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unto Turin, and bowed himself before the king unto the ground; and they asked each other of their welfare, and came into the tent*. And the king honored him much, and they rejoiced together at that time. And he remained there several days. And he bowed before the king to the ground, and blessed him, and went from him

in peace.

“ Alas! my

1211. And it came to pass, one day, that the king went unto Mandabiat, to see the buildings which he had commanded to be made; and he sat down to eat bread. And there came one that had escapedf; and he said unto him, Lord, the king, for Bourdeauxg and all Gasconia|| have rebelled, because the chief of thy host made heavy his yoke upon themI; and they slew him. And his men have escaped, and I am come to tell thee;" and Henry trembled much, and he rode upon a horse, and returned unto his country, even unto France, in haste. And he executed judgments on the rebellious men, and brought them down unto the grave in blood; he had no compassion upon them. And when the rest heard thereof

* Exod. xviii. 7.

+ Mandeuve, formerly Mandubia, Manduvia, Epamanduodurum, a large village near Montbéliard. I Gen. xiv. 13.

$ .

T I Kings xii. 10-14.

.בורדיאוס 5

.גאסקוניאה |




they were sore afraid, and their heart melted and became like water; and his kingdom was firmly established.

1212. And Henry allowed the Jews, the merchants who were in Mantua at that time, to come into the cities of his kingdom. And they went into the king's gate and bowed themselves before him to the ground; and he accepted their persons, and made a release to them*, according to the hand of our God, upon himt; and they went from him in peace, for he was a faithful mani.

1213. And Dragut came in that month into the seas of Naples to take the spoil, and to take the preyg. And he lifted up his eyes; and behold, a fishing-boatll of those which belonged unto the priestss who were in Malta, came from Marseille, and therein were many priests and honorable men, and gold and silver in abundance. And he went upon her like a bear bereaved of her whelps** and God delivered it into his hand. And also from the unwalled townstt of the inhabitants of that country he took about fifty souls of men, and went away unto his own country. And he

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.to fish דוג from the Hebrew דוגית the same with ,דוניאה {}

* Esth. ii. 18.

* Ezra vii. 9. | Prov. xx. 6.

§ Isa. x. 6

, . 9 i. e. The Maltese knights of St. John. ** 2 Sam. xvii. 8. Hos. xiij. 8. tt Esther ix, 19

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returned again, and took some of the large ships according to his heart's desire; and there was none to save from his hand. And the rest were dismayed before him; and the sailors sent a present unto him, and he made with them a covenant of peace; so they went their way.

1214. And Philip, the son of the emperor, went to sea with the ships of Andrea Doria at Roses, which is in Catalonia, in those days. And he came unto Genoa on the twenty-fourth day of the month of Chisleu, in the year three hundred and nine, and the nobles of the city honored him much; and he abode in the house of Andrea Doria, the chief of his host, several days. And many nobles and honorable men came to bow before him, and he stood not up nor moved before them ; and the chambers of their hearts were full of indignation against him*. And he went from thence unto Milan, and the nobles of the city received him with gladness, and bowed before him unto the ground, and brought presents before him. Also, all the cities of the dukedom filled their hand, every man as he was able at that time. And he set his face towards the wildernesst, to go to Germany, to see the face of the emperor, his father.

* Esther v. 9.

+ Num. xxiv. 1.




1215. For the mountains will I take up a weeping and wailing*, because I looked for good, and evil came unto met; my harp also is turned to mourning. I looked for peace, and there was noneg; for the choicest of youths|| was taken away when the fruit of my womb, the son of my vows was visitedl : the Lord is righteous**! Why did the knees prevent mett to see labor and sorrow $I; let not the day wherein my mother bare me be blessedş%. The violence done to me be upon this my

evil time, which has brought me to days and years in which I have no pleasure|ill ;

for what pleasure have I yet, after this grief, when the arrows of his trials which my son met with, set themselves in array at the gate; they smote me, they wounded me*t, and embittered me; He has caused the arrows of his quiver to enter into me; my reins* † they have broken asunder*%; they did not give me rest till I swallowed down my spittle*ll; so that my days were consumed in vanity*T;

* Jer. ix. 10 (Heb. 9).

+ Job. xxx. 26. | Job. xxx. 31. © Comp. Job. iii. 9. Is. lix. 11. || Comp. Ezek. xxiii. 6. 12. 23. Prov, xxxi. 2. ** Lam. i. 18.

tt Job iii. 12. 11 Jer. xx. 18. Ps. xc. 10.

$$ Jer. xx. 14. II|| Eccles. xii. 1.

Is. xxii. 7. *Cant. v. 7.

*1 Lam. iii. 13. * Job xvi. 12.

*ll Job. vii. 19. * Comp. Jer. xx. 18.


75p JUDAH, JOSEPH'S SON, DIES, A.M. 5309. my bitter and impetuous heart roareth like the sea* ; mine eye trickleth down and ceaseth nott. Weeping endureth at night, and in the morning cometh lamentation; and a mourning as the owlsg. Oh, that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears||! for it is no good reports.

1216. Judah; the priest, my son, was a lion's whelp**, of whom we said, “ Under his shadow we shall livett.” Because of our transgressions, he stooped down, he couched f, and was not; for God took himşş in the night of the sixth day, on the twenty-ninth of the month Shebat in the year three hundred and nine. And he went to his rest and left us sighing. Blessed be the true Judge ! Let that night be solitary|||I, for on the same my house was spoiled suddenly ; in a moment were my curtains spoiled ( [, for my sun was darkened; the crown [758] of my head fell*t, the stars of my heaven drew back; who has believed my report, my grief is very great*f. The work that has been wrought is grievous unto me*, and there is no

Jer. vi. 23.

+ Lam. iii. 49. I Comp. Ps. xxx. 5 (6).

§ Micah. j. 9. || Jer. ix. 1.

1 1 Sam. ii. 24. ** Gen. xlix. 9.

tt Lam. iv. 20. 11 Gen. xlix. 9.

SS Gen. v. 24. MI || Job. jii. 7.

I Jer. iy. 20. ** Lam. v. 16.

*1 Job. ij. 13. *Ş Eccles. ii. 17.

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