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Volpian. And there was no peace for those who went out, nor for those who came in, in those days. And the French fortified San Martino, which is near Volpian*, and abode therein, and were like thorns in the sides of the inhabitants of Volpiant.

1292. In those days, Solyman fought hardt against Transylvanias, which is in the land of Hungary; and the Nazarenes were much distressed. And Giambattista Castaldo went against them, and about eight thousand men with him. And when he saw that he prevailed not||, he turned into one of the cities of that country, and fortified himself there. And the hosts of Solyman went thither, and cast up a bank against him, and they besieged it many days. And Sforza Palavicino went to deliver him from their hand, and about five thousand Italian footmen with him, besides the Hungarian riders upon swift beasts who were with him, about two thousand men. And they had no provisions, which was told unto the Turks; and a part of them went away from Giambattista, and went against them with a strong hand. And it came to pass, on the ninth day of the month of August, that the Nazarenes lifted up their eyes, and behold, the Turks were coming**; and the men were sore . † Num, xxxii. 55. Comp. Jud. xi. 25. .

|| Gen. xxxij. 26.
. ** Gen. xxxvii. 25.

.וולפיאן .בטראנסילוואניאה 6 .ספורצה פאלוויסין זה




of war.

afraid*, and girded themselves with their weapons

And the Turks drew nigh; and the Hungarians fought against the first camp all the morning, with a strong hand. And they lifted up

their eyes and looked, and behold, the second camp was moving towards them; and the Hungarians trembled much, and turned their backs, and filed for their lives. Then the horsehoofs were broken by means of the prancings, the prancings of their mighty onest; and they fought against the Italians, and discomfited them with the edge of the sword. And of the Nazarenes there fell to the earth about four thousand men, and the rest were taken in their pitss; and also the Prince Sforza||, and many nobles and honorable men were taken at that time; of the Turks also, many fell slain to the earth in that battle. And the Turks returned from chasing after them, and they spoiled their tents. And Giambattista Castaldo went out abroad when the Turks had turned away from him, and slew among the rest of his enemies around him a great slaughter ; and he left the city as it was, and went at his pleasure**. So the greater part of Transylvania has belonged unto the Turks until this day.

1293. And there came ships of Algier and * Exod. xiv. 10.

+ Judges v. 22. Exod. xvii. 13.

s Lam. iv. 20. .

[ 1 Sam. xvii. 53. Comp. Jer. xxxiv. 16

,ספורצה |




burned many houses in Palamos*, which is in Catalonia, and destroyed every good piece of landt; and they went with the ships of King Henry unto Corsica, and took unto themselves from thence provision for money, and went their way eastward. And when the captains of the ships of the Turk Solyman, which were in the sea of Naples, saw that the ships of the king delayed to come at the time they had promised, they journeyed from thence on the twenty-second day of the month of August, and went on their journeys. And it came to pass, after two days, when the ships of the king came and found them not, they were very wroth. And they also went eastward, and found them in Corfuf; and went with them to bring them on the ways. And it was said unto the viceroy of the emperor who was at Naples, “ Knowest thou not wherefore the ships of the Turk and the ships of Henry are come to rove in the sea of Naples ? Take heed to thyself, and keep thy soul diligently|l, for many of the inhabitants of the city have conspired against thee, and have given a hand to the prince of Salerno, to bring him with the hosts of Henry into the city as it is this day.” And the viceroy trembled ; and when inquisition was made, it was found out**,

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and behold, it was true, and the thing certain* ; and he seized about thirty men of the rebellious of the people, and brought them down into the grave in blood; and the rest fled away. And it came to pass, when the French saw that their hope was in vaint, that they journeyed from thence and went their way; and the ships of the king, with the ships of Solyman, remained in the east country many days.

1 294. And these are the kings who have reigned in the house of Othman, until this day. [80p] And there reigned Othman, the son of Sich, and the name of his city was Sebaste. And Othman died, and Orkana reigned in his stead. And Orkana died, and Amurat reigned in his stead. And Amurat died, and Bajazet reigned in his stead. And Bajazet died, and Kiri Gilibi reigned in his stead. And Kiri Gilibi died, and Mohammed reigned in his stead. And Mohammed died, and Amurat reigned in his stead. And Amurat died, and Mohammed reigned in his stead. And Mohammed died, and Bajazet reigned in his stead. And Bajazet died, and Selim reigned in his stead. And Selim died, and Solyman reigned in his stead. This is Solyman, who subdued Rhodes and the kingdom of Hungary, and who builded the walls of Jerusalem. May it be builded and established

* Deut. xiii. 14.

+ Job xli. 9 (1)



speedily in our days*. And this king Solyman was a valiant man who had done many actst, and wise as an angel of Godt. And Moses Hamong, the Jew, was his physician all the days.

1295. And Andrea Doria sailed in that month a second time with the Germans, the residue of those who escaped||, and with him thirty galleys. And he went unto Naples, and put a garrison therein, and abode there several days.

1296. And the monks of Malta who at first abode at Rhodes, went in ten ships into the sea of Barbary to make spoil in the countries of their enemies. And about four hundred men went on shore, and went against two cities, unto a people quiet and secure**, and took the persons and the goods of both Ishmaelites and Jews who were in the midst of them, and went away. And it came to pass, as they returned joyful and with a glad heartft, that the man Moses, the Ishmaelite, went unto the island of Gilibift, and with him were about three thousand five hundred footmen, and five hundred Arabian horsemen. Now the man Moses knew not all this, but went on his journeys. And his hap was to light onşç that part of the field where these uncircumcised were. And

, . . + 2 Sam. xxiii. 20; 1 Chr. xi. 22.

• 2 Sam. xiv. 20. || Exod. x. 5.

. ** Jud. xviii. 7. tt Esth. v. 9. ++ goa. $$ Ruth. ii. 3.

,תירביב .i.

e ,תִּבָּנֶה וְתִתְכּוֹנֵן בִּמְהֵרָה בְּיָמֵינוּ

.משה המון 6

.רודו 1

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