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beautified, and his beauty decked out; and herein God revealed himself to him, and revealed the seven longer chapters of the Korán, by the word, magnificent and high, which we now pronounce when blessing him. Also, how many signs did God offer to his Prophet's view therein, and performed surpassing events which we have heard of, and which have been seen !

Then the Sultán described among his private counsellors and chiefs the measures on which he relied for the recovery of the places already bound by treaty; and he swore by God that he would never flinch until his vow was utterly performed. And he lifted up his standard on high, and set his foot on the road of the pilgrimage to the prophetic foot. Thus he marched, confident in Him who is the perfector of victory; and the army coveted the booty, whilst verging onwards to the succour of the imploring Sakhrá, and swore by God that they would make the Franks fly from the stony ground, like dust from the floor.

The Sultán then began to besiege the western side of the Mosque, on the eleventh day of the month Rajib ; and the hearts of the Infidels palpitated, and the gestures of the Franks were alternately remarkable for anxiety of countenance and change of colour; and God's providence displayed God's grace. There were then Franks assembled

in the Holy City, to the number of sixty thousand fighting men, composed of lancers and archers, who remained in the place, constantly coming down to fight, and keeping others from fighting (refusing to engage), entering the field of battle, and Ainching aside, and going away untouched, making sallies, and exhausting all their courage, and lolling their tongues like dogs, and bragging, and retreating, and coming on, and running off like a ball kicked by the foot, and rolling about from side to side, and mingling in confusion like ants, and spying about, and twisting themselves like weeping boys. Then misfortune changed sides, and fate advanced headlong : then they fought bravely in battle, and came down to offer battle, and laid by their broad-swords in their caskets, lest the deer, thirsting for their lives, should quench that thirst. Thus continued they in dread, and partook all around of the cup of fate;, but the combined Musalmáns raged like eager horses in cutting to pieces, and were all on fire, all merry, and attached themselves firmly to battle, and came forward openly to fight; and their ardour was unshaken, and their zeal full of confidence; and they said, Each one of us will cope with twenty, and each ten of us with two hundred. Thus, below the Temple of Dust (of the Resurrection) was found the Dust of armies, and

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beneath (the shrine of) Peace, the edge of peace is broken. Thus went on the war; and the thrusting and striking with spears remained as ever. And the Sultán arrived on Friday, the twentieth of Rajib, on the northern side, and encamped there; and the king hemmed in the Franks closely, and brought against them abundance of destructive engines, and erected his machines for casting stones; and from these heavy, full clouds rained copious showers, and the stone (Sakhrá) was overwhelmed by stones, and the sharp spear of their calamity pierced them even behind the walls. Therefore they who had returned into the city) came forth from the walls, themselves and their chiefs, lest they should meet with misfortune and an unpalatable day; and they threw themselves upon the rocks--themselves and their chieftains for the encounter of naked spears; and hearts rushed forward to dolorous slaughter, and hands upon the hilts of their drawn swords, and souls were deeply anxious lest the design be retarded. And the wall was also threatened ; and the small towers, being found to be overthrown by stones cast from without among the Infidels, were a source of anxiety. Then played the slinging-machines, and the places of defence (discharged) shot, and masses dragged down masses, (i. e. the masses of stone from the machines brought

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dlown masses from the walls,) and men drew down men, and Calamity and Death became mothers, and brought forth sorrow; nor did we shoot one arrow from the bow, but entered right into a man's middle. Never shall he who passed by her ever once break his fast again ; and as many horses as there are stars in the sky rush to disperse their cavalry; nor does this number suffice to express all-all the inflicted wounds, and the extreme sufferings of their broken battalions, and those random blows-the earnest of subsequent death. Nor can this number sufficiently denote the batteries they constructed, and the forts they ran up; nor was there any cessation to the lightning of their Devils (their machines for casting the Greek fire), nor the agile twisting of horses' bridles (the horses being incessantly wheeled about). Then was the advance, and the overthrow, and the beating with clubs, and the striking of the riders, and the loud shout (accompanying) their attempts.

Also, the batteries continued to bear upon one single point the force of their stroke, and thus the collected works on the right weakened the enemy by dividing and wearing them out. And the buttresses began to lean on one side by the stroke, and the fastenings began to be injured in the clamping-places. Also, the drinking-places (out

side the walls) had been much frequented by drinkers, until defeat caused the wall to be deserted, and frequent attacks made it impossible; 80 that, from thirst, ulcers like the water-lily infested the enemy. Also, trenches were dug, and mines were sunk, and light appeared from the aperture of the opening. Then the rough became smooth, and the narrow became broad, and difficulties were exchanged for ease, and the design was accomplished, and the place obliged to sue for peace--for trenches cut off resources. And then came forth Ibn. Bázián to make

peace with the Sultán, and to bind him down by treaty. And he demanded the right of capitulation for his people, which the Sultán refused, and was high in his disgust, and said, I will not grant you security; there shall be no capitulation for you; none, except that we shall perpetuate contempt upon you, and class you with tributary slaves the vile and contemptible--according to the decree of the Korán. « To-morrow we shall become masters of your Sepulchre, and we will make broad your slaughter and captivity. From the men will we pour out the blood, and upon the women and the imps (your children) will we seize and lead into miserable slavery.” And he returned a peremptory refusal to their request. Whereupon they assumed a demeanour, the reverse

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