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through all the earth*. And he began to buildt the walls of the cities and the forts, and strengthened them, and his heart became much lifted up.

1160. And Dragut returned from Algier in the month of November, and ten galleys with him. And he went unto Corsica; and his fame went out through all the earth, for he did great thingst. And he took from the unwalled townsg which were nigh unto the sea, captives and prey according as his heart desired; and there was none to deliver from his hand. And also unto those who were far off who dwelt securely, the Turks went and took whatever they found, and returned unto the ships and went their way.

1161. And there came out a fire at Castel Nuovo), the fortress which is in Naples, and destroyed the gunpowder; and its walls shooks and fell to the ground, and it was not known who kindled it. And there died about fifty souls of man in that slaughter, beside the wounded; and all the city was moved; and they said,

or This is the finger of God**."

1162. And the Marquess del Guasto slept with his fathers on the second day of the second month,

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in the year one thousand five hundred and fortysix. And the emperor sent Don Ferrante Gongaza unto Milan in his stead ; and the nobles of the city received him with gladness, and he was a shepherd unto them. And all the people of the land were glad at the destruction of the marquess* for he made his yoke heavy upon them.

1163. In those days, Francis, the king of France, made peace with Henry, king of England, and they both made a covenant together; and the decree was given at Parist on the thirteenth day of the month of June, which is the fourth month. And unto Henry, the son of King Francis, there was born a daughter, and the king of England became godfather unto herf. And he sent his deputy unto France in his stead; and they honored him greatly; and they rejoiced together at that time. And Boulogne was yet in the hand of England, until the king of France should fulfil what he had vowed to do on the day of the covenants.

1164. Now Barbarossa was old and well stricken in years), and he set his house in orders, for he declined unto death; and he let many

* Esther viii. 6.
| Comp. Esther ii. 7.
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+ Esther iii. 15.
§ 2 Sam. xv. 7.
1 2 Kings xx. 1.




of the slaves who were with him* go free, and they returned into their own country; and unto the treasuries of Solyman, the Turk, he brought silver and gold in abundance, which he had taken in the countries of the uncircumcised. And he slept with his fathers. And his son reigned in his stead in Algier, and all its villages; and his kingdom was established greatlyt.

1165. And Ali went out from Algier to take spoil in the land of Spain; and five of the galleys were wrecked on the rocks of the island which is nigh unto Iviza; but Ali with only two galleys remainedt. And the rest of his servants became free at that time, and returned into their own country. And it came to pass as he drew back to Algier, that he met a large ship bearing corn; and he took her and brought her unto his own country.

1166. And the princes of Germany spake unto the emperor day by days, concerning the national council which he had vowed to bring about for their religion; but he hearkened not unto them. And it was told unto them, “ The emperor has made a confederacy|l with the pope; and those of

* Exod. xxi. 26, 27.

† 1 Kings ii. 12. I Gen. vii. 23.

§ Esther ii. 11. || Hos. viii. 12. 2 Kings xiv. 19.




your men who insist upon the national council shall be brought down into the grave in blood.” And the wrath of the Protestants waxed hot, and their anger burned within them*. And they said, “ Let us make a captain and return from behind himt, for the imperial crown does not appertains to a man like unto him ;" so they made a league between themselves.

1167. And among the confederates were the lords of StrasburgŞ, and the lords of Augsburg, and the lords of Ulm, and the lords of Münsters, and the archbishop of Cologne, and the king of Denmarks, and the duke of Saxony, and the duke of Würtemberg; and they made the landgrave, and the duke of Saxony to be heads of the host over them. And they gathered a force together and horsemen also**, to war against the emperor, and went out against him with a mighty hand. Then was the emperor exceedingly grievedtt, and sent into Italy for help; and the war was strong in Germany at that time.

1168. And Paul, the pope, filled his hands on that day, and sent horses and chariots and footmen,

.ארגנטינה 8

.מונסטיריאיניטי |

* Esther i. 12.

of Num. xiv. 4. | Jer. x. 7. § .

Il . 781887. Rabbi Joseph writes Dacia for Dania, comp. fol. 23, page 1. lin. 28. ed. Amst.

Comp. Gen. 1. 9. Ezra viji. 22, +* Esther iv. 4.

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for he feared for his life. And the Count Alessandro Vitello was the captain of the pope's host at that time. And the duke of Florence also filled his hand on that day. And they hastened to pass over the Alps; and the heart of Alessandro, the captain of the host, was much lifted up; and his men arose and slew him; so he fell destroyed * like one of the vain fellowst. And the men of the host went on their journey, until they came unto the place where the emperor (his glory be exaited!) was encamped; and the soul of the people became weary on the road, for money was not given : and it was said unto them,

"Make haste, come on;" and they cried aloud for bread.

1169. And Dragut came with his ships into the seas of Genoa in the darkness of the night, on the road of the west side, on the twenty-sixth of the month Ab, which is the fifth month. And he went unto Onegliaf, which is a small city, one of the open cities, which dwell securely; and the Turks fell suddenly upon them, and took of them two hundred and thirty souls of men captive; and they took much spoil. And in San Stefano he took fourteen souls. And over San Lorenzo he drew a line, and took [bap] there also about

* Jud. v. 27,

+ 2 Sam. vi. 20.

.הלינגואילייא :

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