Catalogue of a Collection of Books on Ornithology in the Library of John E. Thayer

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Priv. print. by H. O. Houghton & Company, Cambridge, Mass., 1913 - 186 pages

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Page 50 - KEY TO NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS. Containing a concise account of every species of living and fossil bird at present known from the continent north of the Mexican and United States boundary, inclusive of Greenland. Second edition, revised to date, and entirely rewritten : with which are incorporated General Ornithology...
Page 27 - Ruralis ; or, an Essay towards a Natural History of British Song Birds, illustrated with Figures the size of Life, of the Birds, Male and Female, in their most natural Attitudes ; their Nests and Eggs, Food, favourite Plants, Shrubs, Trees, &c.
Page 83 - MITCHELL'S ORNITHOLOGY -THE GENERA Of BIRDS ; comprising their Generic Characters, a Notice of the Habits of each Genus, and an extensive List of Species, referred to their several Genera. By GEORGE ROBERT GRAY, Acad. Imp. Georg. Florent. Soc. Corresp. Senior Assistant of the Zoological Department, British Museum ; and Author of the " List of the Genera of Birds,
Page 99 - AMONG THE WATER-FOWL. Observation, Adventure, Photography. A Popular Narrative Account of the Water-fowl as Found in the Northern and Middle States and Lower Canada, East of the Rocky Mountains.
Page 27 - American Ornithology, or the Natural History of Birds inhabiting the United States, not given by Wilson; with Figures drawn, engraved, and coloured from nature.
Page 78 - EVENINGS AT THE MICROSCOPE ; or, Researches among the Minuter Organs and Forms of Animal Life. By P. H. GOSSE, Esq., FRS A new edition, revised and annotated. Post 8vo Cloth boards 4 o FAN'S SILKEN STRING. By ANNETTE LYSTER, author of " Northwind and Sunshine,
Page 60 - Rural Bird Life ; Essays on Ornithology, with Instructions for Preserving Objects relating to that Science.
Page 121 - CJ The Birds of Eastern North America. With Original Descriptions of all the Species which occur East of the Mississippi River between the Arctic Circle and the Gulf of Mexico, with Full Notes on their Habits, etc. Containing thirty-two plates drawn on stone by the author.
Page 180 - Mrs. Irene Grosvenor. Birds of California; an introduction to more than three hundred common birds of the state and adjacent islands, with a supplementary list of rare migrants, accidental visitants and hypothetical subspecies. With plates and drawings.
Page 159 - Siberia in Asia. A Visit to the Valley of the Yenesay in East Siberia. With Description of the Natural History, Migration of Birds, &c. By HENRY SEEBOHM.

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