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“ And now," said Mr. Gracelove,“ before we proceed to take a survey of the various beautiful and splendid objects that surround us, we cannot do better than pay a friendly visit to the larder of Mr. Robinson, the proprietor of the comfortable little inn called the ‘ Fish. At the present moment,” he continued, regarding his juvenile party with a playful inquiring look, I am inclined to believe that an examination of its contents will be quite as interesting as a sight of 'Scale Force' in all its watery grandeur.”

This appeal was instantly responded to without a single dissentient voice; and pursuing their way a few hundred yards further, they alighted from their horses at the door of mine host of the Fish.”

It was soon ascertained that, in addition to beef-steaks, they could be regaled with some delicious char, which had been caught in the lake a few hours before their arrival. The order was immediately given to prepare the repast forthwith, and, in the mean time, they sauntered about the vicinity, from every point of which the eye ranges on all that is delightful in nature.

While the party were thus agreeably occupied, they were approached by a poor African, whose sable complexion, and subdued demeanour, powerfully arrested their attention. He carried in his hand a number of tracts, issued by that admirable institution, the Religious Tract Society, by the sale of which, and by begging, he procured a scanty and precarious subsistence. Mr. and Mrs. Gracelove made many kind inquiries with respect to the quarter of Africa from which he came, and the circumstances which had brought him to Cumberland.

The little history of himself was brief, and contained a recital of that hapless lot which has befallen so many thousands of his unfortunate countrymen. He stated his having been captured by men-stealers in his own country, excited by the fearful

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