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which I especially valued, as it was Hon. Josiah Quincy. The writer, the sword which I held in my hand, a resident of South Carolina, stated enclosed in its scabbard, when I that he had in his possession the was wounded at the battle of Cold sword of Lieutenant William H. Harbor, June 3, 1864. The blood- Hodgkins, Thirty-sixth Massachustains on the scabbard were not setts Vols., and that he would removed at the time, and when return it to Lieutenant Hodgkins if later I discovered them I let them living. Major Hodgkins, who is remain, it being my purpose to

to well known in Boston in military preserve the sword as a memorial and political circles, was an officer of a day which would have to me in my regiment. He lost his sword life-long memories. But the officer under the following circumstances, who was in command of the Con- while the regiment was in East federate picket-line at the point Tennessee in the autumn of 1863. where I was captured demanded Major Hodgkins, then adjutant of my sword, this sword which I de- the regiment, while at home on sired so much to keep. I reluc- leave, left his sword at the headtantly handed it to him, and at the quarters of the regiment. During same time I expressed my mind his absence Orderly Sergeant John somewhat freely on account of what K. Fairbank, of Co. K, received a I regarded as bad faith on the part commission as second lieutenant, of the Confederates in making the and as he had had no opportunity capture. Believing that I would be to procure a sword of his own, he returned to our own lines as soon as was allowed to use the adjutant's I should reach an officer of higher sword. At the battle of Campbell's rank, and relate the circumstances Station, about sixteen miles below of the capture, I asked the name Knoxville, Nov. 16, 1863, Lieutenof the officer who demanded my ant Fairbank was wounded in the sword in order that I might secure leg, as we were falling back from it on my return to our lines. He the crossroads upon our main line, gave his name as Captain James the enemy pressing us heavily at A. Summers, Co. A, 33d North the time. Lieutenant Fairbank's Carolina Troops. As it

men succeeded in bringing him finally determined that I should be with them, but Lieutenant Hodgheld as a prisoner of war, my ex

kins's sword was left on the field in pectation of a release was not real- the excitement of the effort to save ized, and consequently I did not

Lieutenant Fairbank from capture. recover the sword which was taken As the Confederates advanced, a from me at the time of my capture. South Carolina soldier found the

In May of the present year, in sword. It had been given to Lieuone of the issues of the Boston tenant Hodgkins by the SundayJournal, a letter was printed ad- school of the First Congregational dressed to the Mayor of Boston, church in Charlestown, Mass., and

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had engraved upon one of the MIDDLESBOROUGH, Ky.,
bands the
of Lieutenant

June 15, '97. Hodgkins and the source of the gift. To the Editor of the Commer

Major Hodgkins wrote to the cial:-Having seen a clipping from person in South Carolina who had a North Carolina paper, that Major addressed Mayor Quincy, and in Henry S. Burrage of Maine was due time received his long-lost desiring very much to ascertain sword. The correspondence I had whether Captain James A. Sumwith Major Hodgkins in reference mers of Company A, Thirty-third to his sword suggested the possibil- North Carolina regiment, was still ity that I might also find and re- alive, as he desired to recover from cover my own long-lost sword, and him a sword that was taken from early in June I wrote to the Hon. him in 1864, in front of Petersburg, Daniel L. Russell, governor of when he was captured by Captain North Carolina, stating the circum- Summers, I thought, perhaps, stances under which the sword was being personally acquainted with taken from me, and asking if he Captain Summers, who lives here could give me the address of Captain in Middlesborough, Ky., that a Summers. Governor Russell caused communication to the Commercial my letter to be published in some of might assist Major Burrage in tracthe papers of the state. The Land- ing down the long-lost sword. mark, a paper published in States- I have held a full and complete ville, among others, inserted it and consultation with Captain Summers, in connection with its publication who well remembers the sword in the editor suggested that perhaps question and relates the incident, as some of the readers of the paper he says, almost word for word, that could give the desired information. brought about the arrest and capture In a few days the Landmark made of Major Burrage and the taking of this announcement : “ Mr. T. P. his sword from him.

But I regret Summers, of Snow Creek, this to say that Captain Summers incounty, says Captain James A. forms me that he did not keep the Summers is his brother and he is sword, from the fact that there was now living at Middlesborough, Ky. some dispute who should have it, Mr. Summers does not know, how- whether it should be Captain Sumever, whether or not his brother

or another officer named has the sword.”

Teague, and whose initials he canJune 19, the following letter not remember; it was left to appeared in the columns of the committee which decided that Bangor Commercial, addressed to Teague should have the sword. At the editor by F. D. Goodwin, Esq., the time of the capture of Major of Middlesborough, Ky., with an Burrage, Teague's home was in introductory note. In the letter, Alexander county, N. C. Captain Mr. Goodwin wrote:

Summers also informs me that he



does not know whether Teague is Perhaps the enclosed clipping from living or dead, and that he has not the Landmark of Statesville, N. seen or heard of him since the close C., may aid you, and trusting that of the war; he was either captain it may, or lieutenant, Summers does not I am, very truly yours, remember which. I hope you will

Jos. E. ALEXANDER, give this a space in your paper that

Private Secretary. Major Burrage may read it, as it Captain Henry S. Burrage, Portmay aid him in finding Mr. Teague

land, Me. and the long-lost sword.

It appears that a copy of the F. D. GOODWIN.

Landmark, in which my letter to The note to the editor of the Governor Russell was published, Commercial that accompanied this

was sent to Captain Summers by letter was as follows:

J. F. Arnsfield, Esq., of Statesville, “I assure you that I have a

N. C., to whom Captain Summers warm spot in my heart for the peo- wrote June 14, 1897, as follows: ple of Maine, from the fact that

DEAR SIR: Yours in regard to Maine is my native state, Penob

sword received. The officer states scot county my home county, and

the circumstances of the arrest corHudson the town of my


rectly. I that day was in charge where all my people now live. I

of the picket line of Lane's North feel under great obligation to the citizens of my native state, to do

Carolina Brigade. About that time

the exchange of papers had become them a favor be it ever so small. I would have written directly to

so common that General Lee had

issued an order forbidding it. The Major Burrage, if I had known his

officer in question advanced to withpostoffice address, but as it is I

in about one hundred yards of my hope that my communication will reach him through the Commercial.line, and attracted my attention by

striking a tree and exhibiting a This letter was reprinted in the

paper. I directed a subordinate Portland Advertiser of June 21,

officer to order him to our lines. otherwise it might not have come

He came
and surrendered

his under my eye. About the same time sword, but claimed it was not fair. I received from the private secretary I felt in one sense that it was not of Governor Russell of North Caro- quite and ordered him sent under lina the following note :

guard to brigade headquarters, that STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA,

the question might be determined. EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT,

I could do nothing else in obedience RALEIGH, June 17, 1897. to General Lee's orders. I, as offiDEAR SIR: I gave your letter of cer of the day, and the subordinate, some days ago to the papers and both claimed the sword in question, seemingly with favorable results. and a committee was appointed to determine who should have it, and third North Carolina regiment, was they decided against me. I now

the commanding officer of Lane's remember the name of only one Brigade picket on the occasion and man connected with the whole mat- sent the Federal officer to the regiter and cannot say if he was one of mental headquarters, retaining his the committee or the one who got sword. Lieutenant Teague also the sword, but am inclined to be- claimed the sword, and was so perlieve that he got the sword, but can

sistent in his demands that a comnot say positively. His name was mission, called to decide whose it Teague, of Alexander county. I was, awarded it to him, and he sent think he belonged to the Seventh it to his home in Alexander county, North Carolina regiment. How- N. C., as he afterward stated. ever, you people of Statesville will Lieutenant Teague has been dead be able to trace him if he is liv- several years. If Captain Suming and obtain the desired informa- mers cannot supply the information, tion.

it possibly can be had by addressYours truly,

ing Hon. R. E. Linney, WashingJ. A. SUMMERS,

ton, D. C., who is a resident of Ex-Captain Company A, Thirty- Alexander county, a personal friend third Regiment, North Carolina of Lieutenant Teague, and will Troops.

doubtless be able to refer you to The following letter, which I re

some member of his family, and ceived shortly after the above came

thus get the desired information, as into my hands, explains more fully the incident referred to in The the ground on which Lieutenant Landmark and the one I have in Teague claimed my sword:

mind are very likely the same af

fair. If you care to do so, I would MOORESVILLE, N. C., be obliged for a particular account

June 21, 1897. of the capture, stating distance from DEAR Sir: The enclosed clip- Federal and Confederate lines and ping from The Landmark, publish- did the one demanding the surrened at Statesville, N. C., recalls to der advance with gun in hand. I my mind an incident that I rather also belonged to the Seventh North suspect is the one referred to. In Carolina regiment, and was not on the winter of 1864, Lieutenant R. duty that day, but heard the matter H. Teague, Company K, Seventh talked about at the time. I think I North Carolina regiment, captured have the material facts about cora Federal officer while endeavoring rect, but have forgotten details, to exchange papers in front of the and on this account the incident is picket of the Seventh North Caro- invested with historical interest to lina regiment, on the Petersburg me. lines near the Jones' house. Cap

Truly yours, tain Summers, Company A, Thirty



In my reply to this letter, I gave commission was called, and in acCaptain Harris an account of the cordance with its judgment, and circumstances connected with my very properly so, as Captain Sumcapture, and received from him the mers had neither demanded nor following letter in answer:

compelled the surrender, the sword

was given to Lieutenant Teague MOORESVILLE, N. C., and by him sent to his home in

June 29, 1897. Alexander county, N. C., with the Major Henry S. Burrage, Port- expressed determination of keeping land, Me.:

it as long as he lived. The affair My Dear Sir: Replying to your and there was some disposition to

was by many at the time regretted, very kind letter of the 24th inst., I

Lieutenant Teague for wish to repeat somewhat more fully my first statement: that First when it transpired that he had in

seemingly acting in bad faith, but Lieutenant R. H. Teague, Com

no way enticed the Federal officer pany K, Seventh North Carolina

to his line, then his action was apregiment, captured a Federal officer in front of the picket of his regi- and also by his regimental com

proved by his comrades in arms, ment on the Petersburg lines in the

mander. As before stated, Lieuvicinity of the Jones' house in the

tenant Teague has been dead sevearly winter of 1864. Lieutenant

eral years. I hope you will sucTeague stated that the officer came

ceed in recovering your sword, for within easy range of his line, dis- I can well imagine that it has a played a newspaper, and not being value to you that could not possibly aware of any previous arrangement attach to any other person. in regard to swapping papers, he

Yours sincerely, very naturally supposed that the

J. S. HARRIS. officer approached for purposes of observation, and acting on that be- It will be seen that neither Caplief he demanded an immediate sur- tain Summers nor Captain Harris render. Captain Summers, Com- makes any mention of the exchange pany A, Thirty-third North Caro- of papers effected in the morning lina regiment, was the command- of the day on which I was captured, ing officer of Lane's Brigade picket and I accordingly wrote to Captain and happened to be present, and Harris asking if Lieutenant Teague assumed charge of the captured was in command of his regimental officer and his arms by virtue of his picket line on the morning of Norank. Lieutenant Teague, finding vember ist, 1864, when I exchanged that Captain Summers was disposed newspapers at the same point where to retain the sword, made a formal I was captured in the afternoon. I demand for it, and to decide the also asked him other questions which ownership, as between them, he answered in the following letter:


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