of the place of stumbling (i. e. the stairs up to the pulpit) recognised him.

He therefore preached, speaking with a clear and intelligible voice, whilst they continued silent. He began a most eloquent discourse, speaking good Arabic, with much originality, and skill in foreign learning; and he gave a lucid account of the excellence of the Baitu-l-Mukaddas, and its purification since its pollution, and of the silencing of the bells, and the expulsion of the priests: and he first commenced his sermon (after having caused all the people to rise


from their seats and remain standing) by opening it with the perusal of the Surat Al-Fatha (the first chapter of the Korán) to the end. Then he said, So may all the followers of the people who work iniquity be cut off! and praise be to God, Lord of the universe! Then he read the first Surat of the chapter called “The grace and favour of his power.' Then he read that beginning with “ They who deny their Lord, shall receive a just reward.” Then he read the Surát Praise,' and said, “ Praise be to God, who never will accept a son (as heir) to his power; who has no equal or associate fit to express his will, or to magnify him in might.” Then he read the first Surát of the

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chapter called . The Cave,' and said, “Praise be to God who hath sent down from Heaven, to his servant, the book of the Three Signs!” Then he read from the chapter called 'The Ant,' “Say, Praise be to God, and peace upon his servant, who hath clearly revealed the Sign." Then he read the first Surát of “The Captives,' “Praise to God, whose are all the wondrous things in heaven and on earth.” It had also been his intention to recite all those passages of the entire Korán, which contain the words “ Praise to God; ” but he felt unwilling so to do, on account of the length of time it would have occupied ; and therefore said, “ Praise be to God, who hath magnified Islám by his aid, and humbled the Associators (Trinitarians) by this glorious victory! Praise be to him who hath by his cominand shifted the course of affairs, and augmented his grace by this abundant gift; who, by his skilful design, hath brought down the Infidels (a few steps)- that design which Time, in his revolving course, effectuated through the just and necessary decree (and foreknowledge) of God; and which the Appointed End accomplished in harmonious order, according to the Excellent Power of God. (It is God) who bath, of his bounty, given of the spoil of the Infidels to his servants, and manifested the accomplishment of his firmly-bound resolve, to all the

faith. It is He who, high above his servants, gives them victory without denial, grants conquest to his Khalif without dispute, and performs that which he willeth without gainsaying. He it is who finally executeth that which he desireth without delay. I praise him, in that he hath crowned his well-beloved (Sultán) with triumph and glory and might; and in that he hath aided him who aided His cause, and hath purified His consecrated House from the filth and footsteps of the Associators. Praise be to Him who hath granted unto Muhammad the conception of his inward secrets and his external acts! Truly, I bear witness, that there is no God but one God. He has no partner. He is the One, the universal Parent, who never begot, and who never was begotten.”

“This is the preliminary confession of him whose heart openly proclaims the Unity. May the satisfaction of his Lord rest upon him! I testify also that Muhammad is His servant and His Apostlethe Resolver of doubts-who trippeth up the heels of the Associators, and knocketh the liars on the head. He who was brought by night from the Venerable Mosque to this far-distant Mosque, and was made to ascend up to the highest Heaven, to the lotus-tree of the utmost exaltation-fast by which is Paradise--and who took up his resting

place in that (seat) most glorious to the eye, and most lofty. Upon him dwell the benediction and peace of God, and upon his lieutenant (Khalif) Abú-Bekr, the sincere, the first-fruits of the faith! and upon the Commander of the Faithful, OmarIbn-Al-Khattáb, the first who removed from this consecrated House the representations of the cross! and upon the Commander of the Faithful, Othmán-Ibn-Afán-Dhí-Núrain, the compiler of the Korán! and upon the Commander of the Faithful, Ali-Ibn-Abú-Tálib-he who changed the fortune of the Infidels and made the Associators tremble, and broke the idols to pieces! Also upon his family, and companions, and all who follow after his good deeds! O be joyful at the good tidings of the satisfaction of God, whose satisfaction is the highest point of eminence, and the loftiest degree of glory! Praise Him for the prosperity he has granted to your hands, in driving away error from this place, and for causing Islám here to repose, after it had endured a sad reverse of fortune by remaining in the hands of the Associators nearly one hundred years; and for this purification of that House, wherein His name shall be pronounced and extolled by the living voice; and for the expulsion of the Associators from its streets (ways), after that the cheating magicians had remained for a long time therein, and

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for causing his name again to be established therein! Truly, the corner-stones of this House are raised upon the doctrine of the Unity. Upon this is the building placed, and the structure ascends upon Praise, and its buttresses, behind and before, are the Confessions of his Might. This is the place wherein your father Abraham abode. This the spot from which your Prophet ascended to Heaven. This is the direction (Kiblah) towards which ye prayed at the commencement of Islám. This is the reposing-spot of the Prophets. This the tending-point (pole, or place, towards which the wish is borne). This the burial-place of the Apostles. Here descended the Revelation of God). Here came down the Command and the Prohibition. Upon this land will take place the Resurrection. In this spot the Assemblage of the judgment-day. This is among those holy lands which. God makes mention of in the Mysterious Book. This is the Mosque wherein the Prophets prayed to the Lord of the Universe, with Prophets, and Apostles, and the Angels nearest to God's throne. This is the region to which God sent his servant, and his Apostle, and his Word, which he cast upon Maria ; from which came that Spirit, Jesus, whom God honoured by his Apostleship, and by his glory, and by his gift of pro

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