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such Societies, give results of sufficient magnitude to relieve the religious wants of particular districts, it is hoped, that they will be formed, not only in the remote parts of this state, but, that they may rise into existence in every section of the union, where religious penury may be seen or felt; on the organization of every such institution, a donation of Bibles and Prayer Books will be made, after a regular notification thereof to this Society.

By the reports of the Agent, it appears that since the last Anniversary Meeting of the Society, four hundred and forty seven Bibles, and four thousand two hundred and ninety-eight Prayer. Books have been delivered out of the depository: of this number, four hundred and twelve Bibles, and one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight Prayer Books have been gratuitously distributed in Connecticut, New-York, New-Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and the West Indies. Two thousand two hundred and fourteen Prayer Books have been purchased bay Societies and individuals for gratuitous distribution in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New-York, Maryland, and Virginia. A number of Bibles and Prayer Books have been given to seamen and soldiers, to the City Prison, Almshouse, Orphan Asylum, to Sunday Schools in the city and state of New-York. 'One hundred to the Society for the promotion of the Gospel among seamen, and a large number to clergymen and individuals for gratuitous distribution; making a


total of one thousand five hundred and ninety-one Bibles, and twelve thousand two hundred and eighty-seven Prayer Books that have been distributed by the Society.

It is a duty which the Managers owe to themselves and to the Society, to remark, that in almost every instance of presenting the Prayer Book, the Bible has accompanied it, when not found in the possession of the individual; and they would add, that with the multiplied and growing facilities of obtaining the Bible, is the demand for the Book of Common Prayer increased. Communications have been received from various and distant parts ! of the United States, expressing the highest approbation of the objects of the Society, proclaiming the necessity of a continuance of its exertions, and of its importance in building up the Church in the religious wilderness and desert.

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It will appear, from the Treasurer's Report annexed, that a small balance only is remaining in the treasury, and even that will be fully absorbed by the payment of debts now existing against the Society. It is hoped that the charity of Episcopalians generally will continue to display itself in ab increasing zeal and reverence for the word of God, and a liberal spirit of contribution to spread the knowledge of the ordinances and ministrations o. the church.

To this account of their stewardship, the Mana

gers add their prayers, that the Author of all good will continue to shed his benedictions on the labours of the Society.

Frequent inquiries having been made respecting the place of the depository, and many necessarily being left ignorant of the change of its situation, the Managers think it proper to inform distant subscribers and donors, and Episcopalians · generally, that the Society's depository is now at Messrs. KIRK & MERCEIN's, No. 22 Wall-street.


Chairman. January 25th, 1819.

The Auxiliary New-York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society,

$ 1107 se

January 9. To Cash, paid Messrs. Kirk & Mereein, for

Prayer Books
21. To Cash, paid Messrs. Kirk & Mercein, and

others, for Bibles
To Cash, paid for collecting subscriptions
To Cash, paid Printers' Bills
To Cash, paid Postage, Iosurance on Ste-

reotype Plates; discount on uncurrent

notes, and advertising
To Cash, paid current expenses of the So-

Balance to new account

S06 20

47 971 164 50

58 62

136 66 120 33

$ 1921 69 Errors excepted.

J. SMYTH ROGERS, Treasurer. New-York, January 25, 1819.

The Committee appointed to audit the Treasurer's accounts, find that the same are correct, and that there is a balance in the Treasury of one hundred and twenty dollars thirty-three cents.


New-York, January 25, 1819.

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1818. January 26. By Balance from last year

$ 282 08 30. By Cash, collected at St. Paul's Chapel, on evening of 29th

315 92 February 20. By Cash, received of Mr. Thomas Mills,

on account of the Bible and Prayer
Book Society of Connecticut, for
Prayer Books

91 00 By Cash, received of same gentleman, for

Prayer Books for his own distribution 3 00 25. By Cash, received of Rev. Wm. E. Wyatt, of Baltimore, for Prayer Books

10 00 By Cash, received from Rev. I. Morgan,

on account of Church at Warehouse

Point, Connecticut, for Prayer Books 80 00 March 10. By Cash, received from Rev. Wm. E. Wy

att, of Baltimore, for Prayer Books 15 00 12. By Cash, received from Episcopal Fe

male Charitable Society of Stamford,
Connecticut, as their annual subscrip-

4 00 25. By Cash, received of Rev. P. N. Shelton,

of Fairfield, Con. for Prayer Books 9.00 April 1. By Cash, received of same gentleman, for Prayer Books

1 50 7. By Cash, received of Rev. Frederick E.

Holcomb, of Watertown, Connecticut,
for Prayer Books

28 50 June 29. By Cash, received of Rev. I. S. Ravens

croft, of Millgrove, Mecklenburgh

County, Virginia, for Prayer Books
.Aug. 29. By Cash, received of Mr. Fetch Ferris, on

account of Church at Canaan, Con-
necticut, for Prayer

15 00 Sept. 14. By Cash, received of Rev. Daniel Bur

hans, of Newtown, Connecticut, for
Prayer Books

S 00 1819. January 5. By Cash, received of Rev. Joseph D.

Welton, of Weston, Connecticut, for
Prayer Books

7 00 9. By Cash, received of New-York Bible and

Common Prayer Book Society, for
Prayer Books

205 80 By Cash, received of Messrs. Kirk & Mer

cein, for privilege of using the Stereo-
type plates, &c.

42 56
Q4. By Cash, received of sundry subscribers
to this date

849 25

10 00

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