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gain in the last year, and has a strong I have no doubt, in a clear and able influence in the national department. manner." The convention held at Binghamton, N. Y., August 18-21, wielded a

ADJUTANT-GENERAL'S REPORT. strong influence in the interest of all

AUBURN, October 30, 1896. honorably discharged soldiers and

Maj.-Gen. Chas. S. Emerson, Comseamen. The convention was greeted

mander of Department of Maine, with a welcome from His Honor the

U. V'. U.: Mayor, George E. Green, who turned over the city, with pleasure, to the

GENERAL I have the honor to honorable scarred veterans,

who herewith submit my report, as adjutreated the charge with sobriety, tant-general of this department for morality, and humility. A more the year that has now drawn to a detailed account of the convention close: will be given by General C. W. Wood, When you assumed command of the commander-in-chief, whom we this department, it consisted of fifhave the honor of having present at teen precinct commands though two this convention.

or three of them merely held an exist"Comrades, while we bid farewell ence without much sign of life. Our to the year, with its pleasant memo- first move was to put ourselves in ries that have passed on through the touch with each command, ascertain flight of time, we look forward to a its condition and encourage them to glorious future. The Department of work together for the upbuilding of Maine Union Veterans' union is the order in this department. We under obligations to the brave men found that most of the comrades who stood shoulder to shoulder to were in full sympathy with the prindefend a grateful country in time of ciples of the order, but in some its great peril. What makes this places where the field is small, and organization possible, will soon pass but few are eligible to our ranks, it is into that great future from whose hard to maintain a command, and in bourne no traveller returns. To the such places we consider it better to officers of the department, I wish to let the command surrender its return my thanks for the prompt charter, and advise the comrades, and efficient manner in which they when practical, to transfer their have performed their duty in our membership to larger commands. year's labor, always prompt when According to the adjutants' reports duty called. I wish to extend the from the third quarter of 1895, endthanks of this department for the ing September 30th, there were three kindness received at the hands of hundred and twenty-six members in the Ladies' Relief and Mireck Com- good standing, and on September mand, No. 2, at Brunswick last year. 30th, 1896, the adjutants' reports The detailed reports of the past give four hundred and sixty, making year's work will be given by the sub- a net gain of one hundred and thirtyordinate officers of this department, four.





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The following is a detailed report meetings, but the indications are that of the growth of the order in this they will immediately start up again, department the last year, ending and we may expect to see a good, September 30, 1896:

live command there. From most of Whole number Sept. 30, 1895,

the commands we receive the most encouraging reports, and as will be

seen by the above figures, a good, By muster,

healthy growth has taken place durBy transfer,

ing the year, notwithstanding the By reinstated.

number lost by discontinuance of Total,


some commands.

The order can now be considered

in a good, healthy condition in the By death,


department. As its principles beBy transfer,

come better known to the old solBy suspended,


diers, the most friendly feeling is By discharge,

manifest towards it by those who are By commands surrend'd

not eligible to its ranks, and those charter,

30 47

who are eligible are rallying to our Net gain.

standard. 134 134

The department officers have been Total membership,

460 hindered in rendering prompt returns During that time there have been

to headquarters by the negligence of five new commands organized, name

a few of the adjutants and quarteriy, Custer, No. 16, at Foxcroft, with

masters of precinct commands in

I fifteen charter members; Elisha N. making their quarterly returns. Jones, No. 17, at Brewer, twenty

trust that there will be an improvecharter members ; Gorham A. Fol

ment in that respect in the future.

Most of the officers have been very som, No. 18, at Oldtown, nineteen charter members ; Abraham Lincoln, prompt. No. 19, Skowhegan, twenty-four

I thank you, General, and all of the charter members; Edwin P. Hill,

comrades throughout the departNo. 20, Bucksport, twenty-three ment, for the pleasant relations that

have existed between us. charter members. Two commands, R. M. Stevens, No. 7, of Biddeford

Respectfully submitted, and Eben Whitcomb, No. II, Sears

J. Edwin NYE, port, have surrendered their charters

Adj. Gen. Dept. of Ve., U. V. U. and returned their supplies. Octo

QUARTERMASTER-GENber 6th, I received official notice that Bailey command, No. 14, at Mechanic

LEWISTON, ME., Oct. 30, 1896. Falls had voted to surrender its To the Officers and Members of the charter, but the property has not yet

Department of Maine, L'nion Veterbeen received. 0. 0. Howard com- ans' Union, in reunion : mand, No. 9, at Lisbon holds no COMRADES I have the honor to




make the following report for the the pleasure of visiting several comyear ending October 30, 1896: Cash mands in the United States and received from all sources, see cash have seen none more enthusiastic or book, $317.78.

better conducted than Sedgwick Cash paid out on all accounts, see Command, No. 5, and I am much cash book. $302.41 ; cash balance pleased to report that all the comon hand, $15.37.

mands of this department are in a Respectfully submitted in F., C. & L., fairly prosperous condition, and I ex

PHIL P. GETCHELL, pect during the coming year a pros

Ass't Q. M. General. perous and healthy increase. Department of Maine, Union Vet. Respectfully submitted, erans' Union.


Assistant Inspector-General. REPORT OF INSPECTOR GENERAL. AUBURN, ME., Oct. 30, 1896.

REPORT OF CHIEF MUSTERING OFFICER. To the Department Commander and

AUGUSTA, October, 1896. Comrades of the Union Veterans' Col. J. Edwin Nye, Adjutant-General Union of the Third Department Department of Maine U. 1. l'. Encampment :

Comrades : COMRADES I herewith submit I have the honor to report that my annual report as inspector-general during the year five new commands for department of Maine for the past have been instituted. On April 30th, year. I would most respectfully re- Charles W. Lowell Command, No. port that I have attended to all the 16 (afterward changed to Custer) duties pertaining to my office as was organized by Colonel F. E. called upon by our worthy depart. De Meritt and myself at Foxcroft ment commander. I first inspected with fourteen charter members. On the command and installed the offi- May 8, Elisha N. Jones Command, cers of the M. J. Jackson Command, No. 17, was organized at Brewer by No. 4. in Lewiston. I found this Colonel De Merritt with twenty command in a fairly prosperous con- charter members. On May 12, the dition and under the adverse cir- same comrade organized Gorham A. cumstances, having all property and Folsom Command, No. 18, at Oldrecords destroyed by fire, the colo- town with nineteen charter members. nel and several members of this com- On May 25, Abraham Lincoln Command deserve the highest praise in mand, No. 19, was organized by the even keeping this command at the same comrade with twenty-four charfront.

ter members. On June 6th, Edwin I next inspected and installed the P. Hill Command, No. 20, with officers of Sedgwick Command, No. twenty-three charter members, was 5, at Auburn. I have no words of organized by Comrade De Merritt at sufficient praise to extend to this, Bucksport, Me. one of the youngest and largest I regret to say that it was impossicommands in the state. I have had ble for me to give the time required



for a canvass of localities for new aging that auxiliary, and advocated commands, and therefore have not their establishment in every combeen more successful in gaining a mand. He stated that the president greater membership, nor do I deem of the State Union and several assoit advisable to charge more than the ciates were in the anteroom and charter fee to any new command as would be pleased to present their long as the amount of $10 is the

Department Commander apamount set down in the rules and pointed Comrade W. S. Norcross a regulations of your Union. It will committee to escort the ladies to the always be a source of dissatisfaction hall, and a recess of ten minutes was with the comrades when the whole declared. sum collected is withheld.

The committee presented Mrs. Respectfully submitted, in F., C. & L., Elizabeth Hackett of Saco, President LEWIS SELBING,

of the Department of Maine Women's Mustering Officer. Veterans' Relief Union, and associ

ates. The report of the committee on

Mrs. Hackett advocated the credentials showed sixty-three dele- claims of the Union to the earnest gates present beside thirteen mem

support of the commands, and made bers of the department entitled to

known the principles and object

of the seats, making about a hundred veter

Union, and stated that

there ans all told.

two Unions in the

the other in A feature of the session was the state ; one in Saco, remarks of Chaplain-in-Chief Ayer.

Brunswick. When the ladies retired, The several reports were referred the encampment was again called to to the executive committee as fol- order, and committee appointed to lows :

escort the commander-in-chief to the William S. Noyes, Charles 0. hall, entered and presented General Wadsworth, Lewis Selbing, M. H. Charles W. Wood of Worcester, Dorsey, W. H. Niles, Frank F. Goss, Commander-in-Chief of Union VeterEmander Gilpatrick.

ans' Union. The encampment reCommander Emerson appointed

DeEmerson appointed ceived him with due honors. the following committee to meet partment Commander Emerson inCommander-in-Chief Woods in the vited him to a seat on the platform afternoon: Comrades Lord of Saco, and in behalf of the Department of Goss of Auburn, and Perkins of Maine, gave him a hearty welcome. Waterville.

General Wood responded in ear

nest and eloquent words, expressed AFTERNOON SESSION.

his pleasure in meeting and greeting After the nomination of the vari- the comrades of Maine, and complioris elective officers, Department mented the department on having Chaplain P. R. Goodrich addressed such a large and earnest encampment. the encampment on the noble work spoke of the interest in the order of the Women's Veterans' Relief throughout the country, as he found Union, and the importance of encour- it in his visit to all of the encamp

ments, and asked the support and Resolved, That as battlefield solcoöperation of all comrades.

diers, we greet all veterans and only On motion of Comrade H. G. desire to remind them that the best Lord, voted that a committee of three soldiers make the best citizens, and be appointed to ask the legislature of need not caution them that in the Maine to protect the button of our great battle of life we must be “ on order from being worn by any per- guard” for God and nation. son not a member of the order. Com- Resolved, That we extend our earrades H. G. Lord, W. H. Miles, and nest thanks to all transportation lines J. W. P. Johnson were appointed that that gave reduced rates to the encommittee. The executive committee campment, also to Sedgwick Comreported that they had examined the mand, No. 5, Union Veterans' Union reports of the officers and recommend for the earnest hospitality shown, that they be accepted. Report and to the ladies of Auburn, who so adopted.

pleasantly served us. The committee on resolutions re- Resolved, That the proceedings of ported as follows:

the third annual encampment be The third annual encampment of published in full as nearly as possible the Union Veterans' Union of the in the MAINE BUGLE, and thus beDepartment of Maine assembled in come an official record. Auburn, Oct. 3oth, 1896, with a full Report accepted and resolutions appreciation of the importance of adopted. their utterances, do hereby

Colonel J. W. P. Johnson recomResolve, That we desire all veteran mended that a flag be purchased for soldiers and sailors to fully under- the use of the department, and Comstand, that the organization of Union rades Johnson, Savage, and Getchell Veterans' Union is not antagonistic were appointed a committee to reto any other organized body of sur- ceive contributions for that object. vivors of the late War of the Rebel. More than half the needed amount lion, but on the contrary, is in full was then raised. sympathy with them all, and stands The hour for the election of officers ready to labor hand in hand for the was reached, and comrades William general fraternity, and to further all T. Eustis, A. B. Perkins, and J. P. action to advance their interests. Cilley were appointed to receive,

Resolved, That we present to our sort, and count votes. The following senators and representatives to con- were elected : gress our earnest request that the Department Commander.-M. A. joint resolutions already passed, may Murphy, Lewiston. be given the full force of positive First Deputy Commander.--J. W. law, to the end that in all governmen- P. Johnson, Gardiner. tal appointments, preference shall Second Deputy

Deputy Commander. always be given to veteran soldiers George M. Lovering, Waterville. and sailors, all other requirements Surgeon General.-Dr. W. S. Norbeing equal.

cross, Lewiston.

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