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unto the emperor, and according as he shall answer me, I will do."

1115. And Andrea Doria sent his ships unto Sardinia with the Spaniards whom he had brought; and he left them there. And they took a galley as they returned, and in her were about sixty Turks, and they brought her unto Genoa with joy. And he sent again eighteen galleys unto Corsica, to see whether they could find Turks there: and they found some; but they were afraid of them and returned back, for Barbarossa filled his hand, to send also some hither and thither. He sent also unto Catalonia, and the Lord delivered into his hands Roses*; and Palamost they burned with fire; and they found there a large galley, and took her and brought her unto their own country. And it came to pass, when they returned, that they found another large ship, and took it, and ate the spoil of their enemiest at that time.

1116. In those days when the emperor fought against France, Francis went with the duke of Ferrara to search out the countrys, to find out the resting placell of the host of the emperor; and the

* D'D17. Rhoda, a fortified town in Catalonia, on the shore of the Mediterranean.

+ DrobxD, a town in Catalonia, on the shore of the Mediterranean. I Deut. xx. 14, § Josh. ii. 3.

| Num. X. 33.




French made an ambush, and went against them in the road, and took them alive and led them unto the king; and he rejoiced in his heart and set a watch over them.

1117. And it came to pass, when the emperor was fighting against Landreci, the fenced city, which the king had on the borders, that the king went out against him with a strong hand. And the emperor was grieved and afraid, and gathered his host against him, and remained upon his ward. And Francis drew nigh, and put soldiers into the midst of it with every thing that his soul wished; and drew back. And when the emperor saw that he had no power in his hand, he departed from the city, and the land had rest; and there died of the men of the emperor in that war much people.

J18. Then the men of Genoa sent messengers unto the king of France to find favor in his sight, but they returned back without success, because they halted between two opinions* ; for they were a very froward generations.

1119. And the marquess del Guasto went, after the walls of Mondovi came downț, and fought against Carignano, and took it, and put soldiers

* 1 Kings xviii. 21.

+ Deut. xxxii. 20. # Deut. xxviii. 52.




into the midst of it, who fortified themselves there. And the king sent some of the men of his host into Italy, and the men of the emperor fled from before them, and left Crescentino as it was, for they feared for their life. And the men went also against San Germano, and took it, and the rest of the cities which were round about them; Vercelli and Trino and Casale alone were left straitly shut up; and the French did wonderfully; they hunted their steps so that they could not go*. Also unto Carignano the men of the king went; and the bridge which was next the city they cast down with a high hand; and the men of the emperor strove for itt, but they could not withstand; and they returned back unto the city and shut the gates, and the city was besieged. And in the midst of it were about three thousand Germans and Spaniards, they were the heads over the thousands of the emperor. Now Carignano was very nigh unto Turin, therefore this distress came upon them. And they sent unto the marquess, saying, “ Behold, we die, we perishỹ, unless thou come to our help. For the wine bottles are burst, and our garments and our shoes are waxed old, and our soul loatheth this dry bread ||

* Lam. iv. 18. I Gen. xlii. 21.

| Num. xxi. 5.

+ Gen. xxvi. 20, 21.
§ Num. xvii. 12 (Heb. 27).




which is become mouldy*. And now our soul is dried away, there is nothing at allt but our bodies, why should we die of hungerf?”

1120. And in those days there went a man of Bargesy, and he came unto Fossano, and said unto the prince Piedro di Portol, the imperial governor, “What wilt thou give me when I deliver Barges into thine hand ?" And his words were pleasing in the sight of the man; and he said unto him, “ What is the pledge that thou wilt give me? or by what shall I know that I shall

possess it** ?" And the man said, “ My wife and my children will I give into thy hand, them mayest thou kill if I do it not even this day.” And when the nobleman heard, he said unto him, “Be strong and of good courage; be a son of valor, and it shall be that the kindness which the emperor shall show unto us we will show unto thee." And he went out from him in peace, and sent them (72p] unto him. And the nobleman sent unto the city of Barges fifty men in the darkness of the night; and the man brought them in safety into the city, and said, “ Set on breadtt.” And unto the governor who was at Pinerolo, he

.בארגיס 6

.פידרו די פורטו ||

* Josh. ix. 5.

# Num. xi. 6. I Gen. xlvii. 18, 19.

. Gen. xxxviii. 16—18. Comp. Gen. xv. 2. ** Gen. xv. 18.

+ Gen. xliii. 31.




sent saying, “Thus have I done: come on, let us deal wisely with them*, that we may take them alive.” And he also sent soldiers; and they came secretly into the city, and fell suddenly upon them. And the men who came from Fossano knew not, neither did they understand : they walked in darknesst, and in that net which they had hidden was their own foot takenf. And they took them alive in a very little while, and put them in prison and set a watch over them. And unto the man who was at their head, on whom the governor of Fossano leanedş, he commanded at the same time, saying,

“ Write unto thy master, We are come, and have taken possession, according to the words of the man; and now, come thou also at this time to-morrow, and we will take Pinerolo also, for they are melted away before us.” And the man did according as he was commanded, for he feared for his life. And the nobleman who was at Fossano likewise delayed not to go unto the city, according to the word of the man, and he came into the city, and they took him alive; and the rest of the men who were left without were slain with the edge of the sword at that time. For they sent the

• Exod. i. 10. #Ps. ix. 15 (16).

+ Ps. lxxxii. 5 (Heb. 6).
§ 2 Kings vij. 2.

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