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there went a proclamation throughout the city*,
saying, • The count is drowned, and he is no
moret who thought to possess dwelling-places
that were not hist.” And many who had joined
them betook themselves to their homes, for they
feared for their lives. And it was told unto his
brethren, saying, “ Your eldest brother, of whom
ye said, ' Under his shadow we shall lives,' died in
his own sin|| ; and as for you, go ye out of the city;

clean that bear the weapons of wars, lest some evil take you also** ; why should your mother be deprived also of you three in one daytt?” And they said, We will not go, unless the men of the city forgive us, and all those that joined us, and will promise that not a hair of our head shall fall to the ground; for wherein shall it be known here? “ Is it not in that they give unto usti a copy of the covenant signed and sealed; for what is signed and sealed cannot be reversed $." And the men of the city did according to all they had asked, for they were troubled at their presence||||. And they went out of the city into the

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fortress of Montobbio*, and mourned many days for their brother, as one that is in bitterness for his first-bornt.

1182. Then were the porters and watchmen replaced at the gates of the city as before, and the country had rest. And they caused to be proclaimedt, by desire of the doge and the elders of the city, saying, “Bring ye back the clothes and arms which ye have taken in the ships, also the slaves who are hidden in the houses;" and they did so.

1183. On that day the second Jew fled into my house; and I hid him, and let him go freeg. Then I said, “ The Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighedsl." Are not these the words which I spake unto Giannettino, saying, “ That pieces of gold are vain things for safety**.” And the young Jew was taken the second time near Alessandria, for they recognized him ; and I gave another slave in his stead to rid him out of their handstt.

1184. And that bitter and rash count had not even a burialft, for Andrea Doria would not allow it; and they brought him up that they might know

.מונטוייו *


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him, but cast him the second time into the sea ; and there he remaineth for ever*. And most of his acquaintance and much people wept many days over Gian Luigi; for the beauty of his countenance and sweetness of his speech, they would not be comfortedt; and many mourned for him.

1185. And Andrea Doria cried with a great and bitter cryf, saying, “ I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against meg; may the Lord look and judgell.” And his friends rose up to comfort him ; but he refused to be comforteds, for his soul was greatly in bitterness because of the thing that had happened. And he said unto the elders of the city, Why have ye

done this thing to forgive those sinful men who were of them that troubled us**, and that thought to make themselves altogether princes over ustt, and give us

this day into the hand of them that seek our life, even into the hand of the poorest sort of the peopleft as it is this day$§. Why do ye respect persons in judgment; be not afraid of their faces, for the judgment is God's|||. And now let us cut them

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off from being a nation, that their name may be no more in remembrance*, and their violent dealings come down upon their own patet. If not, blot me, I pray you, out of the book which ye have writtenf, that I may turn to the right hand or to the leftş. I call to record this day against you|l, as for the copy of the writing of the covenant which is in their hand, do not take it to heart, for concerning such bloody men of our days, they who speak in proverbs say, “There is a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted**.”

1186. And the elders of the city feared before his face, and answered him, saying, “ Though any thing that is signed and sealed ought not to be recalled, yet we will do according to all thou shalt command us; and whithersoever thou shalt send us we will gott; we will not turn either to the right hand or to the left11. And they spake words of comfort unto him, so he went to his house mourning and having his head coveredşş; and he mourned for Giannettino many daysII. But

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Giannettino was the cause of all this, as the ancient proverb saith, “Of the wicked cometh forth wickedness.”

1187. And Henry, King of England, slept with his fathers, and the physicians embalmed him* ; and he was put in a coffin in the sepulchre of the kings, and Edward his son reigned in his stead; and he was eleven years old when they put the crown of the kingdom upon his headt. [8%p]

1188. And it came to pass, in the month of Abib, that is the month of March, that the men of Genoa violated their statute and made void their covenant. And they sent men of valor by command of Andrea Doria, to the cities of Gian Luigi which are on the mountain, and they took them, because the inhabitants of the country melted away before thems. The fortress of Montobbio alone was left, for it was fortified, and they abode there from that day forward, when they saw that evil was determined against them. Moreover Don Ferrante Gonzaga, the viceroy of the emperor, filled his hand, and took also the rest of the cities which were nigh unto him, and put a garrison into them; unto the fortress of Carissoß also, which is on the mountain, he sent soldiers and three battering-rams. And they battered its walls many * Gen. 1. 2. 26.

+ Comp. Esther vi. 8. | Ex. xv. 15. Jos. ii. 9.


.קאריסאו $

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