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fruit, good and abundant, and to the honour of Him who planteth and watereth.

Congregation —O Lord, enable us to bring forth fruits of righteousness, which may prove acceptable to thee through Jesus Christ.

Minister.—God of our salvation, we praise thy name for the precious gift of thy Holy Word. O give us grace to delight in it, and to meditate in it contiually


Minister.—God of love, we adore thee, for thy Throne of Grace. Enable us to come to it freely, and with all humility of inind; and do thou ever lay thy hand upon us there, and smile upon us.

Congregation - Amen.

Minister.Our Father in heaven, we bless thee for all the Institutions of thy house, and the ordinances, of thy grace. Incline our hearts, O Lord, diligently to attend to these thy appointments, and let us richly profit by them.


Minister.—Most Gracious Father, we adore thee for thy goodness and compassion towards us, in appointing the weekly rest of the Holy Sabbath. O may we all greatly enjoy this day in spiritual things, and may we look forward with delightful anticipation to that day and time when we shall rest from our sins, our sorrows, and cur toils, in thy blessed presence, O our God; and when we shall enjoy the light of thy countenance in glory and blessedness for ever and ever.

Congregation.-0 Lord, we thank thee for the day of rest. O may we rest with thee at length in joy and glory evermore.

Minister - Father of mercies, we bless thee for the appointment of Public Religious Worship, and for the

who are

gracious promises given to thy people when assembled before thee in the great congregation, and more especially on thy sacred day. And we praise thy name, O our God, for so mercifully dealing with us, here present in this assembly, in having brought us here this day in the enjoyment of health and strength of body and of mind. And now, O Lord, vouchsafe unto us thy grace, that we may truly wait on thee with attention of mind, and devotion of heart, that thy name may be glorified in us, and that our souls may be refreshed and nourished and strengthened in that hidden life which thou hast given us in thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

Congregation.-Blessed Father, we thank thee for the appointment of Public Worship, and for bringing us to day into this place. We pray thee to give us thy most gracious blessing.

Minister.-0 Lord Jesus, the Great Shepherd of thy sheep, mercifully regard all thy Servants whom thou hast appointed to feed thy people. May they imitate thee the Shepherd and Bishop of souls. Enable them constantly and faithfully to instil the true doctrines of salvation, and to preach and exemplify all holiness of life, that thy people through their instructions and example, may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things. And when thou, O Lord, the Chief Shepherd shalt appear, may thy Servants receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.

Congregation.-0 Lord, the Chief Shepherd, bless all the Pastors of thy flocks, feed our souls by them, and give them the crown of life.

Minister.-0 Lord God, the Source of all goodness, and from whom cometh every blessing, we honour and glorify thy name for the rich and varied productions of the earth, which thou hast ordained for the service and the welfare of man. O Lord, may we ever receive these the bounties of thy providence with humble and grateful hearts; and whether we eat or drink, or whatever of thy favours we enjoy, may we remember thy goodness, and give thanks and glory to thy name. Save us, O Lord, from abusing thy gifts in any way, and grant us thy blessing in the use of them all, according to thy mercies unto us in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Congregation.-O Lord, we honour and praise thy name for all the bounties of thy providence, and pray that we may glorify thee in them all.

Minister.-Our Father in heaven, we adore thee for our creation, and for thy gracious providential hand upon us in all our past life, from our infancy until the present day. From what dangers hast thou preserved us, and delivered us! and by thy good and gracious and merciful hand upon us, we are here alive this present day, and blessed with the cheering hope of life everlasting through our Lord Jesus Christ. O Lord our God, let our souls and all that is within us adore and inagnify thy name, for all thy loving kindness towards us, and let all our life shew forth thy praise and honour and glory.

Congregation.-0 God Most Gracious, we adore thee for the rich and merciful acts of thy providence and grace to us, and we beseech thee to grant us grace upon grace, and for ever and ever.

Minister.-King Eternal, and Lord over all, according to thy commandnient, we make supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks for all men. O Lord God, bless all mankind, and give us the spirit of love, that we may feel aright towards all, and that we may sincerely desire and promote their best interests in time, and their salvation through eternity.

Congregation.--O Lord God, grant unto us a spirit of love towards all mankind.

Minister.- thou who art the King of kings, and the Sovereign of all the kingdoms of the earth, we adore and praise thee for thy patience and long-suffer

ing towards the various nations throughout the world. All nations, O Lord, have rebelled against thee, and have corrupted themselves, even their kings, their princes, their nobles, and the whole multitudes of their inhabitants. Yet thou executest not upon them the judgmeuts they deserve, but art long suffering towards ihem all, and pourest out yearly and daily blessings on them, if peradventure they might be led to repentance, and might not perish, but obtain forgiveness, and thy favour.

Congregation.Thanks and praise be unto thy name, O God, for thy long-suffering, and thy goodness towards the nations of the earth. O Lord, lead them to repentance, that they may obtain thy favour.

Minister.—Almighty God, and our heavenly Father, be pleased, we entreat thee, to shed thy blessings abundantly on this our Native Land. Great and manifold, O Lord our God, are the benefits thou hast conferred upon this Nation. We adore thee for bringing the Gospel to it at so early a period, and we praise thee for the revivals of thy work which we have had among us from time to time. Glory be to thy name, Almighty and Most Gracious Father, for the thousands and thousands in our land whom thou hast turned from darkness to light, whom thou hast brought as poor sinners to the Cross of Christ for forgiveness, and who are now endeavouring in thy name and strength, to glorify thee with their souls and bodies which are thine, and living in the blessed hope of immortal glory through the ransoming sacrifice of thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ.—We adore thee also, o our heavenly Father, for adding to our mercies, the blessed privilege and honour of employing this nation to diffuse through the world, the knowledge of thyself, and of thy Son Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Ghost, by the circulation of thy word from this country as a centre over all the earth, and by the going forth of thy messengers from this land, to declare and preach the word of eternal life.

Congregation.—Glory be to thy name, 0 our God, for thy great mercies to this land, and to thousands and thousands of its inhabitants, and for employing this nation to diffuse through the world thy glorious salvation.

Minister.-Almighty and Everlasting Potentate of the Universe, mercifully bless our King, and grant him health of body and comfort of mind, and make him an heir of immortal glory through the merits of Jesus Christ. -0 God, in thy mercy to us enable our King to rule over this nation in righteousness. Grant him on all occasions rightly to discern between what is right and what is wrong, between that which is good and that which is evil. May he be the terror and the avenger of the wicked in thy name, and may he be the rewarder of those who act righteously.

Congregation.-0 God, bless our King with thy salvation. May he rule this nation aright, and may we be faithful and loyal subjects unto him, according to the will of Jesus Christ our Eternal King:

Minister.Almighty God, bless all the Princes, and Nobles, and the Rich and Honourable in our land. May they all be true subjects of Jesus Christ, resting on his atonement for their salvation, and honouring his Blessed Name upon earth.

Congregation.-0 God, bless all the Princes, and Nobles, and Distinguished men in our land.

Minister:-Almighty God, the Great Legislator of heaven and earth, grant thy abundant blessing to rest on our High Courts of Parliament. May all the deliberations and enactments of these Assemblies glorify thy name, and be beneficial to this nation; and may they also have a happy influence on the world at large.

Congregation.-0 Lord, may our High Courts of Parliament have thy blessing, and may they prove a blessing to us, and to the world.

Minister.- Lord God the Judge of the Universe,

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