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Wuen a Preface is presented to the eye of the reader, it is natural for him to expect that it should give some account of the volume to which it is prefixed. This is a task which an author frequently finds attended with some difficulty; but in no case is the reader's expectation less likely to receive gratification, than in a preface which attempts to delineate the outline of a Magazine. In all publications of this kind, variety must be included; and in the same proportion that the articles become multifarious and diversified, the difficulty of classification increases. None but literary painters of the first eminence can draw a periodical work in miniature.

By glancing over the Index of this Third Volume, its varied contents may be perceived; but it is only by perusing the articles themselves, that the reader will be able to form his judgment upon the merits or defects of the subjects wiehate submitted to his observation.

In the prospectuses which have been circulated respecting the IMPERIAL MAGAZINE, and in the prefaces: prefixed to the two preceding volumes, the principles upon which it is.conducted have been fully avowed; and we flatter ourselves that an appeal to the volumes themselves, will justify the expectation which our readers were instructed to entertain.

The numerous testimonies of approbation which we have received from various quarters, assure us, that our Numbers have given general satisfaction, and to preserve that character which the IMPERIAL Magazine has obtained from the enlightened and judicious, we learn that little alteration will be necessary in those plans and arrangements which we have hitherto pursued. In the same course which we have adopted we hope therefore to persevere, without being warped by the dictates of bigotry, the reve. ries of enthusiasm, or the laxity of culpable indifference.

In giving encouragement to free inquiry, we hope, however, always to bear in mind, that the claims of truth are imperative; and to these we hope invariably to pay an implicit homage, without cherishing doubts respecting first principles and established propositions, or becoming the exclusive apologists for any dogmas that may have found their way into human articles or manufactured creeds.

The various questions from our correspondents, which we have introduced in nearly every number, have produced in several instances some masterly replies, and elicited many important truths. It is only by making our appeal to scriptural authority and fundamental principles, that we can perceive the distinctions which subsist between the indiscriminate adoptions of credulity, and the selections made by rational and scriptural belief.

From the investigations of several passages of holy writ which have appeared in our pages, we may learn, that all argument is


not exclusively on either side of a question. This should teach us to moderate the asperities of censure against others, who may have taken views of the same subject different from our own, and lead us to examine with caution, those opinions which offer themselves to us without a correspondent degree of evidence.

But while we thus recommend diffidence and caution, we must not forget, that, on multitudes of subjects relating to divinity, to morals, and to science, various questions may be proposed, to which no satisfactory replies can be given. He, therefore, who refuses his assent until all difficulties are removed, will live in the region of scepticism, and die without a creed.

Into the field of politics it has been rarely our lot to enter. The Imperial MAGAZINE espouses neither Whig nor Tory principles; but it embraces every opportunity of introducing articles which tend to check the progress of anarchy, or to benefit the condition of mankind. The conductors of this journal are well aware, that amįdst the fluctuations of public opinion, the orders and gradations *o£ şociety must be preserved. When these cease, civil gayernment is .bo niore; and consequently, every effort that is made to weaken the ties which bind man to man, tends to dissolve the social compact, and to introduce disorder and confusion into

The enormitie's shich are daily committed, the culprits which are arraigned, and the executions which frequently take place in the metropolis, are dreadful evidences of the prevalence of vice, the source of which may be traced to that laxity of morals, which the principles avowed in many modern publications are calculated to diffuse through society. The moral poison thus disseminated, operating upon the degeneracy of human nature, easily finds a lodgment in the heart, which no antidote can reach, and communicates a contagion which no antidote can expel. So far as human means are concerned, it is only by pre-occupying the mind with scriptural truths, with moral principles, and with just conceptions of things, that these evils can be prevented.

To several topics of natural and experimental philosophy, the pages of this volume will shew that we have not been inattentive; and various papers bear evidence, that we have not been destitute of original communications.

The plates which adorn the present volume, have been procured at a vast expense, which nothing but an extensive sale could justify, and which nothing could have induced the proprietor to risk, but a confident persuasion that his numerous subscribers would continue their patronage of the IMPERIAL MAGAZINE, and, so far as they deem it worthy of support, recommend it to their neighbours and friends.



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ABILITIES, Natural or Acquired. Replies Cain, Punishment and Mark of, ... 702

to a Query on, ... 846, 926, 1091 Caloric,.... ... 436, 528, 726, 791, 1137

Adages by Oliver Croinwell,

332 Canibalism in New Zealand,


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931, 933 Catholic Emancipation,


Adulterated Flour, to detect,


Claims, Reflections on the,.... 720

Alfred the Great,

928 Caution-Catholic Emancipation, .... 348

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-Interment of the Rennains of, 1236 Chalmers' Discourses, reviewed,

Anecdotes, 20, 77, 217, 242, 257, 331,

Sermons, Extract from, 902

332, 416, 560, 605, 976 |Chemical Essays, , 436,528, 726, 971, 1137

Anger, Remarks on,

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Animal Sociability,...

659 Children, on the Treatment of,


Antiquities, Essay on the Study of, 700 China, Christianity in,


Aretino, Leonardo, Memoirs of, 275, 302,

-Poor in,


419, 496, 627,685, 888, 1046, 1084, 1173 Chinese Vassalage,


Atheism an Absurdity,

912 Christian Biograpbical Dictionary, re-

Atonement, on the,

448, 622



Authors and Books, Observations on, 715 Christophe, Character of,

............ 745

Awful Occurrence,..

215 Cock-fighting,..


Coincidences-Sneczing the Trinity, 32

Collins, Ode to the Genius of,


Bahama and Bermuda, Inquiries respect- Comets, Observations on,


ing, ....

.863 Commercial Reports, 102, 197, 295,487,

Benefit derived from Learning, the Arts,

583, 680, 776, 871, 967, 1063, 1159

&c. ..

500 Compressibility of Water,


Benevolent Institutions,

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Bethel C'nion and Seaman's Friend Soci- Conjunctions of Saturd and Jupiter, 561, 1014

1054 Conscience, Replies to Queries on, 167, 171
Bible Society,

578, 1053, 1058 Conversations on English Grammar, re-
Biblical Colomn, or Sacred Pillar, 998


Birds' Nests, edible,

21 Cordwainers, Reply to a Query on,.... 1203

Blacow's Discourse, reviewed,

93 Coronation of His Majesty George IV. .. 765

Sentence for a Libel,


Ode on the,

Bonaparte, Death of,

774 Cottage of Pella, by J. Holland, reviewed, 668

Boston, an Account of, by Thomson, re- Cows, Advantages of Cottagers keeping, 129


948 Cruelties practised in India,

Book, Extract from an old,


Botolph, Account of the Parish Church


of St.

Botanical Information, a Request for, .. 989 Dancing condemned,

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Breaches of Tender Engagements, ... 461 | Defectibility of the Human Mind, 895

Brutes, on the Intellectual Faculties of, 308 Deism, the Folly of,


Burying in Churches, Reply to a Query

Reflections on, ...


414 Departed Spirits, Reply to a Query on,.. 998

Byron, Lord, on the Genius and Writings Devotion not to be constrained,


251, 978 Discourses by Buckworth, reviewed,

-Vindication of, 810,1016, 1113, 1115

by Chalmers, do.


Don Juan,

945 Division of the Earth, Answers to a Query

- Beneficence of,


on the,

977, 1073



....... 258


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Dreams, Letter to Mr. Baxter on,...... 835 Help in 'Nime of Need, by Bryant, re-

Dry Rot, Answer to a Query on the,




Henpecked Husband,



Hervey, Rev. James, Account of, .. 926, 996

Hindoo Superstition, ...



269, 550 History, Observations on the Study of, . 592

Strictures on Carlisle's New Huahine, Report of the Mission at, 731

System of,...


-Letters from,


Edward and Matilda, a Poem,

238 Human Knowledge, on the Origin and

Edwin and Mary,

1025 Nature of, 665, 814, 1043, 1143

Edwin's Grave, a Monody,

356 Hunt, Mr. Leigh, the Poetry of, 606, 695,
Egyptian Tomb, .

970, 1068
Envious Man, Observations on the,. 1113 Husbands, a Word of Advice to, 904
Envy and Candour, a Dialogue,... 14 | Hydrophobia, Reply to a Query on, ... 1203
Epictetus, Manual of,...

Epitaphs, 238, 634, 650, 910, 1013

I and J.

Epsom Salts, on the proper Use of, re-


576 Icebergs of Spitzbergen, the Seven, .... 29

Essential Oils, Answer to a Query on, .. 77 Jenkins, Henry, Account of,


Essays on Creation and Geology, 64, 108 Jerome of Prague, an Account of his

Eternal Election,



... 1178

Eternal Punishment, not Suffering, but Jewish Ceremonies, Reply to a Query on

Privation, reviewed,


the Abolition of,


Eve of St. Hyppolito, reviewed, 957 | Jews, the Number of in the World, 406

Evidences of Christianity, reviewed, . 1223 Incident, an affecting,


Example, on the Influence of,

225 India, Cruelties practised in,


Indictment, an ancient,



Influence of Example,


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Fact, singular, respecting a Fowl,...... 242 | Instinct and Reason,


Farmer and Grazier's Guide, by Towne, Intellectual Faculty of Brutes,


382 Intuitive Knowledge of Adam,

Fear, the Vanity of it, and how to mas-
ter it,



Female Character at Otaheite, Sketches


31 Knowledge, Futility of ancient, as con-

Females, Impropriety of triling with, 831

trasted with the Precepts of

Fishes, singular,...




Fishing, a Poem,


Human, on the Origin & Na-
Flour, to ascertain the Purity of, 849

ture of, respecting God & di-

Fooleries of the Olden Times,


vine things, 665,814, 1043, 1143

Fragments of a Day-book, by Stanislaus,

Intuitive, of Adam,


the last King of Poland, 366, 407, 539

of departed Spirits, Answer

Franklin, Anecdotes of,.


to a Query on the,


Friendship, Observations on,

1111 Knox, Captain, Account of his Captivity

Fuel, Economy in,

and Escape,


Fulfilment of a Prediction,.




Latin Lines, Translation of, 641, 690

Gambling, Extract from a Treatise on,.. 320 Leech used as a Weather-glass,

Gas, to procure,
977 Letter of the late Mr. Jones,


Genius, on the Neglect of, ...... 937, 1076 Library, Books necessary for a small, 716

Geographical Exercise Book, reviewed, 184 Life of Man, the chequered,


Geology, Essays on,.... ...... 64, 108 Light, Observations on,

983, 1080
Gibbon and Whitaker, .......

1237 Likewise and Also, Distinction between, 258

Ginger Beer, to make,

341, 428 Literary Fund, Poem on its Anniversary, 615

Gray, Mr. of Boston, Anecdote of, 78

Institution recommended, 631

Notices, 102, 198,486, 582,679,


966, 1062



Happiness, an Essay on, ...

280 Liverpool, Observations, historical and

Haryest Home, by Becker,


descriptive, respecting, 53, 145,
Hassall, Mr. Rowland, Death and Cha-

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282, 337, 468, 651, 816, 1032

racter of,

... 976 Love, on Dissimulation in,


Heathen, Salvation of the,

40, 348 Luther, Martin, Life of,

... 635

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