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A wonderful interpretation and meditation of the Prophet Elijah as the prefigure
of the major Old and New Testament characters leading up to Our Lord Jesus Christ. The dramatic depictions put flesh
on the skeletal architecture of the Bible figures we know and love. The authors reverence and analysis is poetic, eloquently pictorial and sets the reader's heart on fire; bringing tears of joy and inspiration. This book brings Bible history alive and thriving.
Krumacher's book on Elijah is a book or great significance for any serious reader of the Bible. It makes great reading, it expands our vision of the Kingdom through earth time. Academic intellectuals who are new to holy scripture might find this book very helpful.
In reading it, I am reminded of the faith of my parents and grandparents in the 20th century before post-modern thinking entered our culture. The WWII generation had a vivid faith and reverence that is rare in the contemporary church of 2013. Linda Grace Melsky Stone

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