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ception you have entertained of the design of my pamphlet ; I do also think it my duty to assure you, that it is not on account of any

diffidence in Mr. Lindsey's abilities, or disapprobation of his argument, that I decline being a party in the controversy, which he sustains with so great advantage, to what I esteem the cause of genuine christianity, and with so much honour to himself, I am engaged in the studies and the duties of a profession, which demand my utmost attention. In such circumstances, it will not be expected, by any reasonable man, that I should enter upon those arguments, which have induced me to embrace my present opinions on this subject; but I will never decline any proper opportunity of declaring them, as I always have esteemed an open avowal of our religious persuasions, to be the indispensable duty of a christian and a protestant.

You mention, that at the time of writing your letter, you had read only Mr. Lindsey's Apology; you possibly, since that period, have seen his Sequel. I trust, that will induce you attentively to peruse the


your candour

preceding pages of this work, in which the point of the lawfulness of religious addresses to Christ Jesus - is still farther debated. If you with to know my opinion on the subje&t, as the opinion of a private person not involved, and who means not, at present, to involve himself in the controversy, I will freely own, that''I intirely affent, both in general and particular, to the arguments, by which Mr. Lindfey establishe's the

proper unity of God, as well as to those, by which he demonstrates the offering of 'addresses to Christ Jefus to be destitute of all scriptural foundation; and that, notwithftanding what yourself, and other opponents have objected, I am persuaded he has sufficiently, and very ably proved these points.

At the same time that I make this voluntary declaration of my sentiments, respecting Mr. Lindsey's publications, I with great willingness give my tribute of praise to the zeal which yourself, and another of my correspondents, the rev. Mr. Tew, have manifested for what appears to you to be the cause of truth. I respect the learning


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and the abilities of both. I honour you for your sentiments, respecting the unalienable rights of christians; for your candour to the persons of your opponents; and I am under obligations to you both for expreslions of good will, and of civility to myself.

I am, fir,


obedient Servant,

April 22, 1779



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