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was also a magnificent exhibition of Dis- | after much consideration, and in humble solving Views, brilliantly illuminated dependence upon the Divine blessing, with the Oxy-hydrogen Light, illustra- to make an effort to obtain funds for the ted in a cheerful and instructive manner, erection of a new building, the estimated by the lecturer, Mr. Deren, of the Church cost of which is £1,000, of England Scripture Readers' Associa- “ With a view of widening the circle tion. At the conclusion of the meeting, from which contributions may be obtaineach scholar had presented to him a ed, and of affording to all who may be little book, entitled, “ Come to the Mar- inclined to help, the opportunity of castriage," published by the Book Society, ing their mite into the treasury, it is proin memorial of the royal wedding. posed to raise a subscription of 250,000

On Tuesday evening, March 31st, a pence. The Committee look with conpublic meeting, in favour of the Sunday fidence for a special blessing upon this school extension movement, in connexion special appeal, believing it will not be with the above institution, was held in in vain, when made in behalf of those the Town-hall, Mr. Alderman Abbis in who cannot plead for themselves.” the chair, supported by several local Letters were read from Robert Hanclergymen, ministers, and gentlemen. bury, Esq., M.P., Charles Buxton, Esq., Messrs. Smither, Brain, and Caldwell, M.P., and others, expressive of sympaattended as a deputation from the Sunday thy with the objects of the meeting, and School Union; the following extracts a resolution was adopted commending from the report will doubtless be inter- the effort to all interested in the educa. esting :

tion of the poor. “ The premises hitherto occupied for school and mission rooms, having been KINGSLAND CONGREGATIONAL SCHOOL. sold, a portion is required for other pur

Hymns sung at the Parents' Meeting," on poses. Thus, the schools numbering

Tuesday, April 7th, 1863. upwards of 200 children, (chiefly of the

O God ! as tender fathers hear silk weaving population,) with all the Their children's lowly cry, useful machinery that has been brought

So listen to our suppliant prayer,

Whilo we in faith draw nigh. together, are in constant jeopardy of being broken up and dispersed.

As with answerving aim we seek

Our children's earthly good, "There are upwards of 30,000 children

May we, with equal strong desire, in the parish of Bethnal-green, thou

Provide their souls with food, sands of these are to be seen in the

Before the altars of our homes streets, especially on the Sunday, appa

May we with them be found; rently given up to follow their own incli

And Thine own temples here below nations, and for whom no adequate With us be hallowed ground. school provision has yet been made.

Before our children, every day, " It has been ascertained, that in one

May our example shine; small district, there were 400 houses And every heart be touched with truth,

Till each be owned as Thine.

where 860 inhabited by 4,150 souls, persons were found who were scarcely While in these schools, with counsels blest, able to read, 186 did not know the let- Taught by the faithful band,

May we, by prayer and sympathy, ters of the alphabet, and 739 children

Strengthen their heart and hand. between the age of three and eight

And when life's cares and joys shall cease, years had never been to school.

And life's last hour is come,
Encouraged by numerous promises

May children, teachers, parents, friends, of support from influential friends, ac

Be folded in Thy home. companied by a liberal offer of the pre... sent site, the Committee have resolved,


T. A

F. J. H.

King of kings and Lord of lords,

ence almost solely to the native element. At Thy throne we bend the knee,

After toiling for years and preparing for Pleading these most gracious words,

the work, the brethren here, and, indeed, “Let the children come to me."

throughout our entire church at home, Parents join with teachers here,

were made to see with mingled wonder May we all in this agree,

and gratitude the signal interposition of In the arms of faith and prayer, Bring our little ones to Thee.

the Divine hand in moving the Viceroy

of Egypt, though a Moslem in all his In their young and early days,

education and religion, to give, on the While their hearts are fresh and free,

17th of February last, to the missionMay they turn to him who says, " Let the children come to me!"

aries and their successors for ever, a

most valuable property, with the single Guide them with Thy loving voice,

condition that it should be used for their While Thy smiling face they see, In their sorrows and their joys,

mission, under the auspices of the Let the children come to Thee.

United Presbyterian Church.

Now, there are found in it a boys' Should they wander from the fold,

school with 190 names on its roll, a Kind and patient may we be, Never giving up our hold,

girls' school with 120, a church with Till we win them back to Thee.

over 30 communicants, and an audience

of from 100 to 150 persons from SabWhen upon the judgment day, Jesus on His Throne we see,

bath to Sabbath, and a convenient home Once more may we hear Him say,

for all the missionaries and their fami+ Let the children come to me!

lies. Every Sabbath there is preaching twice in the Arabic tongue, and Sun

day schools in the same language, and SCHOOLS IN EGYPT

upon each exercise many earnestly atCairo stands on the east bank of the tend. An English service is also held river Nile.. It was founded about the for the benefit of any of the mission year 970, and contains now, as is sup

families, or English and American resiposed, about 350,000 inhabitants. It is dents, or travellers who may desire it. In emphatically a Moslem city, but has in another portion of the city, a second and its midst a large number of Copts, who, promising girls' school is carried on through all changes and trials, have under the care of the mission; and alheld fast the name and many of the together, by its well-managed course, in rites of the ancient Coptic Church, and which much of the Bible is faithfully are now, perhaps, of all in this land, taught through the week, and in the most accessible to a pure gospel.

regular services of the Sabbath, this misFor all the large population of this sion is doing a great work.-- Rev. J. B. city, with its 240 streets, its reported Dales, of Philadelphia. 400 mosques, and 140 schools, (where the ordinary aim seems to be mainly

BARBICAN CHAPEL SCHOOLS. to teach the young to write, to do some- On Tuesday evening, April 7th, a thing in keeping accounts, and to repeat meeting of the teachers and scholars the Koran if Moslems, and the Psalms formerly belonging to the above schools if nominal Christians,) there are few was held in celebration of the jubilee, means in operation for scattering abroad the schools having been instituted in the knowledge of the true God and November, 1813. At six o'clock about Saviour.

200 friends partook of an excellent reOur United Presbyterian Church has past in the school and lecture rooms, undertaken and is now prosperously which had been tastefully decorated for carrying forward a good work with refer- the occasion. At half-past seven o'clock



the friends retired into the chapel, and as to the General Sunday School Conthe chair having been taken by the Rev. vention, the efforts made to relieve the Joseph Boyle (pastor), the meeting was distress in the Cotton Districts—and the opened with devotional exercises. Mr. necessity of further efforts being made Alderman Challis, who had kindly en- to bring the neglected youth of Longaged to preside, was unable so to do don under Sunday school instruction. on account of ill health. Addresses, Amongst the information given as to both interesting and practical, were de- the progress of Sunday schools abroad, livered by Mr. Mullens (the present an interesting communication from Mr. superintendent), the Rev. Dr. Hewlett, Woodruff, of Brooklyn, New York, was the Rev. T. T. Waterman (Maidstone), inserted, in which he gave an account Messrs. Humphreys, Roberts, Russell, of his endeavours to introduce the Sunand other gentlemen. Amongst other day school system into that country remarkable facts mentioned during the which excites so much sympathy on meeting was the fact that Mr. Alderman account of its efforts to obtain political Challis, Mr. Mullens, and Mr. Hum- and spiritual freedom. Our readers phreys were the only known survivors will probably be pleased to have the of the persons present at the institution communication without abridgment. of these schools.


“On entering the largest city of Italy I found there no one who had adopted the Sunday school idea as a means of evangelization. There


preachers in Italian, and two or three The Annual Meeting of Members to others who ministered in different lanreceive the report and elect the Officers guages to the permanent and floating and Committee for the ensuing year, population, the latter being found in was held in the Lecture Hall, on Friday considerable numbers in every large evening, May 1. This meeting is one city on the continent. In connection of great importance, inasmuch as it with three of them had been established affords the Members an opportunity of day schools, and a few children gathered hearing the report and balance sheet into them, which greatly facilitated read at length - of making any enquiries, the commencement of Sunday schools. and offering any suggestions as to the The first thing to be done was to find operations of the Union-and also of ex. one who could translate from ercising their right of deciding to whom English into Italian, for I could not its management shall be entrusted dur- speak a word of Italian. This is felt to ing the ensuing year. These motives, be an insuperable difficulty in the work however, did not seem sufficiently power- of evangelization in foreign countries ; ful to attract an audience. It is to be but a little common sense and judicious regretted that the Members generally management will not only overcome do not attend in greater numbers. Pro- it, but show it to be a help rather than bably this is caused by the confidence a hindrance. Men, especially ignorant they feel in the Officers and Committee; men, love to teach rather than learn ; but their presence would encourage and an infidel, who would brace himself those who are labouring for them during against your ideas in an argument, the year, and they would become more when he comes to translate your sentiinterested in the proceedings of the ments to another, will sometimes be the Union.

first to receive them into his own heart, The report was an encouraging one. and the most zealous advocate of them It was principally occupied by details to others. Were Christian traveller3


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but in earnest in propagating the resolved into children, and a regular
gospel, the courier, who becomes a Sunday school was held, manner of
sceptic from the indifference his em- reading, &c., clearly pointed out; but
ployer manifests to his own religious this was not sufficient to give the practi-
professions and convictions, would often cal idea. It was only when the children
become a convert, by being made the, were actually gathered in the school.
medium of communication to others. room, the seats arranged, and the
Notice being given in each circle, teacher actually placed before his pupils,
however small, that on a stated evening that the thing took the real form of life.
a stranger would make known the Even then no part of the whole labour
Sunday school systems of America and was more difficult than to convince them
England, brought together a few who that the same teacher must have the
were disposed to hear what was to be same scholars, and that scholars must
said about something new. To each of occupy the same seats, from Sabbath to
these groups the manner of forming a Sabbath. In this way four Sunday
Sunday school, and of conducting it, schools were formed in about six weeks.
was carefully and minutely described. The two first nearly doubled their num-
But this was not enough; they were ber in teachers and scholars, and all
allowed to ask all the questions they seemed to double the interest every time
could think of about them. In the first they met. Nothing could be more
meeting held for this purpose a learned hopeful, nothing so exhilarating to the
Italian raised the question, How would few excellent preachers who had the
it be possible to guard such religious work of the gospel there, than to see
teaching against the propagation of the those to whom they were preaching
rankest errors and heresies ? The delighted beyond description to become
translator here was first in the field co-workers with them, not mere auto-
against him. In a moment the whole matons to be preached upon. As I have
group were in a fermentation. The said, these schools began very small;
babbling of Greek philosophers, nay, but the last Sunday in March, one of
the confusion of Babel, seemed to be them had 9 teachers and 50 scholars,
come again. This was a very natural one 7 teachers and 40 scholars, one 4
enquiry to a man disciplined from or 5 teachers and 40 scholars, and one
infancy to believe the church was the just formed the previous Sunday, 3
rightful interpreter of Scripture. But teachers and 17 scholars. The evening
when these men were convinced that before the writer left, a monthly concert
whatever plausibility there might be in was formed, composed of the teachers
the theory involved in this objection, from the four schools. Thus a Christian
there was not the least practical danger, community was formed, and one of the
and that universal experience had proved most devoted of the teachers made this
it, they became silent. Afterwards it remark in the meeting, that for the first
was delightful to see this very objector time they had then learned that evening
among the foremost and most active of what it was for Christians to love one
the co-labourers. But from all this another."
general and minute description no one Our readers are already aware of the
was able to form or organize a Sunday large amount which the appeal of the
school. The next process was to invite Sunday School Union brought in aid of
as many as were disposed to undertake the suffering Sunday school teachers
the labour to a private interview. Here, and scholars in the cotton manufactur-
first, a teachers' meeting was held, just ing districts. The Committee state in
after the models of England and their report -
America. Afterwards all present were

"Some of the contributions have espe

cially surprised and gratified them. Union in London, to secure funds for the Thus, the 100 scholars of Newton Sun- alleviation of the distress existing in day School, Auckland, New Zealand,-a the Lancashire Sunday schools. Those school not two years old, and unattached efforts deserve the highest commendato any church,-having had their atten- tion and lasting gratitude of the teachers tion called to the circular issued by the and scholars of Lancashire. And the Committee, collected and gave £17. hearty response which that appeal called which has been duly remitted. The forth from the teachers and scholars of Committee of the Calcutta Sunday England is sufficient to stir the depth School Union have also remitted £56. of the soul. Many noble sacrifices have raised amongst their schools. Since been made by teachers and scholars of then, a letter has been received from our land in order to help us in our time Hobart Town, Tasmania, enclosing a of need. All honour to such self-sacrifice draught for £200., being the proceeds of for such an object ! May a full reward be collections made by the Sunday school given them for such sympathy and love." children of Tasmania on behalf of the It appears that the Committee exhidestitute children of Lancashire. It ap- bited the publications of the Union at pears that these collections had been the International Exhibition, and have made before the appeal of the Committee received a medal“ for superiority in the had arrived. An address was issued to compilation and publication of educaevery school in Tasmania, and one week tional works and apparatus." was allowed for making the collection, The benevolent income of the Union, which resulted in an aggregate of £200., including £454. transferred by the in addition to which it was thought Sunday School Society, being the residue there would be a small further remittance of the funds of that Institution, amounted from some schools which had not then to £2,465. 188. 3d., and the expenditure sent their contributions. The secretary to £2,139. 4s. 11d., leaving a balance in says,

-The amount has been collected hand of £326. 13s. 5d. and subscribed by the children of Sun- The report directed the attention of day schools of every Protestant religious the teachers to the necessity for greater denomination, embracing Episcopalians, cxertion in the following terms: Wesleyans, Independents, Free and Pri- “The last report contained a statement mitive Methodists, Baptists, &c.; and of the number of schools, teachers, and our Committee, knowing that the Com- scholars within the metropolitan district. mittee of the Sunday School Union of That return had been prepared with London includes the names of gentlemen great labour and care, and is believed to of all denominations, have forwarded it to be substantially correct. The result is, them in the hope that they will under-that the Sunday scholars of the metropolis take the duty of distributing in such a do not amount to 200,000, or 1 in 15 of way as may best serve the object in the population, while in some parts of view. By a postscript, it appears that the the country 1 in 5 of the population are mail had arrived since the writing of the Sunday scholars; or, to put the case in letter, bringing the appeal of the Com- another form, two-thirds of the youthful mittee, which had thus been answered population of London are destitute of by anticipation. The assistance thus the advantages which Sunday school afforded has been received with much instruction has been found to yield. thankfulness. The following is quoted This matter has occupied much of the from the report of the Preston Union :- attention of the Committee, and depu* Your committee would desire grate- tations have visited the committees of fully to recognize the large efforts put the various auxiliaries to lay the subject forth by the Committee of the Parent before them. The experience of every

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