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prepare for them to-morrow* ;” and he said,

“ I will come, my son."

But Andrea Doria fell sick, and they went not thither.

And some men wrote unto Andrea Doria, saying, “ Beware of the family of the Fieschi.” And his heart fainted, for he believed them nott. And he said, " Who of the family of the Fieschi can do less or more except the count, and he is my son ?" This is nothing but the wicked heart of those who walk with slanders, and may the Lord cut off all flattering lipsi.” And while they were yet speaking, behold, Gian Luigi was in the court, for he feared lest his secret should be discovered, and came within to espy, and stole their hearts, and spake peaceably unto them and kissed the children of Giannettino, and went out from them in peace.

1178. Now the count thought in his heart, “ It is time for to make me power and a name** I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy themtt. And he went into the houses of his friends and of his companions, and said unto them, “ Ye shall eat with me to-night11.” And they assembled themselves with him in his house,

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and there was set before them to eat; and they rejoiced together at that time. And at the entrance of his house, he placed watchmen, saying, Let none come forth abroad* ;" and none of them knew what he had devised to dot. And it came to pass, that when they were merryt, the count Gian Luigi said unto them,

Ye, my companions, know Giannettino and his communicationg. And how he exalts himself, saying, 'I will reign ;' come now, therefore, and let us slay him|l. And those also who watch at the entering of the gates of the city let us smite with the edge of the sword, and swallow them up alive as the gravess; and we will take the city to us**, and by your word shall it be ruled, only in the throne will I be greater than youtt. I will be your captaint1." [hp] And they said, Behold, we would it might be according to thy wordşg." And they left two who would not go with them in the house, and set a watch over them. And his mother and his wife entreated him much to put bim away from his mischieflli ; and they lifted up

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their voices and wept*, but he would not hearken unto them. And he and his companions, his friends and two hundred men who were with him, went out from his house; and he divided the people into two bandst; and the one band went with his brother unto the gates of the city, and they found the watchmen lying securely, being given up to slumber; and they fell suddenly upon them and took the gates of the city out of their hand. And the second band went with him to the place where the twenty ships of Andrea Doria were moored securely. And he sent thither also the ship which he had brought with subtlety into the city; and they fought against the twenty ships both by sea and by land. And he said unto the prisoners, “ Come out;" and the men of the ships trembled greatly, and their voice was heard from afar. And the watchmen of the ships fled at the cry of them, for they were but few in number: for the destruction of Giannettino was all this brought about, and thus they began to do its. And the fame thereof was heard in the house of Andrea Doriall, and Giannettino ran at the noise toward the wall at the entering-in of the gate of the city, and cried alouds. And the men of the

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count went out against him, and slew him*. And his carcase hath been as dung upon the earth until noon, that none gatheretht. And Andrea and the little children of Giannettino fled at the


of them, for they said, “ Lest the earth swallow us up alsot.” And he rode upon a horse, and did fleeg naked and barefoot|| ; he looked not behind hims, for he knew not whence this great evil came upon them. And it came to pass, when the rash Gian Luigi went in the darkness of the night unto the ships, being clad in a scaled coat of mail, and having an helmet of brass on his head**, that his feet slippedtt and he fell into the sea, and he utterly fainted and died; and there was none to save him, because of the great cry that was there, and his mother became childless among womenff at that time. And the nations heard of their destruction, that the mighty man hath stumbled against the mighty, and they are fallen together, Giannettino and the count, in the same day$$; namely, the third day of the month of January, in the year one thousand five hundred and forty-seven.

1179. And the brethren of Gian Luigi and much

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people that had joined him, went in the streets of the town, and cried with a loud voice, saying,

May the people of the country live* ;” and they proclaimed liberty to all the inhabitants at that timef. And they said that they would take the palace where the doge was; and the men of the city trembled greatly, and they went thither and demanded it of them by command of the count; but they answered them, “Let Gian Luigi come, and whatsoever he shall say unto us we will do ;" for his fear fell upon them, and they knew not that his day had come, and that the time of his visitation had come upon him.

1180. And the poorest sort of the peoples spoiled the ships of Andrea Doria at that time; they left no remnant||. And the captives went out free; the uncircumcised fled by the way on land; and about two thousand Turks took one of the ships and hastened to make their way into their own country, and they looked not behind them. And two of the Spanish ships pursued after them, but could not overtake them, so they returned into the city.

1181. And in the morning it came to pass, that

i. e. Vive la Constitution.

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