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Lon.Mag. 1775.

When fell Debate & civil Wars shall cease.
Commerce shall spread her Sails o'er all the seas.
ENGLAND unrivalld in the liberal Arts,.
Shall bear her Genius to remotest Parts,
Take to thy Breast, AMERICA again,
mayst defy imperious FRANCE & SPAIN.


London Cagazine:

Monthly Intelligencer.


For the Year 1775.

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By His MAJESTY'S Authority
Printed for R.Baldwin at the Refean Pater Noster /

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N our last year's addrefs, we gave the Public reason to expect, that we fhould fpare neither pains nor expence to procure them the greatest information, fatisfaction, and pleasure, according to their various difpofitions and taftes, which the nature of our undertaking would admit. The acknowledgements we have received during the courfe of the year, and the public approbation teftified by the ftillicreafing fale of our Magazine, while others of the kind are drooping and dying, fhew that our pretences were not falfe, nor our promifes impofitions.

Amidst the growing number of bumble imitators, and monthly compilations, the London Magazine bath flood the fhock of forty-four years, and is fill ftrong and flourishing. To our fubfcribers and correfpondents, known and unknown, for their generous aid, their ingenious contributions, and judicious pieces in profe and verfe, we return our fincere thanks, and grateful acknowledgements. We hope they will continue their affiftance and approbation, which we defire no longer than we continue to deferve. They may be affured our ambition is not merely to fecure, but to increase the favours of the public to our mifcellany.

The political department, antiquities, and new literary productions and difcoveries, fhall be carefully regarded; and original differtations, effays, and poems on moral, philofophical, entertaining, and humorous fubjects, fhall be communicated monthly. As to thofe fent to us during the last year, which we have omitted, we hope the authors will believe that the fole reafon of their omiffion was, their not being fo fuitable to our design, and not from capricioufnefs or disapprobation.

We wish for a speedy reconciliation between Great Britain and the colonies, upon a conflitutional and eternal foundation (as our frontispiece exhibits) for the happiness of every part of the British Empire-and as we have now completed the political debates to the prefent feffion, we shall be able to publifh more of thofe learned effays and ingenious pieces of wit and entertainment furnished by our unknown correfpondents. While the differences exift, and there are fuch important debates in parliament upon them, we fhall, agreeable to the original plan of our work, give a comprebenfrue, and withal as concife an account as poffible, of thofe great affairs; but fo as that the different taftes of readers fhall have fuitable matter to gratify them. In brief, nothing fhall be wanting in the courfe of the next year, to give the London Magazine all the perfection we can, and to continue it worthy of our friends approbation, and the fmiles and encouragement of the public.






W hath, by

HEREAS Our trusty and well-beloved Richard Baldwin, of Paterhumbly reprefented unto Us, that he is the Proprietor of a Work that is published monthly, entitled,


In which is contained many original Pieces, that were never before printed ; and that he is at great expence in paying Authors for their Labours in writing and compiling the faid Work, which has been published once a Month for near Thirty Years paft, and hath met with great approbation from the Publick.That he is now publishing therein

An Impartial and Succinct HISTORY of the Origin and Progrefs of the PRESENT WAR,

To be illuftrated with many Maps and Charts, which hath already been so well received, as to induce feveral Perfons to reprint it in other periodical Publications; and being defirous of reaping the Fruits of his very great Expence and Labour, in the Profecution of this Work, and enjoying the full Profit and Benefit that may arise from printing and vending the fame, without any other Perfon interfering in his juft Property, he most humbly prays Us, to grant him Our Royal Licence and Protection, for the fole printing, publishing, and vending the faid Work. And We do, therefore, by thefe Prefents, fo far as may be agreeable to the Statute in that cafe made and provided, grant unto him, the faid Richard Baldwin, his Executors, Adminiftrators, and Affigns, our Licence for the fole printing, publishing, and vending the faid Work, for the Term of Fourteen Years, ftrictly forbidding all Our Subjects, within Our Kingdoms and Dominions, to reprint, abridge, or, publifh the fame, either in the like or any other Volume, or Volumes whatsoever, or to import, buy, vend, utter, or diftribute, any Copies thereof, reprinted beyond the Seas, during the aforefaid Term of Fourteen Years, without the Confent and Approbation of the said Richard Baldwin, his Heirs, Executors, or Affigns, under their Hands and Seals first had and obtained, as they will answer the contrary at their Perils. Whereof, the Commiffioners, and other Officers of Our Cuftoms, the Mafter, Wardens, and Company of Stationers, are to take Notice, That due Cbedience may be rendered to Our Will and Pleafure herein declared. Given at Our Court at Kensington, the 23d Day of October, 1759, in the Thirty-Third Year of Our Reign.

By His MAJESTY's Command.



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