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Repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Matt. ii., 2.

When comes the awful tempest through the sky,When far and fast the swift-winged lightnings fly,

And when the thunder's voice, sublimely loud,

Peals from the bosom of its parent cloud,

Who hath not watched with anxious eye to see
The first slow rain-drops falling heavily?
Who hath not blessed them, as with quickened rush,
From the dark face of heaven they freely gush,

To cool the fever of the sun-parched plain,

And bid the pulse of Nature calmly beat again ?


Is there not such a balm for spirits given,

When they have wandered from the ways of heaven ?
When on the heart the steps of guilty wrath,

And gloomy sin, have traced a burning path ?

When heaven no longer, with indulgent eye,

Looks on the frailties of mortality ;

But musters all its vengeance, to be shed

In fiery ruin on the sinful head;

Then comes Repentance, to arrest that doom,
And her sweet tears are seen glistning amidst the gloom.

Oh, mild attendant on the fiend Remorse!

Sweet, placid follower in his painful course!
When he hath taught the stubborn heart to bleed,

When he hath bowed it like a broken reed,

How oft thou standest by his side, to turn

To cooling tears the fearful thoughts that burn

The frenzied brain,--thou bidst the glistening eye

Look through that hallowed dew towards the sky,

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