Mistake Earth Science: Expanding Earth Versus Plate Tectonics: Primeval Times Happened Yesterday

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Trafford Publishing, 2007 - 272 pages

In his bestseller, Darwin's Mistake, which has meanwhile been translated into ten languages, the independent private scholar and consulting civil engineer Hans-Joachim Zillmer has proved that there were megaflood processes and cataclysms but no (macro-)evolution, whereas Mistake Earth Science presents a global revolution in the truest sense of the word in an exciting format. It's a lot of fireworks of facts and evidence, but also "live" excavations with the author and visits to all continents permit a radical revision of previously imagined worlds in favor of newer, trend-setting models of thought.

The various alternative models of thought that were previously introduced by the author have meanwhile been scientifically confirmed: a shift in the earth's axis of at least 20 degrees at the time of the dinosaurs, and also some cataclysms - the "global" deluge? - at the time of human life, because genetic investigations have shown that mankind had once almost died out. Or also, for example, that birds simply don't descend from dinosaurs. Here, the author also documents each piece of evidence that is to be checked out against the theory of evolution, which thereby ends as a beautifully fictional fairy-tale.

In this book, geological and geophysical scenarios and facts are introduced that are still widely relatively unknown. How does one explain that what was previously regarded as the "cradle" of evolutionary theory is geologically too young? Because the Galapagos Islands are only a few million years old and do not stem from the time of the dinosaurs as Charles Darwin erroneously suspected. Why were the largest hippos ever swimming in the rivers of Central European, and this was during the great ice age as well? Dinosaurs once lived on all continents, even on Spitsbergen and in Alaska and at the South pole, since there was a tropical climate from pole to pole. And now even today, the polar cap ice is melting down dramatically rapidly. In a few thousand years, there will not be any more ice, just as it was during the Mesozoic era, at both poles. More and more new finds of the same dinosaur species on almost all continents, but also on both sides of the Atlantic, have put continental drift in the form in which it has been promoted until now into question. On the basis of the most recent NASA research, there could have been geo-electrical events on earth that were previously not considered possible: is continental drift an incorrectly interpreted event? Oceans virtually devoid of water, a Mediterranean that dried up, even the presence of hippos on islands such as Cyprus and other phenomena are scenarios that are not to be explained by our world view and currently observable events. The incredible claim advanced by the best-selling author of this book, that the Amazon formerly originated out of the Sahara and fed into the Pacific, was already confirmed scientifically while the book was in press. Whoever is interested in the origins and development of our planet, as well as our present biosphere, won't be able to extract himself from the fascination of this logical demonstration of evidence and will see the earth's history with completely new eyes.

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