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Minister.-0 Lord, have mercy on the Ignorant; have mercy on the Slothful; have mercy on the Vicious; have mercy on all Criminals.

Congregation. -Amen.

Minister -0 Lord, let thy blessing rest on all Charitable Institutions, for the Instruction or Relief of those around us : preserve them from abuses, and make them effective means of doing good in this evil world.


Minister.-Almighty Father, be pleased to bless thy Church throughout the world O feed, and lead, and build up all thy people : and hear all the prayers of thy Church on our behalf.

Congregation --- Amen.

Minister.-0 Lord, send forth thy light and thy truth unto all nations : and let thy kingdom come, and let thy will be done over all the earth, as it is in heaven.


ful: may

Minister.-0 Lord God, bless this church, this flock of thine which assembles in this house. Al. mighty God, build up, and establish this church. Make thy Servant who ministers to them most faith

he indeed watch for the souls of his flock, and may he have his account to give in, O Lord God, with joy, and not with grief.

Congregation.-0 Lord our God, have mercy upon this flock of thine in this place. Lord, direct, strengthen, and bless, our Pastor. Make us a tractable flock in the ways of the Lord. Enable us to encourage

and comfort our Minister by our prayers on his behalf, and by our humility and diligence as members of the body of Christ.

Minister.-And now, O Lord our God, again we

entreat thee to be with us in worshipping thee at this time: teach our lips, and tune our hearts : and fill us with the knowledge of thy will, and with peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Congregation. -O Lord, vouchsafe us thy Divine presence.

Minister.-0 Lord God, direct thy servant rightly to expound thy word to this assembly; and direct this congregation rightly to hear thy word read and expounded


Minister.-O Lord, preserve us from wandering thoughts, and from distractions of mind whilst we are waiting upon thee.

Congreyation.-- Amen.

Minister.-O Lord our heavenly Father, hear these our prayers, and be very merciful and gracious unto us, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Blessed Redeemer:


Congregation.- Amen, and amen.

[All standing.) Minister.-Let us again sing to the praise and the glory of God.- [ ! he hymn to be named, and the two first lines pronounced, as before.]

1. To God the only wise,

Our Saviour and our King,
Let all the saints below the skies

Their humble praises bring.
2. "Ti his Almighty love,

His counsel, and his care,
Preserves us safe from sin and death,

hurtful snare.
3. He will present our souls,

Unblemished and comlete,
Before the glory of his face,

With joys divinely great.

4. Then all the chosen seed

Shall meet around the throne,
Shall bless the conduct of his grace,

And make his wonders known.

5. To our Redeemer, God,

Wisdom and power belongs,
Immortal crowns of majesty,

And everlasting songs.

[Still standing. ]

Minister.-In the view of Reading and Hearing God's Holy Word,-Let us Pray.

[All kneel.]

Minister.-God Almighty the Source of all knowledge, we adore thee for having condescended to be our Instructor, and for communicating to us some of thy knowledge. We bless thee, O Lord, for the Sacred Book thou hast given us. May we reverence this volume; may we read and study it; and may we live according to its instructions.

Congregation.- O God, we adore thee for condescending to be our 'Teacher. O grant us meekness to receive thy instructions, and to obey them.

Minister.- We thank thee, O God, for this present opportunity of reading and hearing thy word in Public Assembly. O may it be solemnly read, and solemnly listened to. Enable us to comprehend the meaning of what is read, strengthen our memories to retain it, and give us grace to receive much edification from this portion of thy service.

Congreyation.-O Lord, be with us in our readings of thy word at this time : solemnly may we read, solemnly may we listen, and greatly may we be profited.

Minister. Blessed God, let the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, in thy Holy Word, extend speedily unto all nations, kindreds, and tribes, throughout the whole world: and stir up, O our God, all nations and peoples to receive it.

Congregation.-O Lord, send thy word, containing the blessed truths of the Gospel, to all nations, and dispose all kindreds of men to receive it.

Minister.-Receive, O Lord, these our thanksgivings, and hear these our petitions, for the sake of Jesus Christ, our Great Teacher, our Saviour, and our Lord : amen

Congregation.Amen, and amen.

[The Minister standing : the Congregation sitting. ]

Minister.-The First Portion of our Scripture Reading, is in the Book of [Genesis] the [Second] Chapter.

(When the Minister has spoken these words, let all the Congregation open their Bibles at the place mentioned, a d diligently attend whilst God's Holy Word is read in their hearing.)

Minister.-[At the close of the chapter,]-Here endeth the First Portion of our Scripture Reading.

[After the same manner the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Portions are to be read, the Minister saying at the close of the last,—“Here conclude our Present Readings of the Word of God.”]

[The Minister still standing; and the Congregation sitting.)

Minister.-- Let us now praise God for all his blessings to us in the Holy Scriptures. The hymn following: or, the hymn No.- (pronouncing as before the two first lines ]

[All stand.)

1. I love the Sacred book of God;

No other can its place supply:
It points me to the saints' abode ;
It gives me wings, and bids me fly.

2. Sweet book! in thee my eyes discern

The image of my absent Lord :
From thing instructive page I learn

The joys his presence will afford.
3. But while I'am hear, thou shalt supply

His place, and tell me of his love :
I'll read with faith's discerning eye,
And thus partake of joys above.

[Still Standing.) Minister.—Let us now attend to the Preaching and Hearing of God's Holy Word,—Commencing by Prayer.

[All kneel.] Minister.-Our Father in heaven, we bless thee for thy kind and gracious solicitude for our instruction and edification. We thank thee, O Lord, for appointing Teachers in thy Church, and for the ample volume of instructions thou hast given them to teach from.

Congregation.-0 Lord, we give thanks unto thee for thy gracious care for our instruction.

Minister.We praise thy name, 0 our God, for commanding thy people to assemble together at stated times to worship thee, and to receive instruction in the concerns of thy kingdomn. We bless thee for bringing us together for these ends at the present time. Grant, O Lord, that the object of thy grace and thy providence towards us may be now accomplished, to thy glory, and to our edification.

Congregation.-0 Lord, may the blessed objects of thy providence and grace be now accomplished in us.

Minister -Almighty God, direct by thy Holy Spirit, we beseech thee, thy Servant who is about to open his lips to teach thy people. O give him sound knowledge and judgment to teach the Doctrines of the Cross of Christ, and to unfold and enforce the Precepts of our Lord and Saviour.

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