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Far, far away! Now wakes the early bird
That in the lime's transparent foliage sings,
Close to my cottage lattice—he awakes,
To stir the young leaves with his gushing soul,
And to call forth rich answers of delight

From voices buried in a thousand trees,

Through the dim starry hours. Now doth the lake

Darken and flash in rapid interchange

Unto the matin breeze ; and the blue mist

Rolls, like a furling banner, from the brows
Of the forth-gleaming hills and woods that rise
As if new-born. Bright world! and I am here !
And thou, O thou! th' awakening thought of whom
Was more than dayspring, dearer than the sun,
Herbert! the very glance of whose clear eye


soul melt

to one pure


Of living, bounding gladness !—where art thou ?
My friend ! my only and my blessed love!
Herbert, my soul's companion !

[GOMEZ, a Spanish Priest, enters. Gomez.

Daughter, hail ! I bring thee tidings.


Heaven will aid



Calmly to meet whate’er thy lips announce.

Gomez. Nay, lift a song of thanksgiving to Heaven, And bow thy knee down for deliverance won ! Hast thou not pray'd for life? and wouldst thou not

Once more be free?


Have I not pray'd for life ? I, that am so belov'd! that love again With such a heart of tendrils? Heaven! thou know'st

The gushings of my prayer ! And would I not
Once more be free? I, that have been a child
Of breezy hills, a playmate of the fawn
In ancient woodlands from mine infancy !

A watcher of the clouds and of the stars,

Beneath the adoring silence of the night;
And a glad wanderer with the happy streams,
Whose laughter fills the mountains! Oh! to hear
Their blessed sounds again!

And lay my


Rejoice, rejoice!
Our Queen hath pity, maiden, on thy youth;
She wills not thou shouldst perish.—I am come
To loose thy bonds.

And shall I see his face,
And shall I listen to his voice again,


his faithful breast,
Weeping there in my gladness? Will this be?-
Blessings upon thee, father! my quick heart
Hath deem'd thee stein—say, wilt thou not forgive
The wayward child, too long in sunshine rear’d,
Too long unus'd to chastening? Wilt thou not?---
But, Herbert, Herbert! Oh, my soul hath rush'd
On a swift gust of sudden joy away,
Forgetting all beside! Speak, father, speak !
Herbert-is he too free?


Ilis freedom lies

In his own choice-a boon like thine.


Thy words Full changed and cold upon my boding heart.

Leave not this dim suspense o'ershadowing me.

Let all be told.


The monarchs of the earth

Shower not their mighty gifts without a claim
Unto some token of true vassalage,
Some mark of homage.

Oh! unlike to Him,

Who freely pours the joy of sunshine forth,
And the bright quickening rain, on those who serve

And those who heed him not !

Gomez, (laying a paper before her.) Is it so much That thine own hand should set the crowning seal To thy deliverance ? Look, thy task is here! Sign but these words for liberty and life.

Edith, (examining and then throwing it from her.) Sign but these words! and wherefore saidst thou not, “ Be but a traitor to God's light within ?”. Cruel, oh, cruel! thy dark sport hath been With a young bosom's hope! Farewell, glad life!

Bright opening path to love and home farewell!
And thou—now leave me with my God alone!

Gomez. Dost thou reject Heaven's mercy ?

Heaven's ! doth Heaven

Woo the free spirit for dishonour'd breath
To sell its birthright? doth Heaven set a price
On the clear jewel of unsullied faith,
And the bright calm of conscience? Priest, away!

God hath been with me 'midst the holiness

Of England's mountains—not in sport alone
I trod their heath-flowers--but high thoughts rose up
From the broad shadow of the enduring rocks,
And wander'd with me into solemn glens,
Where my soul felt the beauty of His word.
I have heard voices of immortal truth,

Blent with the everlasting torrent-sounds
That make the deep hills tremble.—Shall I quail ?
Shall England's daughter sink?_No! He who there
Spoke to my heart in silence and in storm,
Will not forsake his child !

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