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behind him the surest testimonies), by your painful labours and endeagave us reason to hope the best vours bring many souls, both in the things from his paternal counsel Christian and Pagan world, to eterand support: but since his most nal happiness, and at length crown worthy successor stands completely you all with an everlasting reward blessed and adorned with all the in heaven!” virtues and advantages of bis great

(To be continued.) predecessor, why should we doubt but he will abundantly make up the loss we have sustained ; and by his ghostly counsels, and pastoral Tothe Editor of the Christian Observer. admonitions and encouragements, feed and cherish our little Indian

(Continued from p. 12.) church in this her infant state. II. In reply to the second pam.

“For my own part, I must ac- phlet of Anonymous, I shall notice knowledge, from a lively experi- such passages in it as appear to me ence and an inward conviction to require an answer *. It is written founded on the promises of God, with the same liberal and excellent that to me there is an appearance of spirit as the former one, and there a mighty harvest amongst these pa- fore on that account alone would gans, and that great numbers of deserve attention, even if the author them might, even in our days, be could not claim it on the score of gained over to a true conversion by his talents, which is far from being the ministry of the word, if Chris- the case: yet his second pamphlet tians, who have the means of salya, is in a considerable degree a repeti. tion put into their bands, would use tion of his former one. their best endeavours, and exert 1. Anonymous thinks with me, that diligence, that zeal and vigour, that the 1260 years have not yet that is necessary for bringing about expired; but he adopts Mr. Mede's 80 glorious, so desirable an end. I arrangeinent of the vials, by which have wholly devoted myself to this the seventh vial is made exclusively work, and will, by the divine grace to synchronize with the seventh strengthening me, go on still to de- trumpet, and consequently the six vote myself.

former vials to precede the seventh “ In this sure hope of the conver, trumpet. By this arrangement he sion of the Gentiles, I leave Europe, is enabled, without rejecting my to return to the Indies again, im. proposed dates, to consider the ploring the Divine Majesty, that he slaughter of the witnesses and the fall would be graciously pleased to con- of the tenth part of the city as yet duct me safe thither, through all the future. With respect to my own perils of the deep, and to direct and arrangement, which makes the blast prosper my endeavours of guiding of the

seventh trumpet usher in all many souls to salvation. I promise the seven vials, I had in part argued myself, gentlemen, your prayers and as follows: “ The temple of God is assistance in this work, commend opened in consequence of the sounding myself and fellow-labourers to ing of the seventh trumpet: the your wonted favour and protection temple of God is said, in precisely May Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the the same phraseology, to be opened whole world (the knowledge of immediately before the effusion of whom you study to diffuse through the vialst: no other opening of the out the universe), assist you always temple is mentioned, 'nor is there by his Spirit, strengthen your minds

* A Supplement to Remarks on some Parts by his divine power, unite you by of Mr. Faber's Dissertation. Hatchard. the bond of mutual charity, render

+ Compare Rev. xi. 15, 19, witla Rev. sv. all your deliberations effectua), and 5, 6, 7, 8. xvi. 1.

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any intimation given that it was is not the case. Anonymous main-
shot and opened again: therefore, tains, that St. John, under the terms
since this one and the same opening heaven and the temple, speaks of only
succeeds the first blast of the seventh one and the same object as being
trumpet, and precedes the effusion of presented to his imagination; be-
all the vials, the seventh trumpet cause the cherubim, the seven-
must begin to sound before any one branched candlestick, and the altar
of the vials is poured out; whence of incense, which were placed in
the seventh trumpet cannot be pos- the interior of the temple, are said to
terior to six of the vials, synchro- be likewise in the interior of heuven.
nizing only with the seventh.” In Whatever value this argument may
reply to this, Anonymous urges, that be of, it is one of those which will
various openings of the temple are equally prove either side of the ques-
mentioned in the Revelation as oc- tion. For example, St. John tells us,
eurriog at various times: whence that the sea of glass, which Anony-
the two openings, which I deem one mous rightly judges to be the brazen
and the same, may be different and sea of Solomon, was in the interior of
not synchronical. On turning to his heaven, immediately before the
his references, I do not find, that in throne, the cherubim, and the can-
any one of them mention is made of dlestick : but the brazen sea was
the temple being opened: the only not in the interior of the temple:
two passages where that is specified, therefore neither can the throne, the
are those which I had cited, and cherubim, and the candlestick, which
which I considered (and, I think, St. John evidently fixes to the same
justly) as relating to one and the same place as the sea, be in the interior of
opening. In all the places to which his temple: consequently the heaven,
Anonymous refers, an internal view which he saw, must have been a dif-
of heaven, not of the temple, is pre- ferent object from the temple which
sented to the imagination of St. he saw. If Anonymous claims to
John*. “Yes,” but says Anony- argue, that the visionary heaven of St.
mous, “ the temple and heaven are John must be the same object as his
synonymous terms ;” and he quotes visionary temple, because cach con.
the authority of Sir I. Newton for tained the cherubim, the candlestick,
his opinion. He argues, that, since and the altar of incense; I have just
such things as were placed within as good a right to argue, that they
the temple were seen by the pro- are not the same object, because the
phet when heaven was opened to his sea which occupies the interior of.
view-namely, the cherubim, the his heaven, did not occupy the inte-
altar of incense, and the candle- rior of Solomon's temple. The ar-
stick--the opening of heaven must guments of Anonymous, which I
have been the opening of the temple : have wondered to see used by Sir
therefore the opening of the temple is I. Newton, does in fact prove neither
mentioned elsewhere than in Rev. side of the question.' What St.

. 19, and xv. 5. That heaven is John did really see in his vision
described by St. John with imagery must be gathered by another pro-
drawn from the temple, after the cess, for it assuredly cannot by this

. manner of Isaiah and Ezekiel, is suf. My own idea of the matter is, that ficiently clear: bot this is very far he first bebeld an aperture in the from proving the point which Ano- sky, through which he was suddennymous would establish. Had the lyrapt by the Spirit. Having passdesign of the prophet been such as ed the 'aperture, he saw heaven this writer ascribes to him, he would spread before him, exhibiting most have arranged the temple-furniture probably the appearance of a conin the interior of his visionary hea- volution of clouds, as painters usuVea with perfect accuracy: but this ally depict it*. Immediately at · See Rev. iv, and viji.

• Compare Rev. xiv. 6, 14—18.

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bis feet flowed the sea of glass; tively, as the prophet classes them, and, beyond the sea, the throne, the are not the last plagues. In his archerubim, the candlestick, and the rangement, the last trumpet and the altar, were presented to his imagina- last vial are the only last plagues. tion: while in the back-ground arose The six former vials cannot be call. the shadowy fabrick of the temple. ed the last with respect to any colThat such was the perspective, is, I lection of plagues already mentionthink, sufficiently clear from the ed, because they precede the seventh language used by the prophet, which trumpet. Anonymous separates the can in no wise be reconciled with seventh vial from the six : but the theory of Anonymous. Each John classes them together as formtime, when he speaks of the opening ing one series. In short, instead of of the temple, he calls it the temple taking septenary by septenary, and of in heaven. Now, supposing heaven following in the case of the vials the and the temple to be different objects analogy of the allowed arrangement presented to his view, such language of the trunipets, the series is sodis perfectly intelligible: but, if they denly and violently dislocated. The be one and the same object, as Ano- seventh seal introduces the scden trumnymous maintains, I confess myself pets. What then? Why, the seventh quite unable to understand the pro- trumpet similarly introduces the seven phet's phraseology. According to vials, would any person naturally my interpretation, I can form a clear suppose. No, says Anonymous, noidea of St. John's view of the temple thing of the sort : the seventh seal may in heaven : but, what he can mean introduce the seven trumpets ; but as by the temple in heaven accord- surediy the six first vials are poured ing to the gloss of Anonymous, that out before the sounding of the seventh is to say, the temple in the temple, I trumpet, and then the seventh trumpet must devolve to that writer the task and the seventh vial commence togeof explaining. The prophet tells ther.. I see no reason to give up us, that he saw the throne, the che- one tittle of my original opinion. rubim, the altar, the candlestick, 2. Anonymous further objects to the elders, and the temple, all equals the mode, in which I interpret the Jy in heaven: now, why one of these death of the witnesses : partly, bevisionary objects should be identi- cause that death must (he contends) fied with the heaven, wbich alike be the universal death of the whole contains them all, rather than an- collective body designated by the other, I cannot conceive. On the term witnesses ; partly because they whole, I shall be bold to say, that could not be deemed to be about to my argument for arranging all the finish their testimony at the period seven vials under the seventh trum- to which I assign their figurative pet still remains in full force. But, death ; and partly, because they were jt otherwise, Anonymous would did not ascend to heaven by obtainstill have another difficulty to en- ing an establishment, but were only counter. St. John expressly calls tolerated. the seven vials, taken collectively, by (1.) Under the first objection lie the name of the seven last plagues *. urges, that at the very time when I Such being the case, they must be suppose them to be slain in Gerlast with respect to certain other many, they obtained an establishplagues likewise taken collectively. ment in England. This would But the only plagues, to which they doubtless be an objection, if I had can be thus referred, are the sepies ever maintained the death of the nary of the trumpets. Now, accord. witnesses to be the unidersal death ing to the arrangement of Anony- of the body: but this is the very mous, the seven vials, taken collec- point in question, which yet is pal

pably begged by him. He does not seem to be aware that his objection

* Rev, xv. 1.

furnishes an answer to itself. If he solely in one particular street of the contends, that the whole collective great city; but he contends, nerer: body of witnesses must be slain in theless, that their death is to be uni. order to accomplish the prophecy, versal. On this foundation, he builds he must likewise contend that the the following exposition. The unisame whole collectire body (without versal death of the witnesses is to any exceptions in either case) must occur at the close of the 1260 years, prophesyin sackcloth during the which are not yet expired; there. full term of 1260 years: but by his fore this universal death is still fuown acknowledgment, they ceased ture. In order to be universally thus to prophesy in England, not to slain, the whole collective body of the mention other countries, at my era witnesses is to be gathered together of the war, and therefore before the into one particular broad street of the expiration of the 1260 years : hence Roman city: and this street is conit is plain, that, whenever those jectured to be England. When they years sball expire, the whole collec- have there lain dead three natural tide body of witnesses will not have years and a half, they are to rise from prophesied in sackcloth during the the symbolical death of total suppresful term: but, if the whole collec- sion, and are to ascend into the mystire body be not spoken of in their tic heaven of triumphant establishsackcloth prophesying, I see no ment. To adopt this opinion, noreason why we are bound to suppose thing more is required of us than to that the whole collective body is admit such particulars as these. Tospoken of in their death. Analogy wards the close of the 1260 years requires the same mode of interpre- all the witnesses from all quarters of talion in both cases : before there- the world are to assemble together fore Anonymous establishes the uni- in England, as the birds and beasts eersality of the death of the wite once flocked by a cerlain divine inResses, I shall expect him to esta. stinct into Noah's ark. None are to blish the universality of their sack- be absent; because, says Anonycloth ministry (without any ercep- mous, the prophecy cannot be action, let him observe) during the complished except in the suppresentire term of the 1260 years. I sion of “ the protestant church ge. had myself argued as follows: The neral.At this period, therefore, death of the witnesses takes place, they are to congregate into Engnot throughout the whole of the great land with one consent from all the city, but only in the broad or princi- numerous British colonies; not only pal strect of it. Therefore it cannot from all the British colonies, but be an unidersal death, but must be a from Sweden, Denmark, Holland, particular one. Hence the wit- and the various protestant regions of nesses may be exempt from persecu- the continent; not only from the tion elsewhere, though they are slain various protestant regions of Euis that one street. On this princi- rope, but from the widely extended ple, namely the non-universality of domains of the united American the death of the witnesses, which seems states. Nothing is to prevent the to me necessarily to result both from universality of this stupendous pilthe present argument and from the grimage ; because the prophecy Inalogy afforded by the preceding cannot be accomplished except by one, I framed my interpretation. the death of the whole collective body Now it is a somewhat singular thing, of witnesses, of “ the protestant that Anonymous fully allows my church general," says Anonymous; premises, and yet denies the obvious and this death is to occur in only conclusion to be drawn from then. one street of the great city; and Like me, he asserts that the whole that one street is England. As we atlair of the death and resurrection live in an age of wonders, I shall of the wildesses is to take place not presumo to discuss the possibility of these marvellous events; but prove the universality against t Anonymous must allow me "to suse foregoing arguments, he will inde pend my belief, until I become a overturn my exposition, but he w convert to the stubbornness of abso- not thereby establish his own. lute facts. But these are not the (2.) His second objection I ha only difficulties which we are require answered again and again tesque ed to encounter. If the papal Ro- nauseam. At present, therefore, man empire be the great city, and if shall only remark, that, even if m England (agreeably to the prophetic answer be deemed insufficient, m injunction) be come out of that city; interpretation may still remain firo it is passing hard to conceive, how it We are not bound to translate cio can still be, not only a street of the searowo either when they shall ha papal empire, but the broad street, so finished or when ihey shall be about called in contradiction to sinaller finish. As Dr. More remarks, it ma streets or alleys. In a map of the as well be rendered while they ar western Roman empire, England performing, or during the time tha would, to be sure, be geographically they are discharging. Such a trans included within its limits; but, when 'lation will at once remove any chro we consider that throughout the nological difficulty, if indeed one d Apocalypse the great city is obvi- really exist. ously spoken of in reference to a (3.) To his third wholly un corrupt religion, and that the faith- founded objection, Anonymous wil ful are exhorted to come out from find a reply from Dr. Robertson, i her, it is not easy to believe that a he will turn to my Dissertation itkingdom, which in the judgment of self, vol. ii. p. 89–92. 4th edit. Anonymous himself, has come out 3. There is one more point in the of her, is still the principal street of pamphlet of Anonymous, which it her empire. Anonymous bas thrown may be expedient to notice : be eaaway much criticism on the word deavours to prove, contrary to the πλατεια. . I never asserted, nor general opinion of expositors, that ibought of asserting, that it denoted the beast and false prophet are slain a furum, in the same manner that at the battle of Armageddon precisely ayopa does; that is to say, in a , at the end of the 1260 years, and translation verbum de verbo. I only consequently that that period does said, that it denotes a broad or prin- pot terminale at the commencement cipal street; and, since the definite of the seventh vial, bui at its conphraseology of the prophet (THE clusion. To this idea the following Fratelas) requires us to conclude is a sufficient answer. The restothat there was only one such street ration of the Jews, as all commentain his figurative city, I argued, that tors allow, commences certainly not most probably the greut square or before the end of the 1260 years. forum was intended: but, when I Some think it commences precisely was simply performing the function at the end; and some, a short period of a translator, I of course rendered after, the end: but, with good reathe word, not the forum, but the son, none place it before the end, broad street. If Anonymous chooses Now the prophets unanimously to suppose any other large street place the destruction of Antichrist rather than the forum, my interpre- in Palestine, where the returning tation will be just the same; pro- Jews have already arrived : therevided he acknowledges, that there is fore Antichrist must perish at the only one such street in the city. I least so long after the end of the shall finish this head with briefly 1200 years as would be required for observing, that the jut of the whole the Jews to be collected into Palesargument between us is the universa- tine ; and consequently he does not lity or particularity of the death of perish precisely at their eod. the witnesses. If Anonymous can

Having now, I believe, answered

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