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of his armament. And Gian Luigi was a mighty hunter* and of a goodly mien; and the greater part of the men of the city lifted


eyes unto him, and loved him passing the love of woment, for hunting was in his mouth; his lips dropped as an honey-combş; and Giannettino put on revengell, and the thing was known to Gian Luigi; and it was evil in his sight. And from this time forth, he devised mischief in his heart against Giannettino and against his masters, but continued to speak every day peaceably to them, for Andrea Doria had been as a father unto him and unto his brethren, from the day when their father died.

1175. And at that time, in the tenth month, they made marriages** together; and Giannettino gave his sister to wife to the brother of Gian Luigi's wife. And they ate and drank together; but their hearts were not with themft. So are the ways of all who are greedy of gainfi.

* Gen. x. 9.

+ 2 Sam. i. 26. I 1'33 7" . i. e. He hunted for popularity; the rabbies generally translate, Deceit was in his mouth. See Jarchi on Gen. xxv. 28. s Pro. y. 3. Cant. iv. 11.

| Comp. Is. lix. 17. fi. e. Against Andrea Doria.

** Gen, xxxiv. 9. tt i. e. Their hearts were not united, although they outwardly joined in conviviality.

## Pro. i. 19.




1176. A Jew-man, whose name was Solomon, the son of Samuel, and his son Moses, were carried bound in those days in the ships which were under the hand* of Giannettino; and on the fourth day of the week, on the twenty-ninth day of the tenth month, I went down to deliver them out of his handt. And they gave me up the old man, at the word of his master, according as it was commanded, when I gave another (viz. a Turk) in his stead, life for lifet. And at that time Giannettino said unto me, “ I will not give up the young man, unless thou give me three Turks in his stead, or their value in money.” And I said, “ Not so, my lord, my power is goneg;” and he said, “ Speak no more unto me of this matter|j :" And I said, Thou speakest truly; but behold, , my lord, and see, that the end of Sehubim (goldpieces) is Sebubim (flies T) and they are a vain thing for safety**.” And he thought scornft, on account of the greatness of his covetousness, and laughed and said, Thou dost not know that treasures were made to rovett. And as for the

* Command.

† Exod. iii. 8. | Exod. xxi. 23.

§ Deut. xxxii. 36. # Deut. iii. 26.

1 . themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven. Proverbs xxiii. 5.

** Ps. xxxiii. 17. ft Esth. iij. 6.

1 i. e. Money must circulate.

i . e . Riches certainly make .כִּי סוֹף דָבָר הַזֶּהוּבִים זְבוּבִים |




And they

young man, I will not let him go*.” And he
set not his heart to my wordst.
brought out the old man from the iron furnaces,
and the young man remained there weeping, and
lifted up his eyes towards heaven; and the Lord
beheld this matter, and it was evil in his sightş.
And HE poured out his wrath upon Giannettino,
and his destruction came as a whirlwind)].

1177. In those days the Count Gian Luigi brought one of his galleys to Genoa, and two hundred men to put therein ; and he revealed not his secret to any mans. And Andrea Doria and Giannettino said, What meaneth then this voice of the people in mine ears** ?" And the count answered with subtlety, “ To send them into the east to take spoil in the countries of our enemies have I brought them hither;" and they believed his words, and remained secure. And Giannettino knew not that his day was come, and that the count had devised evil against him. And Gian Luigi went again into the house of Andrea Doria as often times beforeft, and said unto him, “ Now I have found favor in thy sight, let, I pray thee, my lord and Giannettino, come to the banquet that I shall

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prepare for them to-morrow* ;” and he said, will come, my son."

But Andrea Doria fell sick, and they went not thither. And some men wrote unto Andrea Doria, saying, “ Beware of the family of the Fieschi.” And his heart fainted, for he believed them nott. And he said,

Who of the family of the Fieschi can do less or moref except the count, and he is my son ?” This is nothing but the wicked heart of those who walk with slanders, and may the Lord cut off all flattering lipsl.” And while they were yet speaking, behold, Gian Luigi was in the court, for he feared lest his secret should be discovered, and came within to espy, and stole their hearts, and spake peaceably unto them and kissed the children of Giannettino, and went out from them in peace.

1178. Now the count thought in his heart, “ It is time for to make me power and a name** ; I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy themtt. And he went into the houses of his friends and of his companions, and said unto them, “ Ye shall eat with me to-nightff.” And they assembled themselves with him in his house,

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* Esth. 8.

+ Gen, xlv. 26. # Num, xxii. 18.

§ Jer. vi. 28. #Ps. xi. 3.

Esth. vi. 6. ** Ps. cix. 126, Is, kxiii. 12. 14, tt Exod. xv. 9.

II Gen. xl. iii. 16. Deut. xx. 19.

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for he feared for his life. And the Count Alessandro Vitello was the captain of the pope's host at that time. And the duke of Florence also filled his hand on that day. And they hastened to pass over the Alps; and the heart of Alessandro, the captain of the host, was much lifted up; and his men arose and slew him; so he fell destroyed* like one of the vain fellowst. And the men of the host went on their journey, until they came unto the place where the emperor (his glory be exaited!) was encamped; and the soul of the people, became weary on the road, for money was not given : and it was said unto them, “ Make haste, come on;" and they cried aloud for bread.

1169. And Dragut came with his ships into the seas of Genoa in the darkness of the night, on the road of the west side, on the twenty-sixth of the month Ab, which is the fifth month. And he went unto Oneglia], which is a small city, one of the open cities, which dwell securely; and the Turks fell suddenly upon them, and took of them two hundred and thirty souls of men captive; and they took much spoil. And in San Stefano he took fourteen souls. And over San Lorenzo he drew a line, and took [037] there also about

* Jud. v. 27.

+ 2 Sam. vi. 20.

.הלינגואילייא *

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