A New Pocket Companion for Oxford: Or, Guide Through the University: Containing an Accurate Description of the Public Edifices, the Buildings in Each of the Colleges; the Gardens, Statues, Pictures, Hieroglyphicks, and All Other Curiosities in the University. With an Historical Account of the Foundation of the Several Colleges, and Their Present State. To which are Added, Descriptions of the Buildings, Tapestry, Paintings, Sculptures, Temples, Gardens, &c. at Blenheim, Ditchley, Heythrop, Nuneham and Stow, the Seats of His Grace the Duke of Marlborough, the Right Honourable the Earls of Litchfield, Shrewsbury, and Harcourt; and the Marquis of Buckingham

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J. Cooke, near the Clarendon Printing-House., 1796 - 152 pages

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Page 129 - My love, my life, said I, explain This change of humour : pr'ythee, tell : That falling tear — What does it mean ? She sigh'd ; she smil'd : and to the flowers Pointing, the lovely moralist said : See, friend, in some few fleeting hours, See yonder, what a change is made. Ah me! the blooming pride of May, And that of beauty are but one: At morn both...
Page 104 - BRIDGE, chiefly confifting of three Arches, the Centre one of which is larger than the Rialto at Venice : the Water is formed into a fpacious Lake, which covers the whole Extent of a capacious Valley...
Page 121 - Damafk, and the following Pictures : On one fide of the Chimney, the Holy Family, a celebrated Picture, by Barocci, known by the name of la Madonna della Gatta, from the Cat in one corner. It...
Page 64 - Stapledon.Hall, after has own Name. He founded a Society confifting of Thirteen, ie A Rector and twelve Fellows ; one of whom, the Chaplain, to be appointed by the Dean and Chapter of Exeter; eight to be...
Page 58 - Scotland, firft defigned the Foundation of this College for the Education of Scholars, to whom he gave yearly Exhibitions; but dying before he purchafed Land, he recommended the Defign to his Widow Devorguilla, Daughter of Alexander III.
Page 60 - Nor will the curious obferver be at much lofs, by the ftriking likenefles in the four figures, in difcovering they are the then Pope, Kings of France and Spain, and Titian, in the characters of our Saviour, his Difciples, and Servant. On the north fide of the Choir, in a marble urn, inclofed in a filver veflel, is the heart of Dr. Richard Rawlinfon, with this fmgular infcription : " Ubl thefaurus, ibi car" In this Chapel cathedral fervice is performed twice a day, at eight and fix.
Page 12 - When properly filled, the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor being feated in the centre of the femicircular part, the Noblemen and Doc/tors on his right and left hand, the Proctors and Curators in their robes, the Mafters of Arts, Bachelors and Under-Graduats, in their refpe<flive habits and places, together with ftrangers of both fexes, it makes a moft auguft appearance.
Page 36 - South, and the Chapel at the North End of it. In this old Quadrangle is a Dial, contrived by that ingenious Architect Sir...
Page 116 - Merchant (temp. Ol. Cromwell) Knighted in 1660, by King Charles II, and made Lieutenant of the Tower. From the Robinfons it defcended to David Earl of Wemys, (who married Mary, daughter and...
Page 27 - Horse, carrying his young one upon his shoulders. This is the emblem of a good Tutor, or Fellow of a College, who is set to watch over the youth of the Society, and by whose prudence they are to be led through the dangers of their first entrance into the world.

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