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against it but could not prevail against it; and there fell of the men who were upon them about fifty men slain to the ground at that time. And the king and the emperor made a covenant of truce in France also. And when Andrea Doria heard it, he brought the ships back unto Genoa, and the country had rest. And the law of peace was given at Genoa* on the twenty-first day of the month Tishri, three hundred and five; and all the people of the country rejoiced, and gave praise unto God.

1143. And they restored all the cities which were taken in Flanders, Piedmont, and Montferrat, as they were when the pope spake unto them at Nizza on the day of the covenant; those which belonged unto the emperor, to the emperor; and those which belonged unto the king, to the king. And the war ceased between the emperor and the king.

1144. And the duke of Orleans, who is the third son of the king, and the cardinal of Lorraine, went to bow before the emperor, while he was at Brüssel on the twenty-second day of the month of October, one thousand five hundred and fortyfour, which is the eighth month. And also Leonora, his sister, the queen, went with them;

* Esth. iii. 15.




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and he went out to meet them, and they bowed themselves down before him; and they asked each other of their welfare*, and came into the city; and his sister also bowed herself down; and she embraced him, and said, “Is there peace, my brother ?” and he answered, “ Peacet.” And the emperor received them with joyfulness, and with gladness of heartf, and spake unto their heart; and they ate and drank, and were merry togetherg during several days, and went their way.

1145. Only Henry, king of England, made no covenant with them, but still held fast by Boulognesi, and fortified it, and put a garrison into the midst thereof. And the second son of the king went against it with a strong hand by sea and by land, and the French could not prevail against it in that winter, for it was a fenced city.

1146. And there was peace between Charles the emperor and King Francis, and both of them made a covenants. The copy of the covenant is**, that the daughter of Ferdinand, the brother of the emperor, should be given unto the third son of the king, and Milan and its villages, as a dowry and gift unto them and unto their seed after them ;

* Exod. xviii. 7.

+ 2 Kings ix, 18. | Deut. xxviii. 47.

§ Gen. xliii. 34. Il Comp. Exod. ix. 2.

| Gen. xxi. 27. Comp. Esth. iii. 14.




only that the cities should return unto the emperor, who should be in those days, if he do not beget one to make ashamed in the land*, sitting upon his throne after him, inheriting the power to restraint. And the thing was pleasing in the sight of the king; and also the cities of Savoy he promised to give back unto the duke, when his son should take that woman.

But in the sight of his second sont who was to sit upon his throne this was evil; and the country had rest in that year.

1147. And the king hired ships and soldiers at Genoa in the month Abib, one thousand five hundred and forty-five. And also some of the soldiers whom he had in Piedmont he brought over to France, to go to war against England, for his soul was embittered against them. While they were yet at Marseille, it was told the king, The inhabitants of Cabrieresg and of Merindol||, and the open cities which are in Provence, incline unto the faith of Luthers, and it is not meet for the king to suffer them**; and the king was wroth. And he sent against them some of the troops; but the men of Cabrieres fortified themselves, and the city was be




One who might put transgressors to shame. + Judges xvii. 7.

1 Henry II. § .

. Ti. e. The inhabitants of these cities were Waldenses.

** Esth. iii. 8.

.גאבריאיראס 8

.מירינדו ||

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sieged; and they battered its walls, so that they came down*, and in the straitness of the timet the city was broken up, and the soldiers came into the city with a high hand. And its inhabitants they slew with the edge of the sword, young men as well as virgins, the suckling with the hoary headf. And there was not one who remained, or escaped, on the day of the Lord's angers, and the cry of the city went up toward heaven; and about two hundred men were hid in a cave, and they kindled a fire in the mouth thereof, and all of them died therein; there was not one left. And they led the principal men of the people of the country away with them, and made their lives bitter|| ; they burned them alive; their


had no compassion upon them. And the Waldenses said, Certainly, this is the day we looked fors; now may our soul return unto God, and our bodies to the dust**.” And also

And also among the rest who were not found there, the hand of the Lord was against them to destroy themft; and they fell into the hand of those who sought their lives, and there was but a small number of them saved. And the inhabitants of Merindolff fled away, until the indignation was overpastyø; they

* Deut. xxviii. 52. + Dan. ix. 25. Deut. xxxii. 25. $ Lam. ii. 22. Comp. Jer. xlii. 17. # Exod. i. 14. Lam. ii. 16.

** Comp. Ecc. xii. 7. tt Deut. ij. 15. 1 . $$ Comp. Is. xxvi. 20.

,מירידנו ft



would not fight, and their lives were unto them for à prey*. And also of the men of the host many fell by the sword in that battle; and those that remained took the spoil of the city and all its substance, and went their way. [13p]

1148. And the ships of the king which were at Marseille, went on their journey until they came into the waters of Britain in the month of May, three hundred and five, which is the third month, and they retained no strength before the ships of the English, for the light galleys had no power to stand in those proud waterst. And the men of the English ships took some of them, after their hearts' desire at that time. And Boulogne was straitly shut up before the French; none went out and none came in.

1149. And Dragut came with ten galleys into the sea of Italy in that year. And they went unto Corsica, and went on shore on Capo Corsof in the month Tamuz, which is the fourth month. And they took the captives and the booty, and the houses they burned with fire, and went their way; and in the waters of Genoa God caused their hands to meet a ship which came from the east, and two other ships; and they took them, and sent them unto their country; and they found another ship,

* Jer. xxxviii. 2.

.קאפו קורסו *

Ps. cxxiv. 5.

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