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1. Portrait of her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, engraved by special Permission of

the Duke of Gloucester, from the Picture in the possession of his Royal Highness,

painted by Sir W. Beechey.
2. Song, set to Music by Mr Braham, expressly for this Work.
3. Three whole length Portraits, and four Head Dresses of the London Fashions.
4. Three whole length Portraits of the Parisian Fashions, with Head Dresses,-for the Month

of March.
5. Four New Patterns of elegant Needle-Work.

... 69


Description of the Carnival at Paris, and the Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales 65 Fete de Longchamp

93 Public Recreations in Paris, (continued from ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. our last)

100 On the Use of the Fables of Mythology Solution of the Inquiry, “who was the Man FAMILIAR LECTURES ON USEFUL in the Iron Mask ?”


SCIENCES. Account of the Almanack of Liege, the Proto

Letters on Botany, from a Lady to her Friend 102 type of the Celebrated Almanack of Francis Moore - ...

Letters to a Young Lady on the Science of 71

Perspective, (with an Explanatory Print) 105 Present mode of Feniale Education considered ; with Hints for its Improvement


Alzadin; or the Maze of Life explored ; an
Eastern Tale

An account of the British Institution for the

75 Ferdinand de Guimaraens : a Portuguese Tale

Promotion of the Fine Arts in the United of the Thirteenth Century


108 Ladies Toilette ; or, Encyclopædia of Beauty


POETRY AND MUSIC. On the Propensity of Women to Dress 79

Song, Composed exclusively for this Work On the choice of Colours

by Mr. Braham

110 On Beauty

Poetry, Original and Select

110-113 On th: Bosom

79 On the Hands


RETROSPECT OF POLITICS, for the Cross Purposes, a Dialogue


Month of March, 1906. Letters to a Young Lady, introductory to a

Public Amusements for the preceding Month 115 Knowledge of the World

81 The Beau Monde, or History of the New


84 A Biographical Sketch of a celebrated Living character, under a fictitious Name 87


London Fashions for the Month of April, BEAUTIES OF MODERN LITERATURE.

with Descriptive Prints Gentianu, or Beauties selected from the Works Parisian Fashions for the Month of April,

of the celebrated Madame Genlis . . 91 with Descriptive Prints Description of the Progress of Society and General Observations on Fashions

Manners in Scotland, from Stark's Picture Leiter on the Use of Rouge
of Edinburgh published in the preceding Belinda, on the Adoption of Bouqueits .

94 Supplementary Advertisements for ihe Month.

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London : Printed by our for J BELL, Southampton Street, Strand. April 1, 1806.


WE have to return our thanks to many of those early Friends of our Work, whose Communications have appeared in our present Number. We solicit a repetition of their favours, and offer freely to them, and to others, the pages of our Magazine, for the discussion of whatever is interesting and elegant, or anywise bearing upon the important points of domestic life and character.

There are many who might wish to address admonitory, or other Letters, to friends or relations, who would not choose to appear in their own names. It is well known that such was the case with the Spectator, and with the earlier Numbers of our most celebrated Periodical Publications; the greater part of the Letters of which, and particularly of those which have been most admired and considered as Letters of Life and Character, were actually sent with this covert purpose-that of conveying, under the assumed fiction of a story, of exactly resembling circumstances, some precept or admonition, which could not have been communicated, or would not have been attended to, in any direct manner. To Correspondents of this class our Magazine is respectfully offered, as a delicate and most suitable vehicle for this covert, and not least effectual method of precept and admonition.

The Culinary System will be continued in our next.

We have to regret the loss of our Correspondent who faroured us with the article on Heraldry in our last; but we have obtained the assistance of another Gentleman, intimately acquainted with this Science, who will resume it in our next Number.

We thank BELINDA for her Letter.

H. S.'s Poetry is very good, but the si:bject is too grare. We are not partial to blank verse; but shall be glad to hear from him in any other metre.

The Acrostic on Cupid's punishment is translated from the French.

The Tale entitled the Sisters, came to hand; but we can never insert a Tale to be continued, without being first possessed of the whole of the MS.

The future Correspondence of the Author of the admirable Letter on the use of Rouge," is carnestly solicited by the Proprietors of this work.

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Printed as the Act Directa for John Bell Jarch 38.180 6. Southampton Street Strand.

Exclusively for his Publication et la Belle Aisemblé.


For MARCH, 1806.




The Second Number.


CAROLINE AMELIA ELIZABETH, first, Charlotte-Georgiana-Augusta, the the present Princess of Wales, and wife of eldest, born Dec. 9, 1761; married, Oct. 11, his Royal Highness George Prince of 1780, Frederick-William, now Duke of Wales, was born May 17, 1763. She is Wirtemberg-Stutgard, lately created King the second daughter of the present Duke of Wirtemberg by the Emperor of the of Brunswick, of the Electoral line of French, (by whom she had two sons and a Hanover, and of consequence, closely daughter), and died in 1791. The present connected before her marriage with the Duke of Wirtemberg is brother to the Royal Family of Great Britain.

Empress of Russia: he was born on Nov. The following genealogical account of 7, 1754; and on May 19, 1797, married, her Royal Highness will explain her con- secondly, to Charlotte-Augusta-Matilda, nection with the Royal Family of Eng- Princess Royal of England: second daughland, and is sufficiently ample for our ter, Carolina-Amelia Clizabeth, born May purpose:

17, 1768, was married, April 8, 1795, to Frederick-Lewis, late Prince of Wales, her cousin, the Prince of Wales, and has father of his present Majesty, was born issue Charlotte-Carolina-Augusta, born on January 20, 1707. Married, April 20, January 7th, 1796. 1736, Augusta, daughter of Frederick II. In the short sketch which we propose to Duke of Saxe-Gotha, and great aunt to give of her Royal Highness, it might be the present Duke; by whom (who died difficult to confine ourselves altogether Feb. 8, 1772) he had the following issue; within those limits which respect for her and died March 20, 1751, during the life-exalted character and rank would prescribe, time of his father.

and at the same time to produce an acFirst, Augusta, born July $1, 1737 ; count which should convey interest and married to the present Duke of Bruns- instruction. We shall therefore extract wick-Wolfenbuttel, Jan. 17, 1764, by whom from the writings of a German traveller she had issue three sons, viz. first, Charles- who was intimately acquainted with her George-Augustus, born Feb. 8, 1766 ; mar- Royal Highness, such an account as will ried, Oct. 14. 1790, Frederica-Louisa-Wil-lendear her to all those subjects whom she helmina, daughter of the late Stadtholder; is destined to reign over in future. second, George-William-Christian, born The following extract is from Travels in June 27, 1769; third, William-Frederick, England, in the year 1909, by Joachim born Oct. 9, 1771: and three daughters; Henry Campe. It is proper to observe,

No. II. Vol. I.

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