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the Germans inurmured, saying*, “What shall we drink?" And the officers of the army made search; and they gave them of that which they found. So their murmurings ceased. But they murmured again, and gave the house of Alarcont who was over the army to be plundered, and fifteen of his servants they slew with the edge of the sword. Then Alarcon fled through the window; and the city was in consternation. And when the commanders of the host saw it, they spake kindly unto [] them, and gave them silver; and their wrath was appeased. And the Spaniards and the Italians bowed their shoulders to bear burdens; and the famine was heavy in the land. And they made a journey of three days, and brought of every thing they could find to refresh their soul. And they went out again, and took all that the bishop of Milfit had, and what the merchants had who came into the camp, and returned into the city; and they went out again a day's journey, and came to Avellinog; and they found the bishop and his men eating and drinking, and took them alive, and all that was in the city they plundered ; and they made ladders and went to Pozzo Realls, and there fell of them about two hundred

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men and two chief captains. And the rest returned with shame.

705. And two ships of the king came along the sea-shore; and they brought out little barrels full of money to give it to the soldiers, and it was not known what was the cargo thereof; and the Spaniards went out, and warred against them, and there was a great cry in the city, and the Italians knew nothing of this, and much people died; and they divided themselves against them by night*, and the rest returned into the city. And there was not one city which was in safety from the French, in any part of that kingdom. Naples alone and some of the fortified cities remained in the hand of the emperor at that time.

706. And the ships of Venice and the king's ships, and seven ships which belonged to Andrea Doria, the chief of his host, went against Naples also, to prevent coming out or going into it; and their number was forty-two. And they besieged it from the east and from the west; and there was no peace for him that came out, nor for him that went in at that time.

707. And the young men in the armies went out on the fifth month to plunder, and some of the Germans went with them to accompany them; and they dispersed themselves in the vine

* Gen. xiv. 15.



yards to eat, and two were not found together. And the French fell upon them suddenly, and slew a hundred men of them with the edge of the sword, and the rest fled before them; and the young men came back into the city in consternation and haste, and cried; so they went out to their help. And much people died that day, and ten of the French were taken alive. And on the twenty-fifth day of the fifth month, which is the month of July*, all the ships of the confederates came and drew nigh to the fortress; and the men of the citadel threw stones upon them, and they also filled their hands. And it came to pass, at sunset, that they returned to their former place. And they did so a second time, and would not suffer provision to be brought; and the famine was sore.

708. And Don Hugo, the viceroy, said, How long shall these ships be a snare unto us?” And he armed his trained servants, seven hundred men, and embarked them upon the sea in six galleys, and two sailing vesselst, and other ships; and Don Hugo embarked also, and the Marquess Guasto and Ascanio Colonna, and many nobles and honorable men with them, and went against them. And he spake to the hearts of his men, saying, “ Let us break their bands asundert, and let us i. e. The fifth month of the Jewish ecclesiastical year. + .

# Ps. ii. 3.

.פושטי +

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set at liberty the Spaniards who are bound by them. Our fame shall spread throughout the whole world.” And Andrea Doria was in Genoa at that time. And when Count Philippino, who was over seven ships of Andrea Doria heard the report of Don Hugo, he asked of Lautrec three hundred musketeers; and he brought them to him. And it came to pass, when they went into the ships, that the watchmen saw the ships of the viceroy, and the count said to his men, “ Let us be of good courage, for the sake of our nation and for the sake of Andrea Doria, our master: why should we be bereaved of the seven ships in one day*.' And Philippino remained on his ward, under the mountain which is by Salerno, at that time. And it came to pass, towards evening, that Don Hugo said, “I will fee before them, and they will come out against us; then we will turn upon them, and we shall see what their dreams will bet.” And they did so: and Philippino sent out three ships. And he said to them, “ Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lordf; and it shall come to pass, when they shall war with us, that ye shall fall upon them suddenly, and the Lord will be with us: be not afraid of them.” And also some of the Turks who were in bondages, he

Gen. xxvii. 45. # Exod. xiv. 13.

+ Gen. xxxvii. 20.
§ Probably the galley-slaves.




released, and gave them arms; and they were anassistance to him in that day.

709. And the ship of Don Hugo fell upon them first at the sound of trumpets and of horns; and all the people trembled much. And the marquess said, “ Put fire first to the cannons ;” but Don Hugo would not: and Philippino gave fire first; and there died about forty men, men of valor who ruled the people: and the ship was like to be broken*. And Don Hugo commanded, and they gave fire; but they effected nothing, for the men of Philippino sat under the deck of the ship until the indignation was overpast, and they drew near; one ship drew nigh to the othert, and they put there the battle in array, the like of which never was; and their voices were heard from afar; and the sea and the dry land were moved at the voice of the sons of death.

710. And the three ships which Philippino sent, came out as an eagle fieth, against the ship, in which were Don Hugo and the nobles; and they put fire into the cannons, and the mast fell downt, and all who were under it died, and the ship was in consternation. And they wounded Don Hugo in his arm and in his thigh, and he fell into the lowest part of the ship, and many who were slain guns fell upon

him as they were fighting,

by the

Jonah i. 4.

+ Lit. The one ship to her sister. Lit. To the ground.

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