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judgment with us, O God, for in thy sight no one can be justified.

Congregation.-O Lord God, we are all sinful and ungodly creatures. Have mercy upon us, we earnestly beseech thee.

Minister.-Almighty and most merciful Father, we adore and bless thee, for not leaving our race in a state of condemnation. We praise and magnify thy name, for sending thy Beloved Son into this world, that through him we might be saved. O Lord, we adore thee for such a Deliverer, and for such a Deliverance. We thank thee, O our God, for graciously declaring, that all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, shall have a full remission of all their sins, and that thou wilt bestow on them a new and everlasting life of felicity and glory.

Congregation.-O God, we adore thee for thy promise of forgiveness, and of life eternal, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Minister. O Lord, we do now, in thy sacred presence, and before each other, renounce all and every hope of forgiveness and of eternal life, through ourselves; and we declare our Faith in Jesus Christ, as our Saviour and our Redeemer, who shed his precious blood and died for our sins, that we might not perish, but might receive forgiveness, and everlasting life. O Lord God, forgive us all our sins, through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Congregation.-O Lord God, forgive us all our sins, through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Minister.-Most Holy Father, thou hast graciously promised to give thy Holy Spirit to all who believe in thy Son Jesus Christ. O fulfil this thy blessed promise unto us, our Father and our God. May thy Holy Spirit dwell in us continually; and by his blessed influences may we walk humbly before thee, and love

thee with all our heart; may we be enlightened, sanctified, and comforted; and be enabled to bring forth the fruits of righteousness, to the glory of thy name in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Congregation.-Gracious Father, grant unto us thy Hold Spirit, to dwell in us continually, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Minister.-O Lord, may a deep sense of our own ignorance, and of our weakness, and of our sinfulness. be ever impressed upon our minds; and may we continually seek from Thee, Knowledge, and Strength, and Sanctification. O may we hunger and thirst after holiness, and may we be filled. May thy Holy Spirit teach us and guide us, and effectually work in us in all things, so that all we will, and all we do, may be pleasing in thy sight, Most Holy Father.

Congregation.-O Lord, may all our thoughts, and words, and actions, declare that thy Spirit dwelleth

in us.

Minister-Almighty Father, be pleased to grant unto us that Peace, and that Joy, which arise from Reconciliation to thee by Jesus Christ. May the peace of God rule in our hearts at all times, and may we ever have a cheering and joyful prospect of that Glorious Inheritance which thou hast promised to those who love thee.

Congregation.-O Lord, be pleased to grant unto us, peace and joy through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Minister.-Our Father, we beseech thee to impress on our minds at all times, that we being redeemed by Christ, are not our own. May we therefore live not unto ourselves, but unto him who died for us, and bought us to himself by his precious all atoning blood. May we be a holy and a peculiar people, and ever zealous of good works. May we bring forth much fruit, that so we may approve ourselves as the Disciples of Christ, and may glorify our Father in heaven.

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Congregation.-O Lord, may we live not unto ourselves, but unto him who died for us, and redeemed us.

Minister.-O Lord, we desire, most sincerely and thankfully, to adore and praise thy Gracious Name, for having cast our lot in this land of Salvation, of Light, and of Freedom,—in a land where the fountain and the streams of the water of life, are free unto all. God Almighty, bless our Native Land, and graciously continue thy many favours unto us. O may the blessings of thy Glorious Salvation, the blessings of Knowledge, and of Freedom, never be removed from this favoured land; but may they continually increase in it, and abound.

Congregation.-O Lord, we adore thee for all our privileges: O may thy face ever shine on our Native Land.

Minister. O God, the Creator of all Mankind, may it please thee to grant, that all the Nations of the World may soon enjoy all those precious blessings which thou hast bestowed upon us. May thy Kingdom come, and may thy will be done in all the Earth, as it is done in heaven.

Congregation.-O Lord, may the blessings we enjoy, and for which we pray, be enjoyed over all the Earth.

Minister.—Almighty God, Sovereign of the whole Universe, condescend, we pray thee, to pour out thy rich blessings on our King. May he fully understand the Gospel of Christ, and live under its holy influence. Give unto him, O God, Knowledge, and Judgment, and Power, to rule and govern this Nation according to thy holy commandments. May he have a single eye to thy glory, and a zealous desire for the good of this country, in all his plans, and in all his actions.

Congregation.-O God, be pleased to bless and direct our King, in all his ways.

Minister.-Bless, O God, we beseech thee, all the Governors, Legislators, Judges, and Magistrates in our Land. May they all know and obey the Gospel of thy Son Jesus Christ. Guide them, O God, by thy Spirit, and strengthen them by thy might in all their duties, that they may prove a terror to evil doers, and a blessing to those who do well.

Congregation.-O God, bless all those who are in authority amongst us. May they be true disciples of Christ, and prove a blessing to this nation.

Minister-Merciful God, counsel and direct, we beseech thee, all the Instructors of our Youth, and lead them to train up their Pupils to glorify thee in thy Son Jesus Christ. Father of Mercies, graciously regard all Parents among us, and teach them their important duties: and bless, we pray thee, their Children, and make them dutiful and obedient. Give thy blessing, O God, to all who stand in the relation of Masters: teach them to imitate thee, their Great Master in heaven. Grant thy blessing likewise to all Servants, and bestow upon them a spirit of submission, fidelity, and reverence toward their masters, according to thy holy commandment.

Congregation.-O Lord, bless the Instructors of our Youth, bless all Parents and all Children, all Masters and all Servants among us, that they may glorify thee in their respective situations.

Minister.-Almighty Father, be pleased to bless all conditions of men in our Land. Have mercy upon the Rich and the Honourable among us, and save them from the dangers to which they are exposed through the deceitfulness of riches and worldly honours and distinctions. Pity, O Lord, the Poor, and supply their wants: pity the Ignorant, and grant them instruction: have mercy on the Vicious, and change their hearts, and their conduct. O may the fear of God prevail over our Land; may the knowledge and practice of the Gospel of Christ prevail over it; and

may the Holy Ghost be given to us all;-that thus thy Name, O God Almighty, may be greatly magnified amongst us.

Congregation.-Almighty Father, have mercy on all conditions of men in our Land, and give unto them all thy blessing.

Minister.-O God Omnipotent, infinite in knowledge and in goodness, we bless and adore thee for that scale in being which thou hast assigned unto man. Among all the creatures on Earth beneath us, there is no one capable of knowing the hand that made it and guides it. But unto man thou hast given an intelligent mind, and hast made him capable of knowing thee his Creator, and his Benefactor. O God, may we glorify thee, by these intellectual faculties which thou hast given us.

Congregation.-Blessed Father, we praise thee for the faculties thou hast given us, and pray that they may ever be employed in magnifying thy Glorious Name.


Minister. O God, the source of all our blessings, we adore thee for having conferred upon us the precious gift of Language, by means of which we can speak thy praise, through which we have so much enjoyment with our fellow men, and by which we can make advances in the knowledge of Thee, and of thy works. Grant, O God, that in the use of language we may not dishonour, but may glorify thy Adorable Name.

Congregation.--O God, in the use of language, may we ever glorify thy Blessed Name.

Minister.-O God Almighty, in whom we live and breathe and have our being, we bless thee individually for our creation, for the preservation of our life, and for the health of body and mind which thou hast given us we bless thee for our supplies, and for all our enjoyments. Graciously, O Lord, continue unto

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