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impress of man, and man passes away with his works and his imaginations: but Christianity will extend to the ends of the earth, and before it every power shall bow. Already the oracles are being fulfilled : already climate, governments, habits, are as nothing: already the 'grain of mustard seed” is planted, and flourishes, in every clime : in the midst of the forests of the New World in the hut of the savage—from the scorching tropic to the polar ice, it equally prospers. The remote desarts of Russia, and the distant isles of the Southern Ocean, have beheld their tribes—however different from each other in language, manners, and modes of life--receive the Gospel with delight and gratitude, and devoutly submit to its authority:-such are the preparations going on for those times, foretold by the Prophets, when every tongue shall confess the Saviour.

Would we know why the Gospel alone is independent of time and place, and what is the cause of the sway which it exercises, and is to exercise, over the hearts of men? The reason is, because it is elevated and simple—because its doctrines, revealed from heaven, are prepared and fitted for all, and every one endowed with a soul is capable of loving and obeying them. It is because the Gospel rests not upon opinions and speculations, nor upon principles difficult to explain and to understand; but upon such as are common to mankind, and congenial to the minds of all. Its Author knew too well “ whereof we are made,” to choose any other basis for his revelation. If it were necessary, for the establishment of the Christian law, to reduce all human beings to one uniform pattern, --if it were necessary, by main force to thrust into every brain the same unvarying notions in every particular, men would, upon different pleas, desert the Gospel; they would claim that right of thinking for themselves, which is so fatal to arbitrary authority; their prejudices, their pride, their self-love, would be shocked, and would revolt against this new kind of tyranny; and on every side we should see rising up insuperable obstacles to its progress. But the foundation of the Gospel is the heart of man: it rests its practical instructions upon charity and the love of God, because all mankind are gifted with the faculty of loving; and because in this sense they have all the same language, the same laws, the same natural powers and prerogatives. You, therefore, who desire to be followers of the Gospel, inquire not of human guides what you must do to inherit' eternal life; they, perhaps, would bewilder you with strange and unintelligible answers, or alarm and repel you by the conditions on which they make salvation to depend; but apply to Christ himself; and when you

ask Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” in our times, and in every place, as well as in the first ages of the Church, and within the walls of Jerusalem, He will answer with a persuasive voice, equally intelligible to high and low, to the learned and to the ignorant : “ Thou SHALT LOVE THE LORD THY God

of him,





Could any feeling of repugnance rise against such laws as these? Would any one dare to stand

for the

of blaming or opposing them? Do not, on the contrary, these admirable commandments reflect the highest honour upon the religion to which they belong ? The Jewish law, indeed, came from heaven; but it was intended for the infancy of the world; Moses, therefore, placed his countrymen beneath a yoke of multifarious observances, in order to prevent ther backslidings; he led them gently by the hand, that he might keep them from falling; but Christianity was revealed to the world in its manhood, when it had attained its full vigour: it is a law which must, at all times, confer honour upon him who submits to it.

Thou shalt love God and Man-such is Christ's commandment to his disciples. Thou shalt love Man, in spite of his weaknesses, in spite of his imperfections, in spite of his transgressions—because, like thee, he was made in the image of his Creator; because, in searching among the ruins of his greatness, thou wilt discover that “living soul” which bears testimony to his worth; because he is destined, like thyself, to immortality; because it was for him, as well as for thee, that the Son of the Highest quitted the habitation of his glory to die upon Mount Calvary. Thou shalt love Man, in spite of his injustice to thyself, because it is becoming to forgive offences,-generous, to love those who have behaved to us as enemies,-excellent, to cultivate honourable feelings. Thou shalt love Man, because love is the very life of the Christian; because the fire of affection purifies the heart, and diffuses a brightness over existence; and because the God of love, who has shown such boundless love for mankind, desires to see them united among themselves, and linked to each other in one great bond of affection.

Thou shalt love God.--Thou shalt love that God, of whom the most exalted imagination can conceive no more than a rude idea,—that God, whose attributes the inspired tongue of an Isaiah falters in declaring, and of whom the Prophet's noblest description presents only an imperfect outline: that God, before whom the heavenly


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