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Minister.-O God, we adore thee for the great, and special, and manifold blessings which thou hast bestowed upon this Land.


Minister.-0 Lord, forgive us our misimprovement of the mercies we have received, and may we in time coming give more glory unto thy name, through the talents thou hast committed to us, than we have done in the time that is past.

All.- Amen.

Minister.-Almighty God, bless, we beseech thee, our King, and all our Rulers, and Magistrates. Grant them thy Spirit to direct them in all their public duties, and to guide them to eternal life.

All.-Bless, O Lord, our King, and all our Rulers, and Magistrates.

Minister.-O Lord our God, bless all thy servants who minister in holy things throughout our land, and all who instruct our youth.


Minister.–O God our Father, bless every disciple of Christ in this country.


Minister.-0 Lord, be pleased to bless and prosper all the Institutions in our land formed for promoting thy kingdom and glory.


Minister.-0 Lord, bless and prosper all the Bible Societies in our land.


Minister.-O Lord, bless and prosper all the Missionary Societies in our land, which send forth the true and everlasting Gospel.


Minister.-0 Lord, bless and prosper all the Sabbath Schools in our land, founded on thy holy word ; and may every School in our land be thus formed, and have thy blessing.


Minister.-0 Lord, bless and prosper all the Tract Societies in our land, that issue forth the Gospel of Christ.


Minister.-O Lord, bless and prosper all the Temperance

Societies in our land. All.–Amen.

Minister.--O Lord our God, be pleased to grant thy Spirit, to direct all thy servants engaged in these Institutions, and may their own souls be greatly blessed in serving thee in these concerns of thy kingdom.

All.O Lord, bless all thy servants in these Institutions.

Minister.-Almighty Father, we beseech thee, to grant thy gracious and abundant blessing to Our Sister Land. We thank thee for all thy blessings bestowed on that country. Bless all thy people there, and prosper all their Institutions for promoting thy glory.

Àll.O Lord, be pleased to bless very abundantly Our Sister Land, and may thy name be greatly glorified in it.

Minister.- O God, bless and prosper every Institution in other lands for advancing thy kingdom.


Minister.-0 Lord, grant that the time may soon come when

every land shall be full of zeal for thy glory. All.Amen.


Minister.--Almighty God, stir up, stir up, we beseech thee, all thy people every where to take a lively interest in the concerns of thy kingdom. We praise thee, O God, for what thou hast done in moving thy people upon this great subject in these latter and eventful days. We rejoice before thee, O our God, that at this very time whilst we are addressing thy throne of grace for the advancement of thy kingdom, thy people are met in many places, and in many countries to join with us in the great object of our present supplications. Bless all the assemblies of thy people so met this evening. May thy blessed and glorious presence be with them. May thy Spirit enlighten them, and stir them up, and strengthen them. Enlarge and warm their hearts, O God, in thy kingdom, and give them fervent desires after the salvation of their fellow men, of every kindred, and people, and tongue. O may their prayers be earnest before thee this evening on behalf of thy Church, on behalf of the wide world, and on our behalf; and may these their prayers come up acceptably before thee as the evening sacrifice. And, Othou hearer of prayer, Thou who hast thyself taught us and them to come to thy throne of grace, and to ask all things in the name of Christ, do thou, O God, fulfil all thy gracious promises, and hear and answer our prayers, and the prayers of all our brethren: and may thy kingdom come, and may thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.

All.-0 Lord, bless all thy people now assembled before thee, and waiting at thy throne of grace. Hear their prayers, and hear our prayers : and may thy kingdom come, and may thy will be done on earth, as it is done in heaven.

Minister.-0 Lord our God, bless thy whole Church upon earth, the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ,-0 bless it with thy abundant grace, and give to all thy people more of thy Spirit from day to day, that the way of life, and the way of holiness may be made known by them to all around. 0 Thou Great Head of the Church, hear the constant, urgent, general Prayer of thy Body for all its Members; and let these prayers fully light upon us. Bless, O Lord God, every soul that relieth on the merits of Christ, and liveth unto Christ, and bring them all to thy eternal Kingdom and glory.

All.-0 Lord, bless every soul that relieth on the merits of Christ, and liveth unto Christ, and bring them all to thine eternal kingdom and glory.

Minister.-O Lord our God, we now praise and adore thee for bringing us together this evening into this place : and we thank thee for thy gracious goodness to us since we have been together. Again we beseech thee, O Lord, to hear our prayers, and to grant us an abundant answer unto them: yea, O Lord our God, may it please thee to exceed, and far exceed, all we have asked or even thought of, that thy Most Adorable Name may be known and glorified throughout this sinful world.

A.-O Lord, hear and exceed our prayers, we beseech thee.

Minister.-Dismiss us now, O God, our Father, with thy gracious blessing. Keep us in thy fear and favour this night, and through every night and day of our appointed time in this world, and may we all meet at length around the throne of glory to sing the praises of God and of the Lamb for ever and ever.

All.Bless us, O Lord our God, and may we all meet in heaven to glorify thy name, and to enjoy the light of thy countenance for ever and for ever.

Minister.-0 Lord God Almighty, May thy kingdom come, and may thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.


Minister.---Thine, O God, is the Kingdom : Thine

is the Power: and to Thee be all the Glory, both now and for ever and ever : amen.

All.Amen, and amen.


[The writer of this Liturgy had for a while the intention of publishing this Missionary Prayer by itself, thinking it might be immediately useful while he was employed at leisure intervals in revising and extending the entire manual now offered to the public. In the prospect of this he wrote out a preface which he intended to give with

A convenient opportunity however was not found for carrying this purpose into effect. On now looking over that preface, it is thought the following extracts from it may perhaps be useful, and they are accordingly here inserted.

Glorious things are spoken in the Holy Scriptures respecting the Kingdom of God in the latter days, and these days seem evidently advancing upon us at the present time. The Almighty, to bring about his purposes in this matter, acts as in other things by the instrumentality of means. These means are, the going forth of the Word of God to the nations, and the going forth of the Christian Missionary to teach and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

But, with these is combined another instrument not less effectual, and that is, the Prayers of the people of God. It may be safely averred that the Bible and the Missionary are successful in enlightening men, and in bringing them to salvation, in proportion to the number of the disciples of Christ who pray for such success, combined with the frequency and the fervency of the prayers they offer. He therefore who contributes to increase the number of those who pray for this end, and who aids in directing these prayers to the proper objects of supplication in this matter, contributes in his measure to help forward the kingdom of God. To serve the Lord Jesus Christ in this way, is the object of the present publication.

The Composer of this prayer has considered that a form such as the present would prove useful in fixing the attention of the supplicator more precisely and fully upon the main object in question, together with the collateral subjects that should enter into prayer in a congregation of christians come together for the specific purpose of praying for the spread of the gospel, and the glory of Zion.

This prayer, it is conceived, might he used with advantage in the monthly assemblies that regularly meet to entreat the Lord to make his name glorious in all the earth. It is not intended however that its use should supercede extemporary prayers on such occasions. On the contrary it would be better to have these also in addition to it, and partly because it might be proper to continue longer engaged in this service than the time this prayer would occupy, and partly that prayers might be offered up embracing specific objects and places of missionary work, or individuals engaged in this service.

It often happens, it is believed, that a few disciples of Christ feel strongly disposed to meet together in a social circle to supplicate for the coming of the Messiah's reign, and are hindered from doing so, by not having any minister or other properly qualified person to give

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