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tress developed his utterance in this scene?-and what powers does it reveal in him?

51. What is particularly pitiful in his behavior when Cordelia's attendants come to take him to her? Why is it so?

52. What letter is discovered by Edgar through Oswald's attack upon Gloucester? How does Edgar set out to act upon it?

53. How is Lear restored? over him as he sleeps?


What are Cordelia's lines

54. What does Edgar charge Albany to do with regard to the letter he takes him?

55. How does Edmund plan the outcome of the situation and what is his charge to the captain with regard to Lear and Cordelia?

56. What is the outcome of the intrigues of the sisters, and the charge against Edmund?

57. What fatality stands in Albany's line, "Great thing of us forgot!" How is it necessary to make the event, as it is presented, consistent?

58. What is the tragic element in Edmund's line: "Yet Edmund was beloved:"—and in his final attempt to save Cordelia and Lear?

59. Describe the final rhapsody of Lear's grief.

60. What do Kent's last lines import? and what is the resolution of the situation as left between him, Albany, and Edgar? Describe the sentiment of this passage in its revelation of the characters of these men.

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