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Powers, our Enjoyments, and Prospects are from Thee. O God, enable us to glorify thee in all the workmanship of thy hands concerning us.

Congregation.-0 God, enable us to glorify thee our Maker in all things.

Minister.-All Gracious God, we give thanks and praise unto thy name for thy great goodness towards us in our preservation all our life long unto this day; and for the health we have so richly enjoyed from thee. We bless thee for thy unremitting kindness in giving us food, and clothing, and shelter. We praise thee for the Friends thou hast given us, for the Instruction and Knowledge we have received, for the Comforts we enjoy, and for the Immortal and Blessed Prospects thou hast set before us, through thy love to our souls in Jesus Christ.

Congregation.--O Lord, we adore thee for thy manifold kindnesses and love towards us.

Minister.O God of mercy, we adore thee for sparing this Guilty World when the Original Pair of its inhabitants broke thy Commandment and fell. Thou, Lord, didst spare them, and didst spare the world ; and not only so, but thou didst show mercy unto Man, and didst set before him an Eternal Saviour, and Everlasting Life. Glory be to thy name, O God, for thy patience, and forbearance, and mercy, and love. Congregation.—Glory be to thy name, O God, for

— thy patience, and forbearance, and mercy, and love.

Minister.-0 God Almighty, thou art full of patience, and compassion towards the Guilty Nations of this world, and towards Guilty Individuals. Thou, Lord, art not indeed forgetful of thy threatened wrath, but art long suffering to all; thou art unwilling that any should perish; thou art desirous that all should come to repentance. O God, let nations and individuals come to repentance.

Congregation.-0 God of long suffering, let nations and individuals come to repentance.

Minister.-Almighty God, notwithstanding the guiltiness of men as nations and individuals, thou hast never left thyself without a witness upon earth, but hast done us good, and given us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness. Thy sun thou causest to shine on the evil and on the good, and thy rain descends on the fields of the evil and the unthankful. O God, let thy grace descend from heaven on the hearts of men, that they may be softened through thy goodness and mercy.

Congregation.O God, let thy grace descend on the hearts of men, that they may be softened through thy goodness and mercy.

Minister.-O Lord God of mercy and love, great and manifold are the blessings thou hast bestowed upon mankind. But, there is one blessing which stands high and glorious above all others: it is thy Unspeakable Gift, the Gift of thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ, whom thou didst send to ransom us from destruction, and to bring us to everlasting life and glory. O Lord God, what shall we render unto thee for thy unspeakable goodness to us, in thy Unspeakable Gift. O let us perceive something of thy great love to us herein : and O let us love thee in return, and with all our hearts, and with all our souls.

Congregation. Thanks be unto God for his Unspeakable Gift: and, O may we love thee in return.

Minister.-Merciful Father, may the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ be the only refuge we flee to from thy wrath which we deserve on account of our transgressions and rebellions against thee. To that refuge, O God, we have fled by thy grace upon us; and in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ is all our trust, and our hope, and our joy. O Lord our God, wash us thoroughly from all our guilt in that precious blood which was shed for us, and which cleanseth from all sin.

Congregation.-Merciful Father, wash us from all our guilt in the precious blood of Christ.

Minister.Our Father in heaven, grant us grace, we beseech thee, to abide in thy Son Jesus Christ, and to do his will in all things, bringing forth the fruits of righteousness which are through him to thy praise, and honour and glory. Give us thy Holy Spirit, o God, according to thy gracious promise, that we may be enabled thus to do, for of ourselves we can do nothing. O Lord, shed thy lo e abroad in our hearts, fill us with thy Spirit, and make us to be partakers of thy Divine Nature.

Congregation.-O Lord, may we be filled with the Holy Ghost, and be partakers of thy Divine Nature.

Minister.-Most Blessed Father, we adore thee for the promise thou hast given us in Christ Jesus of Eternal Life. O Lord, let us not come short of it, hold us up unto the end, and crown us with glory.

Congregation.-O Lord, preserve us all unto Eternal Life,

Minister.-Father, of mercies, we adore thee for giving us thy Holy Word for our instruction, edification, and salvation. Olet us daily and attentively study this Blessed Book; and grant, O Lord, that we may not be readers and hearers only of thy word, but may we be doers also of what thy word commands us.

Congregation.-O Lord, enable us to read and to obey thy Blessed Word.

Minister.-God of all comfort and consolation, we thank and praise thee for a throne of grace, and for constant access to it. May we delight to come to this thy throne of grace and mercy: there may we pour out our hearts before thee; there may we know that thou art the hearer of prayer; and there may we be greatly blessed in waiting upon thee.

Congregation.-Our Father, we praise thee for a throne of



mercy: bring us to it, and bless us there.

Minister.—We thank thee, O Lord our God, and we bless thy name, for the holy christian sabbath. May we delight in the weekly return of thy day: and may the services of thy sabbath be joy and pleasure unto us.

On thy day may our souls be amply fed and nourished; and may thy name be magnified in us.

Congregation.-0 Lord, feed our souls on thy day with the bread of life.

Minister.-Almighty Father, we bless thee for the Public Exercises of Worship which thou hast institu and we praise thee for all the Ordinances of thy house and kingdom. O teach us duly to appreciate, and full to enter into and enjoy, all the arrangements of thy kingdom.

Congregation.0 God, bless us in all the appointments of thy house.

Minister.God of mercy and salvation, we adore thy name for the order thou hast ordained in thy church, and for appointing officers over thy people, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, and for the edifying of the body of Christ. O Lord, bless all thy Servants whom thou hast appointed to this sacred work. May they faithfully discharge their duties towards the the flocks respectively committed to their care.—And give grace unto thy people, O Lord, that they may diligently attend to the instructions, admonitions, and reproofs of thy Servants which they may adininister to them in thy name, and in the fulfilment of that responsible charge thou hast committed to them, of watching for their flocks, of which they must give account unto thee, in the solemn day of reckoning up the affairs of this world and of thy church. O Lord God, may thy Ministers have their account to give in with joy and not with grief.

Congregation.O Lord, bless our Ministers, and all the Ministers of the Gospel throughout the world; and may we, and all thy people, yield unto them that attention and submission which thou hast enjoined in thy holy word.

Minister.-Most Gracious God, we thank and praise thee for all the benefits of christian fellowship. O give us, we beseech thee, a right spirit, a spirit of humility, of meekness, and love, that we may truly profit by the reproofs, instructions, and comforts administered unto us by our brethren. O Lord, keep us from quenching or resisting thy Spirit in the communications tendered to us respectively by those with whom we walk in the fellowship of the gospel, and with whom we eat and drink at thy table. O may we fervently love each other, and may this love be fully manifested in all our mutual communion in thy


Congregation.-Blessed Father, enable us to love one another fervently for the Truth's sake.

Minister.-O Lord God, bless all thy people every where with this spirit of brotherly love. May every individual assembly of thy flock strive to excel in this godly spirit of mutual love in Christ; and may the holy flame burn and become more and more brilliant from day to day, and from year to year.

Congregation.-O God, bless all thy church with a fervent spirit of love in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Minister.--O God of peace and of love, be graciously pleased, we beseech thee, to unite all thy people into one band throughout the whole world. May the ancient spirit and practice of thy people soon again be seen amongst us, when the whole multitude of those

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