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camp filed

was straitly shut up; none went out and none
came in

1126. Now the emperor was yet fighting on the
borders of Flanders in those days. And his hosts
were besieging the city of Luxemburg, which the
king had taken to himself, and they battered its
walls round about, and cast up trenches against it.
And they went out unto them for peace; and the
city was given into the hand of Don Ferrante Gon-
zaga, the chief of the host, on the second day of
the month of June, which is the fourth month; and
they left there the men of the king and the batter-
ing-rams ; and they went their way

and France
was exceedingly grieved.

1127. The king of England also turned to be
an enemys in those days, unto the king of France,
and fought against the king of Scotland, a con-
federate of the king, and took some of the cities of
the kingdom; and they fortified themselves therein.
In France also he fought hard against the king,
when his soul desired to possess the dwelling-
places which were not hist.

1128. And Pietro Strozzi came into the borders
of Saravalle, which is by Tortona, on the fourth
day of the month of June; and behold, the mar-
quess came against him with a numerous people,
* Joshua vi. I.

† Isa. lxiž. 10.
I Habakkuk i. 6.

and with a strong hand; and he divided the people that were with him. And the men of Strozzi passed over the river Scribiat with a high hand. And they were ready to go upł; and the men of the marquess drew back, for they were troubled at their presenceş. And many of the first at their cry, and cast their weapons of war unto the ground, and their lives were unto them a prey. And the men of Strozzi turned after lucres ; and it came to pass when the second camp of the marquess drew nigh, that those who had stumbled were girded with strengths. And they pursued after them, and the marquess's riders upon the swift horses came near, and fought against them with strength; and the men of Strozzi fled by seven ways**, for evil was determined against them. And they also cast away their weapons (170p] of war and the coverings of their feet, according as the men of the marquess had done, and fled for their lives. Then were the horse-hoofs broken by means of the prancings of the soldierstt, and they returned from pursuing after them. And the men of the marquess took all the baggage which they left there in their haste, and gave praise unto God;

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and the peasants also filled their hand and stripped the fugitives ; thus they went their way naked, and were not ashamed; for the time of their visitation was come. And those who died


them all, were about one hundred and twenty men. And many of the officers of the host were taken alive; and they put them in prison.

1129. And Pietro enlarged his steps, so that his feet did not slip on that day*. And he fled all that day and all that night, he and the two hundred men who were with him, who rode


horses ; and he looked not behind him until he came to a land inhabited, unto the borders of Piedmontt, for he feared for his life.

1130. And Barbarossa abode in Toulon; many days; and they sent unto him from Algier twenty galleys, which met large ships carrying corn and bread and garments, and took them and sent them away unto their own country. Then he brought forth the Turks who were in the ships of the king from the furnace of irong; he left no gleanings therein. And many of his men died in that country, because the water and the air were naught||, and because of the terrible frost. And

.טולון t

2 Sam. xxii. 37. + Exod. xvi. 35. § 1 Kings viii. 51; i. e. The Turkish galley slaves were set at liberty.

|| 2 Kings ii. 19.




he was inuch grieved in his heart, and said, “I will

go and return unto my own country, lest peradventure I see the evil which shall find out my people*.” And unto the servants of the king he revealed not his secret; and no man knew the thoughts of his heart until that day.

1131. And it came to pass, when Barbarossa was yet scarce gone out from the sea of Provencet, that the lords of Genoa feared greatly because of him. And they fortified the city, and brought soldiers into the midst thereof, and set up the battering-rams; then fled Genoa, and the inhabitants of her villages strengthened themselves and gathered themselves together into the fenced cities; and the rest fled unto the mountains, for they were troubled at his presence. And Barbarossa drew nigh, and passed the sea of Genoa in the month of May, three hundred and four, which is the third month, and they took near Savona a large ship which came from Spain; and they brought the captain down unto the grave in blood, for the soul of Barbarossa was embittered against them. And Andrea Doria, the chief of the emperor's host, sent unto him a present of the best fruits of the lands. And the servants of Andrea

i.e. Come upon my people. Gen. xliv. 34. margin. + Gen. xxvii. 30.

1 Is. x. 31. § Comp. Gen. xliii. 11.




Doria brought the present which was in their hand before him, and bowed before him unto the ground. And he asked them of their welfare, and said, “ Is my brother well, your old master, of whom ye spake ?” And they said, Thy servant, our master, is in good health* ; and he sent us to find favor in the sight of our Lordt. And they bowed their heads and worshipped 1. And he took the present from their hand, and commanded, and they unloaded the ship which they had taken, and he gave her unto the man who brought the present; and he returned unto his master with gladness. And Barbarossa sent also at the same time unto Andrea Doria spices and cinnamon as a present. And some of his men came into the city of Genoa, and bought whatsoever their soul desired, and none made them afraids. And they set at liberty many of the Turks who belonged unto Andrea Doria, and Dragutll also they brought out from the prison


gave the ransom for his souls, and went with them; and they returned unto their own master; and he passed over before them unto Piombino, and remained there several days. And they did no hurt in the borders of Genoa neither


* Gen. xliii. 27. I Exod. iv. 31. || 912778.

+ Gen. xxxiii. 8.
§ Lev. xxvi. 6.
9 Exod. xxx. 12.




small nor great; for so King Francis had commanded, for there was peace between them. And he went on his journey*, going on still toward the eastt, as he was commanded. And he fought against Porto Ercolo, and against Talamone, which is in the sea of Siena. And the Lord gave them into his hand in the month of June, which is the fourth month ; and he burned them with fire, and took both the persons and the goodst; he left no gleaningss, and his fame went out over the whole world. The men of Giglio|| also drank the dregs of the cup of the fury of the Lord ; they also were delivered into the hand of those who sought their lives** at that time. And he overflowed and overran the kingdom of Naples; and Procidatt they burned with fire, and went their way.

1132. And when the men of the emperor who were at Carignano saw that there was no power in their hands, they delivered it into the hand of the captains of the king, and vowed to fight the battles of the emperor no more, until six months be fulfilled If; and they went out from the midst thereof, and made a covenant with them; and they and their stuff and all their cattle went

* Gen. xiii. 3.

+ Gen. xii. 9. I Comp. Gen. xv. 21.

§ Comp. Jer. xlix. 9.

Isa. li. 22.
Jer. xix. 7. # . 11 Num. vi. 5.

.זיליו ||

.פרוגיטה {}

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