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land, and possessions, and produce, and strongholds, and provinces, and regions, and all that lived therein, by means of the happy accomplishment of his firm resolve. Then the power of the sacred summons to prayer was established, and the partners in mystery—the bells--belied their name, being silent, and the sight-deceiving tricks of the priests were made subservient.

Further, the author of The Sacred Victories, in his account of the capture of the Holy City, says, Then marched the Sultan from Ascalon to the Holy and Glorious, beseeching, and proceeded on to victory from the Almighty, whom he rendered his friend, and towards a joyful change in circumstances, with a face averse from merriment; and the light of his army dawned forth in the accomplishment of the entrance into the plain ; and the (noble) people abounded with the copious ness of power; and the companions of admirable deeds extended their dignity wonderfully; and the dust made, as it were, the dawn of day become the twilight of night. And he marched on his road, according to the narrations of history, and the expositions of lofty deeds, in noble works, and (by the road) which compilers of books have pointed out; a march by which hopes revived in abundance, and Conquest took her station, and rose up from her short sleep, rising up like the

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sun from among the false accusers who had exiled
it. And Islám preaches among the saints, like a
bride brought to the house of her spouse, and for
a munificent bridal gift received souls; and the
number of the slain is reported to her, to avert
from her the kiss (i. e. the number of the slain
damped her erultation); but (the bride neverthe-
less) enters the house with a countenance glad
with joyful tidings, whereby gloom of face is made
to vanish; for the loudly exclaiming voice of Al
Sakhra was heard, summoning to her succour
against her enemies. Then also was the granting
of her entreaty, and of her longing weeping.
Then arose brightness in her sky, and then re-
turned the exile, Faith, to her abode, and was
restored to her habitation and place of repose.
And the faith became superior by God's removing
the Franks, and driving them with a curse from
Al Aksá. And the chiefs fought for this capture
with energy; and bells became stilled by the
viva-voce call to prayer; and the true faith drove
away the Infidels; and it was purified from the
pollution of filth and uncleanness of the approach
of men; and good came upon the holy and glori-
ous place by the arrival of the Sultán; and hearts
therein flew away with terror; and minds became
mad, and their breasts palpitated with dread of
the army of Islám; and the Franks trembled and

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became weak when the news of it was divulged. Also, there were therein two chiefs of the Franks, Bálián-Ibn-Bázián, and the Great Patriarch. There were also two societies—those of the Hospitallers and the Templars, with their chiefs. Thus the Christians were occupied with IbnBázián, and overflowed by these two illustrious parties; and their abodes became too narrow for the people; and every house in the city was shared with whoever was a Sharer (i. e. an Associator, a Christian). Also, those in the inferior people came forward to govern in places of dignity; and the (opinions) of the Infidels were at variance ; and (even) Franks despaired of relief, and assembled together (to endure) the ruin of all that was most precious, and said, Here shall chiefs rush onward, and souls dissolve away, and blood be shed; also wounds and bruises shall be endured with patience by warriors untouched before, and we will freely give our lives as a gift to the mansion of the spirit (Jesus Christ); and our people shall closely surround him (the Messiah), and in the city shall arise the chieftains, and our clouds (of sorrow) shall wet us (with the rain of consolation). Herein is our bounden duty; upon

her our indispensable vow: in her splendour is our splendour; in her safety, our safety; in her existence, our existence; and in her perpe-.

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tuity, our perpetuity : and if we desert her, may blame and reproof be ours, and repentance come upon us! for within (this city) is the sought, the crucified, the sacrificed Victim, the offered oblation; herein the place of assembly of the Apostles ; the place of the (Adoration) of Christ; the place of Descent (into the grave); the place of Ascent (into Heaven): (herein) is the place of magical incantations, the beds, the drinking place, the place for play, the fountains, the places whereto one may step aside (i. e. baths), the retired places, the places of usury,

the squares, the places wherein mothers nurse their infants ; also the inns, the inner apartments, the images, the figures, the paintings, the portraits, the mosaics, the bas-reliefs, and representations, and pillars, and tablets, and things corporeal, and things spiritual. Moreover, within that is the picture of the Apostles in their white robes, and of the Jewish scribes, and of the monks in their robes, and presbyters in their place of conclave: herein also the fascinating trick, and her net, and the priesthood with its spectres (illusions, dreams): herein the portraits of the Lord and the Lady (St. John Baptist and the Virgin Mary), and he that was born, and she that was strengthened (our Lord and the Virgin Mary), and the fish-ponds, the circus for horse-running, the place for polish

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ing, the disciple, the learned man, the places of comfort, and the youth in the course of instruction, and the statue of the Ram (of Abraham), and the Ass (of Balaam), and the bells, and the secret lurking-places. Herein also (they said) is the Cross of the Messiah, and the Oblation of the sacrificed Victim : herein the Divine nature was produced, and the human nature presented to him. Here was the establishment of the insertion of the jewel into the ring (i. e. the union of the Divine and human nature in our Lord's hypostasis). Here was erected the cross; here descended the light; here was removed the darkness; here abounded the congruity (of human nature) with the self-existing (God), and the commixture of existence with non-existence: bere baptism confirmed the Adorable, and the Virgin Mary reared the son.

Thus they took up their abode in the slavery of this error, and strayed away thereby from the right path of just argument, and said, Beneath the Sepulchre of our Lord we will die, and on account of the dread of its separation from us will we be strong. From her will we procrastinate the evil day, and towards the relics in the City and the Sepulchre will we hasten. Wherefore shall we not fight? wherefore not battle in this quarrel? Nor will we give up. For what reason should

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