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away free unto the coast of Cremona, and abode there several days, and remembered not their covenant, for they were a froward generation, and defiled that which came forth from their lips.

1133. And the cardinal of Ferrara, the confederate of the king, had a small city on the banks of the Po, and its name was Brisilo*, and those that went out of Carignanot went in ships secretly against it on the first day of the month of June, and took its suburbs; and after another three days the city was broken up, and they gave it to be pillaged, and there was none to deliver it.

1134. And the servants of the king went in ships into the sea of Spain, and met there a large ship going unto Genoa, whose merchants were princes, whose traffickers are the honorable of the earths. And they warred against her all that day and all that night, and took and brought her unto their own country. And of them who were in the ship there died only four men in that battle. And their foot was laid in iron, they afflicted their soul with fettersą.

1135. Then Barbarossa went and fought against Lipolill, a small island which is nigh unto Sicily, and it had none to deliver; and they cast up .

+ Comp. Gen. xxxiv. 24. | Isa. xxiii. 8.

§ Ps. cv. 18. , .

.בריזילו *

.perhaps Lipari ,ליפולי ||


banks against it, and took it; and they took the persons and the goods, and left not in the midst thereof one that pisseth against the wall. And the cry of the city went up toward heaven. And also in Calabria and in Apulia he did great things, and they took the mother with the children, and led them away into captivity. And the number of the captives was sixteen thousand.

1136. And the emperor journeyed into France, and fought against Ligny; and they delivered the city into his hand, and he made a covenant with the dwellers therein. They went also to fight against* Landrecit, and many fell slain to the ground in that battle. For the king had filled his hand, and went out against them with a strong hand, and saved the city. And also some of the soldiers who were in Italy he brought into France; and the rest of his men who were in Piedmont gathered themselves together into the fenced cities at that time. Then the men of the emperor re-took some of the small cities which the French had taken, after their hearts' desire, and took the

prey thereof.

1137. And the king of England also fought against Boulogne, which the king had on the coast of the sea, and took it, and put into the * Comp. Deut. xxii. 6.

; but we suppose that the first D has been put erroneously for 5. Landericiacum, a small town on the road from Maubeuge to Paris.

; סאנדיסי Both editions have +




- Let me pass,

midst thereof about seven thousand men, who fortified themselves there.

1138. And Strozzi again passed over unto Mirandola, and gathered together soldiers to help Paul the pope, for there was peace between them. And he turned his face unto the cities of Milan, and the men of the marquess went against him, so he turned away from them. And he brought them on by-ways* unto the road of [137] Tarot, and the soul of the people became weary on the road for want of every thingŞ.

And he sent unto the lords of Genoa, saying,

I pray you, through your country by the king's highway|l, on the fourth day of the month of August, which is the sixth month.” And they allowed them to pass through their borders according as they had asked; and they went their way. And the villagers (smote the hindmost, even all that were feeble behind them**, and all that they had they plunderedtt. And the thing was known, and the elders of the city commanded, and the captains went out, and brought back their garments and their weapons of war, and sent them home. And seven hundred Spaniards who came in ships pursued after them, but could not do any thing, so they drew back.

.טארו +

* Jud. v. 6.
I Num. xxi. 4,
|| Num. xx. 17.
** Deut. xxv. 18.

§ Deut. xxviii. 48.

Esther ix. 19.
++ Josh. ix. 27.




And Pietro Strozzi went on his journey, by the way of the mountains, because of the riders upon the swift horses whom the marquess had sent against him in the plain, for he said, “They will come down unto us, because of hunger, and we will take them alive.” And they came into the cities of Montferrat in peace, only the feeble were left behind, as the handful after the harvestman, that none gathereth*. And he made war against Alba, and cast up trenches against it, and the city was delivered into his hand on the thirteenth day of the month of August, and his fame went through the whole world.

1139. And there came twelve ships of the Ishmaelites into the sea of Genoa at that time, and went unto San Stefano at the end of the middle watch, and took all its spoil and thirty souls of men, and went their way; and the ships of Andrea Doria pursued after them, but did not overtake them; and they returned home. By the ships which he had sent unto Corsica to deliver it from the hand of its spoilers, they took two of the ships of the Turks which were found there. And one went down into the deep ; she sank as leadt, because of the multitude of the uncircumcised who went upon her. And there died of the captives about twelve men, and their brethren went out

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free without ransom*. And they sent them unto their country; so in the same net which the Turks hid for them their own foot was takent, and they remained in their place.

1140. And the emperor once more fought against Landrecif; and the city was given into his hand on the seventeenth day of the month of August, which is the sixth month. And the soldiers were sent away free, and they went into France; and it grieved the king much.

1141. And there was no peace in Montferrat for him that went out, nor for him that came in at that time, because of the host of the French who hunted their steps, so that they could not gog, and the city was besieged. And the captains of the king made a covenant of peace with the captains of the emperor for a month of days, and the country had rest; and it was of the Lord, had it not been for that covenant, there would have been delivered into the hand of the king, Vercelli, Trinoll, Chieri, and Casale, for want of every thing in those days.

1142. And the ships of the emperor went against Antibes, which is in Provence, and warred

* Exod. xxi. 2.

+ Psalm ix. 15; xxxi. 4 (Heb. 16). I 'DITIXD). See note on page 395. $ Lam. iv. 18. # 73'94, a little town in Montferrat.

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