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Minister. -0 Lord God, grant unto us, we pray thee, thy Peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

May we see all our guilt removed through his atonement, and may we see ourselves stand before thee pure and righteous through the righteousness of Christ. May we see ourselves as thy children, adopted into thy family, and heirs of everlasting life, through thy mercies to us in Christ Jesus our Redeemer. Herein, O Lord, may we rejoice, and with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Congregation.-O God our Father, grant us thy peace and joy, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Minister.—Almighty Father, be pleased to dwell in us by thy Holy Spirit according to thy promise, that we may be sanctified unto thee, and may bring forth the fruits of righteousness, to the praise of thy glory in us through Jesus Christ.

Congregation.-0 Lord, dwell in us, and may we glorify thee in the fruits of righteousness through Jesus Christ.

Minister.-O Lord, preserve us through faith unto everlasting salvation.

Congregation.-0 Lord, graciously preserve us unto eternal salvation.

Minister. Our Father in heaven, we adore thee for the means thou hast provided for our instruction in thy kingdom, for our sanctification unto thee, for our peace and joy, for our glorifying thee on earth, and for our final welfare and blessedness in the eternal mansions of heaven

Congregation.—Glory be to thy name, O God, for thus providing for us.

Minister.-0 God Almighty, we adore thee for giving us thy Blessed Word of Revelation, the Holy Scriptures, that light which shineth in a dark place, to guide our feet into the



peace, of rest, and of blessedness: O God, enable us to prize this precious volume, which thou hast given us. May we show our estimation of it in public, by solemnly reading it when we assemble before thee: and may we show our estimation of it, by reading and studying it in our families, and individually, with that serious attention which its sacredness and importance demand: and may we show our desire to learn thy word, by earnestly supplicating thee to enlighten us and to bless us by its hallowed instructions.

Congregation.-0 Lord, we give thanks and praise to thee for thy word: O bless us ever in reading it.

Minister.–We praise and magnify thy name, O our heavenly Father, for providing for us a Throne of Grace, and for permitiing and encouraging us to come to it direct, and to come freely at all times, and under all circumstances. O Lord God, thou art the hearer of prayer. Enable us all to come to thy throne of grace with humble confidence; and may we obtain mercy, and find grace to help us in all our need.

Congregation-Lord God, we adore thee for a throne of

grace. O enable us to come to it, and bless us there.

Minister.--Almighty Father, we adore thee for thy Holy Day, the day of rest, and we bless thee for preserving us all to see the return of this day.-0 Lord, we give thanks unto thee, for directing thy people to meet together in one place, and in public assembly to worship thee. We thank thee, O our God and Saviour, for thy gracious promise to thy people when congregated in thy name. That promise, we entreat thee, O Lord, to remember in regard to us on the present occasion. In thy name we are here assembled, and in thy promise is our hope. O Lord God, come down from heaven, and be present with us in this our assembly.

Congregation.-0 Lord God, come down from heaven, and be present with us in this our assembly.

Minister:-0 Thou who art the Saviour of lost sinners, and the Shepherd and Bishop of souls, we thank and praise thee for ordaining the Christian Ministry, for the building up of thy Church, and for the extension of thy Kingdom. Almighty Saviour, bless, we beseech thee, all Bishops, Presbyters, and Deacons. [all thy servants in the Ministry.] O Lord, give them thy Spirit in all their work, and in all their ways; may they feed thy flocks and watch over them, so as to have their accounts to give in to thee at thy coming, with joy to themselves, and joy to their flocks.

Congregation.-O Lord, bless our Ministers, and all the Ministers of thy Church: may they all feed and lead thy people aright, and may we be duly obedient to them in the Lord.

Minister.-Almighty Sovereign, we rejoice that thou reignest supremely over this world, and over all thy creation, and thai none can stay thy hand, or counteract thy will. We adore thee, O God Most High, for establishing Governments among the nations of the earth for the good of all; and we especially bless and praise thee for the high advantages we enjoy in the government of this country. O Lord, may we gratefully acknowledge thy mercies to us herein, and may our thankfulness be exhibited by a ready submission to the authorities thou hast placed over us, and by a faithful and cheerful payment of those dues required for the support and welfare of the nation.

Congregation.Almighty Lord, we praise thee, the Great Governor of all, for thy mercies to us in the goverment we enjoy. Give us, o God, a spirit of cheerful submission, and may we faithfully render what is required from us for the support and welfare of the nation.

Minister.—Almighty God, our Creator and our Father, we give thanks and praise unto thee, for our creation, for our preservation, and our health, for our food, our raiment, and our lodging; for our Friends, our comforts, our knowledge, our hopes, and all our blessings. O Thou who art the Source and Giver of all these mercies and benefits, grant us grace to glorify thee in them all.

Congregation.-Father of mercies, give us grace to glorify thee in all the favours thou hast bestowed upon us.

Minister.-We adore thy name, O Most Blessed God, for casting our lot in a land of grace, for causing thy Gospel to reach our ears, for bringing us from darkness to light, and for bestowing on us the forgiveness of sins, and the hope of everlasting life. O preserve us, we beseech thee, in the faith, and the holiness, and the peace of thy salvation : and bring us all to everlasting glory, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Congregation.-0 Lord, preserve us all unto everlasting life in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Minister.-Most Gracious Father, bless, we beseech thee, this nation in which we pass our sojourning, the land of our nativity, the land of our Fathers, the land of our Relatives, and our Friends: grant us thy choicest blessings, O our God.

Congregation.-0 Lord our God, bless this Nation, with the riches of thy goodness

Minister.—Bless, O Lord, this Town in which we reside, and bless all this Country.

Congregation.- Amen.

Minister.-Almighty Sovereign of all, graciously be pleased to bless our King. O let thy mercies be on him, and thy grace, for time and for eternity; and may he faithfully rule over this nation.

Congregation.-O Lord God,bless and save our King.

Minister.-0 Lord, the Ruler of the Nations, let thy blessing be upon the Legislators, the Magistrates, the Judges, and the Teachers of our land.


Minister.–Our Father in heaven, bless, we pray thee, all Parents, and all Children among us; all Husbands, and all Wives; all Masters, and all Servants : bless the Old, and the Young; bless all who are Men, and all who are Women. And grant, O Lord our God, that each and all of us, in our diversi

relations, may study to fulfil the respective duties thou hast assigned us; and may we all attend to these duties in thy name, and for thy glory in us, as thy Creatures, and as the Disciples of Jesus Christ. And do thou, O our Father, greatly bless us in doing thy will.

Congregation.-0 Lord, enable us to glorify thy name, by a right and faithful discharge of all our duties.

Minister.-0 Lord, have pity and compassion on all who are afficted and distressed, in whatever way, in mind, or body, or circumstances.

Congregation.- Amen.

Minister.-0 Lord, be gracious unto the Poor: pity all who lack for food; all who lack for clothes; and all who lack for shelter.


Minister.-Almighty God, have mercy upon the Rich and the Great; and grant that they may overcome the temptations which tend to hinder their entrance into the kingdom of heaven.


Minister.-0 Lord, compassionate all who are bereaved, all who are disconsolate, all who are harrassed, all who are in sore temptations, all who are desponding

Congregatian. ---Amen.

Minister.-O Lord, mercifully regard all captives; all who are in prison; all who are condemned, whether to pain, ignominy, or death.


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