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[After the same manner the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Portions are to be read, the Minister saying at the close of the last,“ Here conclude our Present Readings of the Word of God."]

[The Minister still standing; and the Congregation sitting.]

Minister.Let us now praise God for all his blessings to us in the Holy Scriptures.---The hymn following: or, the hymn No.-(pronouncing as beforethe two first lines.]

[All stand.]

1. The Lord declares his will,

And keeps the world in awe;
Amidst the smoke on Sinai's hill,

Breaks out his fiery law.

2. The Lord reveals his face,

And smiling from above
Sends down the gospel of his grace,

The epistles of his love.
3. These sacred words impart

Our Maker's just commands;
The pity of his melting heart,

And vengeance of his hands.

4. Hence we awake our fear,

We draw our comfort hence ;
The arms of grace are treasured here,

And armour of defence.

5. We learn Christ crucified,

And here behold his blood;
All arts and knowledges beside

Will do us little good.

6. We read the heavenly word,

We take the offered grace,
Obey the statutes of the Lord,

And trust his promises.

(Still standing. ]

Minister... Let us now attend to the Preaching and Hearing of God's Holy Word,-commencing by Prayer.

[All kneel.]

Minister.-Almighty and Most Holy God, in whichever way we view ourselves and our past ways, we have reason to be ashamed. Thy blessed arrangements on our behalf, how much have we neglected, and how little has our profit been. Amongst our other confessions on this day, we confess before thee our negligence respecting the ordinance of Preaching which thou hast appointed for our good. How often have we been careless under this administration in thy kingdom, and how much have we neglected to do what has been set before us. Merciful God, we beseech thee to forgive us all our sins in this matter; and 0 do thou grant us grace henceforth more diligently to give heed to this ordinance, and to reap more profit from it.

Congregation.-0 Lord, mercifully forgive our neglects in regard to the ordinance of Preaching, and henceforth may we act a better part.

Minister. Most graciously, O our God, be with us now in waiting on thee in this service of Preaching and Expounding thy Blessed Book of knowledge and of life. " Guide thy Servant, O God, in ministering herein : may he be faithful, and clear, and urgent in his ministrations : and may he be careful to manifest the effects of his services in his own conduct and ways. Bless all thy Ministers, O God, in all their studies, and in all their public administrations, and may they ever acquit themselves as workmen who have no need to be ashamed of the work they do. Preserve thy Servants, O God, from slothfulness in their holy calling, and preserve them from all misapplications of their time and their talents.

Congregation.-0 Lord, make thy Servant here before thee, and all thy Servants, faithful, wise and zealous in all their ministrations.

Minister.-—-0 Lord God, mercifully look on all this audience, and let all be most attentive to what shall be said. And, O our Father, may we all under a spirit of humility arising from our past neglects arouse ourselves to give more attention at this time and henceforth, than ever we have yet done : and in waiting on thee in this ordinance may we truly receive spiritual and everlasting food.

Congregation.-O Lord, give us spiritual and everlasting food, that we may never die, but have eternal life.

Minister.-0 Lord our God, very graciously look on us, we beseech thee, and deal not with us according to our iniquities, but according to thy tender mercies, through our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ :


Congregation.- Amen, and amen.

[The Congregation sit.]

[The Sermon is now delivered; and is succeeded by the following Prayer, which concludes the Service.]

Minister.-Let us Pray.

[All kneel.]

Minister.-O Lord God of our Salvation, give us a right spirit to receive the reproofs and instructions that have now been administered to us in thy name. O save us from all obstinacy of mind and obduracy of heart, and from a spirit of pride and of vanity. Give us, 0 our God, to be humble and contrite before thee,

Congregation.-0 Most Holy God, give us to be humble and contrite before thee.

Minister.-0 Lord our God and our Father, give unto us we beseech thee, a holy ambition after divine things : may we reach forth to the glorious objects set before us, and press on toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus: may we fight the good fight of faith after a manly and a godly manner, and O may we lay hold on and obtain that eternal weight of glory which thou hast promised in Christ Jesus to all those who love and obey thee.

Congregation.Lord God, may we indeed fight the good fight of faith, and seize the prize of eternal life.

Minister. And now, O Lord God, of mercy pity and love, tenderly and most graciously look upon us all at the close of this service. O let us find that it is no vain thing to wait upon thee. We have humbled ourselves before thee, Most Gracious Father. We confess that our humiliations are imperfect and defiled : but, O Lord God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, remember, O remember, we beseech thee, the humiliations of Jesus Christ thy Beloved Son: holy and perfect was his humiliation before thee; and complete and glorious was the atonement which he made for us poor sinners. For his sake then, 0 our God, forgive, o forgive us, all our imperfections, and transgressions, and guilt; and accept of us, O Father of glory, and call us, and make us, in every sense, thy sons and daughters, the friends, and the brethren of thy Beloved Son, and members of thy great family in heaven and earth: and at last may we sit down with our Adorable Redeemer and thy Ever-Blessed Self in glory ineffable and eternal.

Congregation.-Father of glory, receive us now as

members of thy family, and finally receive us, through our Lord Jesus Christ, into glory eneffable and eternal.

Minister.—Now unto Him who is able to keep us from falling, and to present us faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,--to the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and for ever: amen.

Congregation.-- Amen, and amen.

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