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not altogether what the political world expected. Those upon Colonial Service not to be disThis, however, is not so much to its disc reddit; chargel till six months after the expiration of in the variety of party prejudic's, and the ex their term, and then sent home free of expence. travagant expectations of hope and fear, it Corporal puni hment to be commuted into loss would have been difficult to have suggested any of the benefit of the time served. thing which could have pleased eyery one.

In the Cavalry and Artillery a longer time beThe limits of our Magazine will not admit the ing required to obtain the necessary dexterity of length of discussion which the importance of the exercise, instead of three terms of seven years, subject requires, we shall therefore content our the first term to be ten years, the second six, and selves with stating his proposed amendments the third five. under their respective heads. We are the more The present Regular Army to have the benefit readily induced to this as furnishing our readers of Chelsea, to take place immediately, i. e. sixwith the means of better comprehending such a pence additional per week to those who have mass of matter.

served seven years; nine pence per week to those Under the head of the Reguiars, the former who are in the second class; and one shilling to service for life is to be exchanged into service those in the third. for a term of years,--seven years being the first The Militia,- to be recruited, not by ballot, period; after which the inen enlisted may de- but by bounties. mand their discharge, or enlist again for a second, The Volunteers,--to be confined to such as and afterwards a third period, of seven more each. are willing to bear their own expences, -!0 be

The Infantry.-If the Infantry, after having by this means reduced, and thrown into the served one seven years, re-enlist for a second mass of the people. period, their pay is to be advanced by six-pence The people to be balloted yearly, in order to a week, and after the second period to be allowed select out two hundred thousand, who are to be a small pension. If the soldier, after having en-trained,—but these trainings to be mild, of very listed a second period, enlists for a third, his pay short duration, and in their own houses. to be advanced to one shilling; and after the The Clothing for the Volunteers to be allowed final discharge to receive the full allowance of for this year, but no longer, and Government not Chelsea, in a pension for his life, i. e, about 201. to be understood to pledge themselves to this. per annum.

Such are these celebrated regulations.




DRURY LANE. WE are happy to have to notice the revival of the Comic Opera, which had so long been dis On Tuesday night, April 8th, one of the most continued, at this Theatre. The Serious Opera splendid spectucles ever exhibited on the stage cannot be always pleasing, and is by no means was produced at this theatre, under the title of suited to our national taste.

The Forty Thieres.” It is unnecessary to enter Le Duc Nozze e un Sol Marilo, a production into a detail of the plot of this piece, as the story new to this country, abounding in excellent on which it is founded, and which it follows with music by Griglielmi, was on Tụesday night, scarcely any deviation, is generally known; but April 15, represented here, for the purpose of in the following are the names of the principal chatroducing Signor Naldi to the attention of the racters, and the actors by whom they were repreBritish public. He comes, we understand, im- sented.: mediately from Lisbon. He has acquired a high Cassim Baba, the Rich Brother, Mr. Dormer. reputation on the Continent. His debut was at

Ali Baba, the Poor Brother,....Mr. Bunnistet. tended with the most brilliant success, and he

Ganem, his Son,......

Mr. Kelly. will certainly be popular. Signor Naldi's voice is a powerful tenor, of unusual clearness and Mustapha, the Cobler of Bagdad, M1. Matthews. compass; and it is evident he is a tasteful and Abdullah, Capt. of the Thieves, Mr. Il. Sidians.

Selim, leader of the Caravan,....Mr. Dignum. well-studied musician. An easy and rapid modulation, precision, and delicacy of finish, such Hassara, Second Captain,...... Mr. De Camp. as in this country has scarcely been equalled, are Zaidé, Wife of Cassim Baba,.... Mrs. Dormer. the characteristics of his style.

Cogia, Wife of Ali Baba, Mrs. Bland. Our old favourites, Morelli and Storace, were | Zelie, Daughter of a Bashaw,.. Mrs. Maithews. restored to their posts on this occasion, and re- || Morgiana, Slave to Cassim Baba, ceived with their accustomed approbation.

and Zelie's Sister, ..., Miss De Camp No.III. Vol.l.

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