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withstanding this, his wrath was not turned away; and he hardened his heart, and the Scotch were smitten, so that the king of England did great things.

1067. In those days the host of Ferdinand besieged Pesth, which is by Buda, on the other side of the river, and in the midst thereof were Turks. And they cast lots, saying, " Who shall go first to fight against them.” And the lot fell


the Germans, and upon the Hungarians, who fought against it with a strong hand, but could not do anything; and the rest returned with shame into the camp. For the Turks had fortified themselves, and fought against them with arrows and bows, and much people of them died. And the Italians also drew nigh unto the city, and climbed up their walls and fought in the midst of the city, and opened its gates. And the Turks fell upon them, and fought them with rams, and with arrows, and with swords, and with clubs, and with spears, and smote them, and discomfited them unto destruction*. And the rest fled out, for the Lord drave them, and gave them no strength to stand

* Num. xiv. 45. " Then the Amalekites came down, and the Canaanites which dwelt in that hill, and smote them, and discomfited them, even unto Hormah.” no?? (devotio, locus desolatus) nomen proprium urbis regiæ Canaanitarum. Num. xiv. 45; xxi. 3. Deut. i. 41. Jos. xii. 14 ; xix. 4, olim ng Jud. i. 17. See Gesenii Lexicon Manuale, s. v. 1977. Rabbi Joseph takes here the name op? in its appellative meaning, but this pun cannot be imitated in English.

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before the pride of the Turks at that time. And the Germans went not to help them; and there the slain fell to the ground as the handful after the harvestman, and none shall gather them*. And the rest returned to Italy, and their number was very few, not greatt, for the hand of God had touched them.

1068. The soldiers also who rode on swift beasts, whom Solyman had sent, fought against the horsemen of Ferdinand on that day to ease the city of the battleg. And many fell slain to the ground at that time, and the rest returned unto their tents; for their soul became wearied because of murderers]. And the uncircumcised went away from the city and drew back with shame, and the land had rest.

1069. And the hosts of the king went out against Conis, which is in Piedmont, and besieged it, and cast up a bank against it. But the men of the city strengthened themselves, so they went away from it with shame, and the city had rest.

1070. And the emperor sent Granvella and his friend the second time unto Italy, who came with Andrea Doria unto Genoa in the tenth month. And Granvella went into Germany, because of the synod which the emperor had vowed unto them** .

* Jer. ix. 22 (21). † Is. xvi. 14. | Job xix. 21. $ Comp. Jonah i. 5.

ll Jer. iv. 31. 1 **217, Caneum, a town in Piedmont at the foot of the Alps.

** Charles V. had promised to the electors a national council, to remedy ecclesiastical abuses in Germany.


And his friend went to Rome unto the pope, and communed with him there.

1071. And there was a great earthquake in Candia and round about it in those days. In Sicily also there was a great earthquake, such that there had been none like it* ; [p] and great and mighty buildings fell to the ground. And in Saragossat and its suburbs, the earth moved exceedinglyt, and the dry land became covered with water, and much people died. Tell ye your children of itş.

1072. In those days the great scribe of King Francis offended against him||, and had dealings with the emperor, by the word of the queen the emperor's sister. And it was told unto the king, and when inquisition was made of the matter, he examined and found out that he was one of them who troubled him**, and that he had discouraged also the hearts of the people from fighting against Perpignantt when they arrived there. And he put him into prison, and the queen also he removed from him in those days. 1073. And it came to pass,


process of timeft, that Mohammed, the son of Abdallah, king of Tremezen, was content to lie with the wives of his

• Exod. ix. 24 ; x. 14.
+ ANNOXD, Cæsarea Augusta, Cæsaraugusta.
# Is. xxiv. 19.

§ Joel. i. 3. || Gen. xl. 1.

| Esther ii. 22. ** Judges xi. 35.

. It Exod. ii. 23.

.פרפיניאן ++




father. And they fled before him, and he abode in Algier several days; and Abdallah died, and Abdorrahman caused the youngest son of the king to reign, who was the son of his daughter; and set the crown royal upon his head*. And when Mohammed heard that his father was dead, he brought the Turks who were at Algier into the city. And his youngest brother fled before him unto Oran, and abode there. And Abdorrahman, his mother's father, went into the land of Spain and bowed himself before the king to the ground, and wept, and made supplication unto himt; and Charles accepted his person at that time. And he wrote unto the Prince Martin who was at Oran, saying, “These men are peaceable with us; and now go with them, and bring them back unto the cities of their inheritance, with the Spaniards who are there with thee.” And Prince Martin went with them, and the Arabs went out against them, and the Spaniards were smitten and fell at Tibras before their enemies, slain by the sword. And the rest fled for their lives, and returned with the young king and with the father of his mother unto Oran with shame. And Prince Martin demanded of them the money which he had laid out in the journey, and they were not able to

* Esther vi. 8.

Gen. xxxiv. 21.

+ Hos. xii. 4 (5).


.טיברה 8




give him any thing at that time. And his wrath was kindled against the old man, and he delivered him into the hand of Mohammed, king of Tremezen, and the young king remained with him there. And King Mohammed tortured him daily, to know the hidden treasures of gold, and he died by the hands of those who sought after his soul under the scourge. Then King Mohammed made peace with the king of Spain, and promised to bring eight thousand pieces of gold annually into the treasury of the king. And Mohammed placed officers in the gates of Oran to take the tribute from the hand of the Arabs, who came into Oran to give it unto the king.

1074. And Muley Mohammed had a second brother, whose name was Achmed; and he put him in ward into the prison-house for many days. And Kayid Mansur* was zealous for the son of his sister, and wrote unto Prince Martin, who was in Oran, saying, “ Come with the men who are with thee unto Tremezen, and promise also to bring the young king with thee; and the city shall be given into thy hand.” And the thing was pleasing in his sight, and he gathered about twelve thousand Spaniards and went unto Tremezen;

* 1130 Txp. We find in Rabbi Joseph's Chronicles several names beginning with the syllable 7'87, which is probably the Arabic &lö explained by Golius : Gubernator præfectus, unde Hispanicum alcayde.

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